Winners of our January Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Laurie Wesner in CA

Cheryl Zimmerman in PA

Winners of our November Monthly Product Giveaway are:

 Ronald Yount in OH

Sarah Newton in OR

Winners of our October Monthly Product Giveaway are:

 Rene Bartlett in GA

Rebecca Hollenbeck in OR

Winners of our September Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Janice Farley in FL

Sandy Shields in MA

Winners of our August Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Paula Mussey in MO

Chris Leister in PA

Winners of our July Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Johanna Wood in TX

Michele McLaughlin in AZ

Our 2nd Parelli Member Contest

Jodi Dill in NC

Helenmarie in NM

Winners of our June Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Pam Young in VA

Sabrina Price in MI

Parelli Member Contest

Kim Herzog in GA

Kathryn Evans in AZ

Winners of our May Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Erin Saari in MI

Kiki McMillan in CO

Winners of Quarterly Contests to Receive Year's Supply of Omega Fields Products

We’re happy to announce the winners of our seventh Year’s Supply of Omega Fields Products set of contests and Second Chance Facebook contests for the months of October through December, 2012:

Equine Quarterly Contest—
Beth Ulrici in IL— year’s supply of Omega Horseshine®

Canine Quarterly Contest —
Gregoria Bacus in TX—year’s supply of Omega Canine Shine®

Poultry Quarterly Contest —
Verna Jett in IN—year’s supply of Omega Ultra Egg™


Equine Second Chance Contest—
Maggie Stobbs in FL—one 4.5 lb. bag of Omega Horseshine®

Canine Second Chance Contest—
Kimberly Reich in MIone 1 lb. pouch of Omega Canine Shine® and one 12 oz. pouch of Omega Nuggets

Poultry Second Chance Contest—
Jayne Smith in VA—one 4.5 lb. pouch of Omega Ultra Egg™


 Watch for more fun contests to begin soon!


Chickens Magazine Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winner of our April Health-E-Letter contest sponsored by Chickens magazine. Margaret Palmer will receive a 4.5 lb. bag of Omega Ultra Egg™, our Omega-3-rich, ground flaxseed supplement, plus a year's worth (six issues!) of Chickens magazine. 

Chickens magazine, from the editors of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home magazines, provides expert advice about the nutrition, health and comfort of keeping a single backyard bird or a small flock, as well as the care, collection and consumption of their eggs. Each issue also includes profiles of chicken keepers, coop maintenance and design tips, and breed descriptions.


Backyard Poultry Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our March Health-E-Letter contest

sponsored by Backyard Poultry magazine.  Each will receive a 4.5 lb. bag of Omega Ultra Egg™ Omega-3-rich, ground flaxseed supplement, plus:

First Place:  Raymond DuBois, CT
, won the "For the Love of Poultry, a Backyard Poultry Anthology"

Second Place:  Sandra Little, CA
, won the "Have You Hugged Your CHICKEN Today?" t-shirt.



Winners of our September Monthly Product Giveaway are:

Janice Farley in FL

Sandy Shields in MA


Rene Bartlett in GA

Rebecca Hollenbeck in OR


Ronald Yount in OH

Sarah Newton in OR


Winners of our December Monthly Product Giveaway are:


Lucy Morey in NY

Tracey Bertram in GA