Omega Horseshine - Natural flax supplement for horses to benefit skin, coat and joint health

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Product Benefits

•RESTORE cracked brittle horse hooves and develops strong solid hoof growth
•PROMOTE shiny, healthy coat, and smoother skin texture
•ALLEVIATE stiff, immobile joints
•SOOTHE aching muscles and shortens recovery time
•STRENGTHEN immune system
•ELIMINATE sweet itch and bug bite sores
•NON-GMO - NATURAL horse supplement without artificial preservatives
•ALTERNATIVE for pysllium which prevents sand colic in horses
•BENEFIT pregnant mares as a source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids for the growing foal
•RECOMMENDED for Insulin Resistance and Cushings

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Omega Horseshine 4.5 lb. Flax Based Product Compare

Omega Horseshine 20 lb. Flax Based Product Compare

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20 lb Omega Horseshine®


  • 4.5 lb Omega Horseshine®

The Omega-3 stabilized ground flax seed supplement for horses - made with stabilized and freshly milled flax - to help maintain a shiny healthy coat, strong solid hooves, and top performance - for horses in all life stages. Omega Fields provides the best stabilized ground flax that is stabilized using proprietary flax stabilizing technology. Dry scaly itchy skin, joint pain/inflammation, poor hoof growth, allergies, pregnancy*, etc. may indicate a deficiency of Omega-3 essential fatty acids in the diet. To overcome these deficiencies the horse may need to get an increased serving size (up to 2 to 3 cups) of Omega Horseshine® every day, short term.

*Pregnancy is a condition associated with Omega-3 deficiency because of the foal’s fast-growing brain, eye, and organ cell use up all available Omega-3s from the mare.

All flaxseed used in Omega Fields' products is milled to Global Food Safety Initiative standards for human consumption, employing a third party-validated, 5-log Kill Step and propietary stabilization processes for long shelf life.  The flaxseed is certified to SQF 2000 standards, guaranteed pathogen-free with very low total microbial values, and guaranteed shelf stable for a MINIMUM of one year under ambient storage conditions - no refrigeration or special packaging required!


Good Horse-Keeping Product Approval Recipient

Omega Horseshine – Natural Flax Supplement For Skin, Coat & Joint Health

"I was a little hesitant to switch my show mare over to Horseshine, instead of the supplement I had been getting for her coat and hooves. However, just one week after doing so, I was pleasantly surprised. I have used Horseshine now for two months and I can’t say enough about the look of my horse’s coat. Even with her winter hair, her coat is rich in color and shines. The other benefits of Omega-3s are also apparent – including less muscle soreness and joint stiffness. There have been times that my mare, who has struggled with short-stridedness, has been extremely fluid and striding completely underneath herself. I also like the ease of feeding the milled flaxseed; it smells great and is highly palatable, Moreover, it’s not messy like oils. The price-point is also good for a 4.5 pound bag (36 servings). My mare will continue to be on Horseshine, and I look forward to taking her into the show pen in 2013 – sporting a coat that looks like a million bucks!" ~ Laurie Cernie,

Lynn Palm ( recommends and uses Omega Horseshine® and Omega Nibblers® for all of her horses!

Rafael Valle ( Owner of Ivory Pal – Omega Horseshine® ambassador – loves Omega Horseshine® and Omega Nibblers®!

Available in 4.5 lb (approximately one-month supply), 20 lb (approximately 100 servings), and 50 lb (approximately 250 servings).  Suggested minium daily serving of 1/2 cup.

All Prices Include Shipping To Most States. Nominal shipping charge may be added for shipments to Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, AA*, AE*, and AP*. *Phone Orders required for military addresses using "state" AA, AE, or AP -- call toll free order line: 1-877-663-4203.

