A Note to our Customers...

As a courtesy to our valued customers, Omega Fields® is providing notice of updated pricing effective January 1, 2012.

The need for updated pricing includes:  A 17% flaxseed price increase, a 6% FedEx price increase, a 5% price increase on packaging materials, and increased general production costs including wages, benefits, energy, and transportation.

Omega Fields remains committed to keeping "quality" as our number one focus, with consistent emphasis on human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, shelf stability, nutritional value, and excellent customer service.  It is because of our uncompromising insistence for quality that we choose to source our flaxseed from the northern climates of North America -- not from less proven sources such as Eastern Europe or China. Our premium products will continue to offer fair pricing and exceptional value especially when compared to other options. With Omega Fields® -- you will always receive the quality you're familiar with! We welcome your comments at info@omegafields.com. Thank you.

As of January 1, 2012:

Omega Horseshine 4.5 lb will be = $24.75 (80 cent increase)

Omega Horseshine 20 lb will be $51.95 (2.00 dollar increase)

Omega Horseshine 50 lb will be $103.95 (5.00 dollar increase)

Omega Antioxidant 50 lb will be $104.95 (5.00 dollar increase)

No price change for the Omega Nibblers, Omega Nuggets, Omega Grande,  Rice Bran, or Nuggets & Tux Gift Set

Omega Ultra Egg 4.5 lb will be $23.75 (80 cent increase)

Mega Omega , Simply Omega-3 and Omega Canine Shine will be increasing 25 cents per pouch.

Horse & Rider Gift Set will be $53.00 (1.05 dollar increase)

Ultimate Smootie Gift Set will be $96.25 (26 cent increase)

Canine Companion Gift Set will be $36.20 (25 cent increase)

Shipping charges will remain the same.