ENRECO®, Inc. Earns “Superior” AIB Rating for Fourth Year

Newton, WI, September 22, 2010– ENRECO®, Inc., a leading manufacturer and innovator of stabilized, ground flaxseed ingredients and custom grain blends, recently completed an American Institute of Baking (AIB) inspection at its Newton, WI production facility earning a “Superior” rating for the fourth year in a row.


 “We are absolutely pleased to have achieved AIB’s highest rating for four consecutive years now, even while incidents of food product recalls in the last two years have caused AIB to toughen their inspections considerably,” stated Sean Moriarty, ENRECO president.  “Food manufacturing procedures are continuing to be monitored closely, which only affirms our commitment to maintain the highest level of quality and food safety.”


A comprehensive AIB inspection includes audits of a facility’s food safety programs, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program, management systems, pest control programs, operational methods, personnel practices, buildings and equipment maintenance, and cleaning practices.  Each category is individually scored, ranked, and tallied, resulting in the company’s overall score.


AIB International is a corporation founded by North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919.  Originally created to apply sciences to baking, AIB now has an expanded mission of providing research, technology, education, and safety to the baking industry.


ENRECO’s Superior AIB rating reflects well on all its product lines. Food manufacturers depend upon the integrity of its suppliers and the wholesomeness of purchased ingredients.  They are heartened by the consistently superior AIB ratings given to ENRECO, Inc.  ENRECO flaxseed flours are used in breads and related food items that are baked, formed or extruded, including cereals, pastas, energy bars, snack foods, pizza crusts, and sauces.  ENRECO’s flagship Sterling Choice® stabilized, ground flaxseed –with its proprietary stabilization process giving it long shelf life and extremely low microbial counts–is continuing to be in high demand by food manufacturers as the nutritional and functional benefits of flaxseed as an “ancient grain” super food are becoming more widely understood and demanded by consumers.



Since 1987, ENRECO, Inc. has served customers worldwide in both the human and animal nutrition markets with their “Just-In-Time” production.  Their diverse line of Omega-3 rich, stabilized flax and custom blend flours and inclusions, are Kosher certified and also available under the OneCert organic certification program.  Private labeling, contract manufacturing, and custom mixing are also available.  ENRECO is recognized as a minority owned business.


For more information about ENRECO, Inc., its products, or their distributors, call 800-962-9536 or 920-550-4061, visit their web site at www.ENRECO.com or email sales@enreco.com.