Industry Accolades:

 Omega Horseshine® named “Product of the Year” and “Best in Nutrition” by HORSE JOURNAL™

"For an unbeatable combination of price and quality, we like...Omega Horseshine®. At only about one tenth the price of competing can't go wrong." - The Horse Journal™


Horse Journal™ Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals “Our first pick – most concentrated source of Omega-3” and “Recommended immune-boosting product”


Recommended by John Lyons' Perfect Horse™

"For any hay-based diet...for both an antioxidant boost and good levels of the missing essential fatty acids, we recommend...Omega Horseshine®." - John Lyons' Perfect Horse™


Recommended by: Eleanor Kellon, VMD, Equine Nutritional Solutions, co-owner and veterinary advisor Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance Yahoo Group

"4 to 6 oz. Omega Horseshine® daily provides essential fatty acids for IR horses. At 4:1 Omega-3 to Omega-6, stabilized ground flax is the closest to fresh live grasses, often not allowed in the diet. Soluble fiber, lignans, and 25% or so protein are a plus too." - Dr. Eleanor Kellon


Linda Parelli on Omega Fields

"Parelli’s relationship with Omega Fields is very exciting. My horses are known for how healthy they are and how great they always look, and knowing that Omega Horseshine® will enhance what I've already got going is very exciting.  I look forward to sharing this with our students and customers. 


I often get asked what I feed, but it's quite complex to explain, and nutritional advice is not my expertise! Omega Fields produces top-of-the-line nutritional products, and they stand behind their quality and nutritional effectiveness.  I usually don't use any commercial nutritional product, preferring to do it myself with oils and kelp and minerals.  This is a first for me, and it’s a decision I did not make lightly. In fact, my horses were a big part of the decision making!


I'm excited to be using Omega Horseshine® with my horses. I've always believed in the benefits of flaxseed oil, but now it's easier than ever to feed them this nutritious supplement and offer the extra benefit of the whole seed, not just the oil.  The addition of yeast is also a great boost; again, I don't have to feed this separately now.  My horses love Omega Horseshine® and continue to shine on, from the inside out.


I look forward to a mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationship between us.  Certainly our philosophy is the same: to help the world become a better place for horses, theirs through nutrition and ours through educating horse lovers in natural, psychology-based horsemanship training."



Omega Fields is a gold level sponsor of the ECIR NO Laminitis! Conference.  Please visit their link for more information about the conference and ECIR.


Product Description:

The premium Omega-3 supplement made with stabilized, ground, whole flaxseed. Omega Horseshine® is a powerful bountiful source of stable milled flax, rich in Omega-3!


"One of my horses...founders every spring from what my Farrier calls 'seedy toe'. I started feeding Omega Horseshine and in just over 6 weeks, my mare has 1.5 inches of new hoof growth. In all my 45 years of raising Saddle Bred Horses...I've never seen this kind of rapid growth before!" -William Honeyager, WI


Omega Horseshine® is also a nutritious alternative for pysllium husks to help prevent sand colic. Omega Horseshine® contains a high mucilage (soluble fiber) content that swells and takes a gel-like consistency, flax mucilage traps and suspends sand, carrying it out of the GI tract. Omega Horseshine® acts to buffer excess acid and aids in the stabilization and modulation of blood glucose.


If your horse were out on pasture with all natural grasses and plants of your region, they would naturally be supplementing their diet with Omega-3 –with plants high in Omega-3, such as purslane. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, and if you are lucky enough to have pasture for your horse – it is not natural grassland. It is necessary to supplement your horses’ diet with Omega Horseshine® - Omega-3 rich ground stabilized flaxseed.


Your horses need:

 •Smooth skin texture with added luster (beautiful bloom) to the coat, with earlier shedding

•Strong, thick-walled hooves (restores cracked, brittle, thin-walled hooves)

•Smooth muscle action, less soreness and stiffness, shorter recovery time (alleviates stiff, immobile joints)

•Sand colic prevention (mucilage traps and suspends sand, moving it out)

•Less incidence of tying up and muscle cramping (soothes aching muscles)

•Top performance potential


What are sources of Omega-3?

In the animal world - cold water fish is the richest source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. In the plant world - flaxseed is the richest source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. In fact ... flaxseeds contain the same ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 as does a good blend of fresh pasture grass. That's why stabilized ground flax seed is such an effective natural alternative for Insulin Resistant (IR) horses who cannot have fresh pasture grass.


 What is Omega-3 important for?

Cutting-edge research from facilities all over the world indicates that Omega-3s play a crucial role in maintaining health. Omega-3 fatty acids make up the molecules in the membranes of every one of the billions of cells throughout the body -- especially in all the organs (skin is the largest organ of the body), eyes and brain. They have been found vital in new tissue formation, play a part in keeping cholesterol levels down, may act as blood thinners by keeping arteries from sticking and their anti-inflammatory properties may be useful in treating autoimmune dysfunctions and arthritis.


Why do flaxseeds need to be ground?

The hard outer shell of the whole flax seed needs to be broken in order for any health benefits to be imparted to the body. Otherwise, the seeds just get passed through the body and get excreted via the bowels. So any seeds not being ground by the teeth, simply pass through. Concerning grinding your own whole flax seed -- not only does it take you extra time and energy -- but you also have to be careful about the stability factor, because flax that hasn't been stabilized can go rancid if not properly stored. You have to refrigerate or freeze any leftover ground flax. Then you have to be disciplined enough to diligently clean out your grinder (most folks use a small coffee grinder) to make sure the ground flax is totally cleaned out.


What about flaxseed oil capsules?

The following information (in italics) is taken from a response from Dr. Eleanor Kellon on the Cushings/IR Yahoo list:

"Main problem with any high omega-3 oil capsules is having them go rancid on you. These oils are very fragile. I know I've had several bottles of both flax and evening primrose oil capsules that were rancid. Sometimes you can even smell it, other times you don't know until after you've taken it and can taste it. Oxygen, heat and light cause the flax oil to go rancid. Refrigeration is a good safeguard, but many of these gelcaps are overheated during processing and the damage is already done when you get them. Why don't you just get some ground stabilized flax? There are no chemical stabilizers in stabilized flax. It is stabilized by exposing it for a short period to a very specific temperature, which inactivates the enzymes responsible for rancidity but is not high enough to chemically alter the oils. For the IR horse, 6 oz (4 oz for a small horse) per day of ground flax is usually OK. There are a few very sensitive animals that don't do well on even that, but for the majority it's OK." -Eleanor"


 What is yeast culture important for?

One of the most noted responses of yeast culture inclusion in horse diets is the positive impact on hindgut fermentation of fiber (cellulose and hemicellulose conversion to volatile fatty acids) which leads to better forage utilization and more energy production. Diets containing a performance-proven yeast culture are digested more completely, which positively affects the efficiency of forage utilization and horse performance. Yeast cultures have also improved nitrogen digestibility (better protein usage from forage) and digestibility of some minerals. The use of yeast culture has also been shown to influence the level of plasma lactic acid in exercising horses. Lower levels of plasma lactic acid were produced in exercising horses fed yeast culture compared to control (no yeast culture) horses. Horses with lower lactic acid levels are capable of working longer and recovering quicker and have less risk of typing-up. We’ve selected the most effective yeast culture we could find on the market -- Diamond V Yeast XP -- for our Omega Horseshine® formula.


The Diamond V Process™* used to manufacture yeast culture creates nutritional metabolites. A true yeast culture is an all-natural product derived from culturing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast). During the culturing process, yeast produces nutritional metabolites which are products of yeast metabolic processes. These nutritional metabolites increase the fermenting activity of hindgut bacteria, enabling them to more completely break down the feed, providing the horse with additional nutrients for absorption. Digestion studies have shown Diamond V Yeast Culture increases fiber digestibility in the horse. Therefore, nutrients in hay and feed are more available for use by the horse. By increasing the digestibility of fibrous feedstuffs, more energy is made available for growth, maintenance, or other activities.


A study conducted by Glade and Campbell-Taylor (1990) showed that Diamond V Yeast Culture supplemented horses had heart rates of 99 beats per minute versus 120 beats per minute for control horses after 35 minutes of exercise. In addition to heart rate, when looking at the equine athlete, one of the other key factors is lactic acid build-up in the muscles. This build-up causes our horses the pain and soreness that sometimes require a long recovery period, depending on the exercise levels. In any event, it is beneficial to reduce this lactic acid build-up and improve recovery time. Diamond V Yeast Culture was shown in a study by Glade and Campbell-Taylor (1990) to effect lactic acid accumulation in the blood.


All horses can benefit from yeast culture supplementation. The level of response is dependent on forage quality and class of horse. Young horses, working horses, and broodmares in late gestation and early lactation particularly benefit from yeast culture supplementation. Yeast culture supplementation may also be beneficial to older horses, since they cannot digest protein, phosphorus, and fiber as efficiently as younger horses. Yeast culture seems to be especially valuable when forage quality is less than optimum, regardless of the class of horse being fed. Injured horses and horses recovering from illness also benefit from supplementation.


Better than the competition:

You can have confidence in the Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure, Stabilized, Ground, Fortified Flax we use in our Omega Horseshine® formula. 

•Proprietary stabilization technology provides a stable, ground, fortified flaxseed composition as a rich source of Omega-3 in the diet.

•Proprietary stabilization technology binds (chelates) the naturally-occurring lignans (powerful antioxidants) in the flax seed to those wonderful Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Therefore, when the flax seeds are ground, the antioxidants serve to protect the integrity of the essential fatty acids for a full eighteen months.

•Proprietary stabilization technology includes the inclusion of B-6 and Zinc when the seeds are going through the grinding process. Flax seed contains a natural B-6 antagonist, so B-6 needs to be added to ground flax. B-6 and Zinc not only enhance the stabilization of the essential fatty acids, but also fortify the ground flax seed with the nutrients used by the body when flax seed is being metabolized.



Omega Horseshine® is recommended as an effective Omega-3 supplement for Cushings and IR horses. Omega Horseshine®, has a very low 4.4% NSC value (as sampled basis) coming from 0.6% Starch and 3.8% Sugar and is recommended as a safe source of essential Omega-3 for IR/Cushings horses. It is true that the Omega 3 in flax substitutes for what a horse on a dry lot is missing in not being on pasture. Please see more information below.


Many equine natural-nutrition experts recommend horses should eat fats in amounts and types that mimic their ancestral diet. The natural equine diet of fresh grasses is extremely low in fat, with the naturally occurring fat predominantly Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acid levels in fresh grasses are at 4:1 (Omega-3 to Omega-6). Ground flax seed has Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels that are the closest to fresh grasses. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels in flax seed run at least 4:1, often even higher.


Omega Horseshine® contains 30% crude fat and has a 39% Carbohydrate level with a NSC level of 4.4% (Starch 0.6% and Sugar 3.8%). It is one of the safest and most natural ways to supplement the healthy Omega-3 fat in animals -- which provides side "benefits" of beautiful bloom, soft smooth skin, strong solid hoof growth, prevention of inflammatory problems from bug bites/allergies, relief from arthritic pain, sufficient Omega-3 for pregnant mares and it is safe for your metabolically challenged horses.


We also would like to recommend that you visit one of the most relevant and interesting sources of information on the web concerning effective treatment for Cushings and Insulin Resistant (IR) horses -- Dr. Kellon, world renowned and respected equine veterinarian, researcher, and acclaimed author. When you join the group (no cost or obligation), you will be able to access their tremendous files section. It holds a plethora of information.


Following is an abstract from recent research suggesting an improvement in IR's insulin sensitivity and a significant decrease in levels of inflammatory markers as well (arthritis relief), with Omega-3 fats:


Ren Fail. 2007;29(3):321-9


Effects of N-3 PUFAs supplementation on insulin resistance and inflammatory biomarkers in hemodialysis patients.


Rasic-Milutinovic Z, Perunicic G, Pljesa S, Gluvic Z, Sobajic S, Djuric I, Ristic D. Department of Endocrinology, University Hospital Zemun/Belgrade, Serbia.


AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: It was suggested that polyunsaturated n-3 fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs) could improve insulin sensitivity and have an anti-inflammatory effects in overall population. This study investigates a possible effect of n-3 PUFAs supplementation on the insulin sensitivity and some inflammatory markers; hence, patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) on maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) are presented with insulin resistance. METHODS: This study explored the ratio between red blood cells (RBC) phospholipid long chain fatty acids (LC FAs) and components of metabolic syndrome (MeS) in 35 patients (mean age 54.50 +/- 11.99 years) with CRF on MHD. Furthermore, the effects of omega-3 FA eight-week's supplementation (EPA+DHA, 2.4 g/d) on the MeS features and inflammatory markers TNF-alpha, IL 6, and hsCRP were examined. RESULTS: Supplementation increased EPA and DHA levels in RBCs (p = 0.009 for EPA and p = 0.002 for DHA). Total n-6 PUFAs: n-3 PUFAs ratio tended to be lower after supplementation (p = 0.31), but not significantly. Data revealed a significant decrease of saturated FAs (SFA) (p = 0.01) as well as total SFA: n-3 PUFAs ratio during the treatment (p = 0.04). The values of serum insulin and calculated IR index-IR HOMA were reduced after supplementation (p = 0.001 for both). There was a significant decrease in the levels of all inflammatory markers (p = 0.01 for TNF alpha, p = 0.001 for IL 6, p = 0.001 for hsCRP, and p = 0.01 for ferritin). In ultivariate regression analysis, only the changes in n-6 PUFAs: n-3 PUFAs ratio independently contributed to 40% of the variance in IR HOMA. The impact of changes in PUFAs level in RBCs membrane phospholipid fatty acids on inflammation markers was also registered. The changes in n-6: n-3 PUFAs ratio independently contributed to 18% of the variance in TNF alpha. CONCLUSION: It was concluded that the EPA and DHA moderate dose administration in the patients with CRF on MHD had a beneficial effect on insulin resistance decrease. The anti-inflammatory effects of the supplemented PUFAs were presented as well.



Stabilized Ground Flax Seed, Yeast Culture (Diamond V Yeast), Ground Oats, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Copper Sulfate, Folic Acid, Niacinamide, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), Biotin, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Riboflavin and Thiamine.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein, % Min. 20.0

Arginine, %Min. 1.65

Leucine, % Min. 1.13

Isoleucine, % Min. 0.99

Valine, % Min. 0.95

Lysine, % Min. 0.81

Phenylalanine, % Min. 0.80

Threonine, % Min. 0.67

Histidine, % Min. 0.38

Methionine, % Min. 0.34

Tryptophan, % Min. 0.29

Crude Fat, % Min. 35.0

Crude Fiber, % Max. 15.0

Calcium, % Min. 0.50

Calcium, % Max. 0.55

Phosphorus, % Min. 0.59

Magnesium, % Min. 0.35

Potassium, % Min. 0.74

Potassium, % Max. 0.76

Copper, ppm Min. 77.0

Selenium, ppm Min. 1.90

Zinc, ppm Min. 360.0

Manganese, ppm Min. 126.0

Sugar, % Max. 3.8

Starch, % Max. 0.6

Omega-3 Fatty Acids % Min. 18.5

Omega-6 Fatty Acids % Min. 6.0

Omega-9 Fatty Acids % Min. 6.0


Omega Content:

84,000mg of Omega-3 per pound

27,000mg of Omega-6 per pound

26,000mg of Omega-9 per pound


Carbohydrates, % Min. 38.9

NSC (Non Structural Carbohydrate), 4.4%

Sugar, 3.8 %

Starch, 0.6 %

(NSC "As Fed" Laboratory Results per Dairy One, Inc.)


Digestible Energy = 2,121.81 Kcal/lb.

Metabolizable Energy = 1,958.14 Kcal/lb.


Omega Horseshine: One cup serving

Digestible Energy = 530 Kcal

Metabolizable Energy = 489 Kcal


310 mg of Diamond V Yeast in 1 cup serving (100 gr).



Feed ½ to 1 standard measuring cup daily, top dressed over feed, for 1000 to 1200 lb horse (adjust amount proportionally up or down per weight of horse; i.e. ¼ to ½ cup for 500 lb to 700 lb horse and 3/4 to 1-1/2 cups for a 1700 lb to 2000 lb horse).


Start gradually to suggested minimum daily serving of ½ cup: 1/8 cup on first and second days, ¼ cup on third and fourth days, then 1/2 cup on fifth day. Thereafter, increase as desired. Short term upload amount is 1 cup to 3 cups daily for 1000 to 1200 lb horse (adjust upload amount proportionally up or down per weight of horse).



The stabilized, ground, fortified flax seed used in Omega Horseshine® utilizes proprietary stabilization technology. The powerful nutrients in Omega Horseshine® are locked in and guaranteed stable for at least 18 months with no signs of rancidity or loss of nutritional value. Best if stored in a cool, dry place.


Sizes Available:

Available in 4.5 lb. (2.04 kg) bags - approximately one-month supply, 20 lb. (9.07kg) bags – approximately 100 daily servings, and 50 lb. (22.68kg) bags – approximately 250 daily servings.



More Information:

For more information see our F.A.Q. page or call 877-663-4203.

"Omega Horseshine - We love our Horses!" - The Omega Fields Team
"Omega Fields - Omega Horseshine" - The Omega Fields Team
"Why we love Omega Fields products! ~Linda and Pat Parelli" - Pat and Linda Parelli
"Pat and Linda Parelli - Omega Horseshine and Omega Nibbler Video" - Pat and Linda Parelli
"Facebook Testimonial"

Omega Horseshine & Omega Ultra Egg works miracles for coats, hooves, and plumage!!


- Robin Lyn
"Thanks, Omega Fields for your superior products"
We've been using Omega Fields Horseshine for going on three years.  Our driving 
pony, Alamos Ruby Red has definitely benefited from this product as is evident in
her healthy, shiny coat.  

- Diane
" I am absolutely thrilled with your product!"
I have been using Omega Horseshine since around Jan/Feb of 2012.  My horse had a terrible problem with hives at that time.  He had welts all over his body.  This had been an on-going issue for him and the vet said probably he would get worse each year.  Sometimes I could not ride him due to welts in the saddle area.  I had allergy tests done but there was no one thing that was causing trouble.  And some of the allergens were unavoidable, like oak pollen.  Before buying allergy shots I decided to try the Horseshine and talked to one of your reps.  She instructed me about quantities to feed for this issue and said I should detect improvement in a week and have real improvement in 2 weeks.  How true!  In 2 weeks the hives were GONE and THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED.  It is now Dec of 2013.  He is on a maintenance dose of Horseshine at this point of 1/2 cup a day.  After several years of dealing with this issue in unpleasant ways I am absolutely thrilled with your product.  Please don't ever stop making it!  Unless you've dealt with allergies you probably don't know how much I appreciate what your product has done.  Thanks a million.
Mariposa, CA
- Cindy Casey
"I'm a HUGE fan!!"

This is my OTTB Soleil. I live in central Texas where summer is brutal. Heat, sun and dust all take their toll on a horses skin and hair coat. I decided to try Omega Horseshine. This is the before pic....

And 3 weeks later, the after pic. He really looks like a bay Thoroughbred again. Thank you, Omega Fields for the Horseshine product....I'm a HUGE fan!!

- Marcy Stellfox
"“This must be my imagination”! "
Good afternoon, I have 2young horses, both 5 years old, one buckskin and one piebald paint . Their location is in partial wet lands. The ground is far from perfect! Some parts  would be considered very dry while other areas extremely damp! And located in  a heavily wooded area. With the above conditions you can imagine the list of issues I have faced every day/every season!  Since the horses have been in this location I have had an issue with their coat, bug bites, hooves, and over all look and appearance L I started them out on your Omega Horseshine, Almost 2 weeks ago. And already can see a huge difference in their appearance! They actually feel like Velvet, as they are shedding their winter coat, where one of them had blade spots all over his rump has hair now! I cannot get over your product! It has only been 2 weeks !
Now I was thinking, “This must be my imagination”! Until last night as I was stopped 3x’s by different people who asked me, what have I done different that these horses are shining,(as they once did, when I first purchased them)  I am so excited over your product, I cannot speak enough about it! And can hardly wait to hit the 2 month mark, as many of your reviews I have read, (all good) have commented on product as of 2 months they have noticed a difference!   

- Vickie Mattia
""Just wanted to say thanks""

Just want to say thanks. I won a bag of Omega Horseshine at the Parelli heart and soul. I started my horse on it right away in April and took off 3 other supplements. I had been trying to grow some good hoof for almost 2 years on my horse. He foundered bad because where I used to board him they thought I was crazy having him on only 4 hours of turnout a day and while I was on vacation decided to leave him out all day. I came home to a horse after being away 2 weeks that had gained 300 pounds  and couldn't walk. I've had great luck getting him sound and fit good solid hoof growth has been a nightmare. I was grinding flax everyday, giving him a product containing biotin and a probiotic. Four months after starting on the Omega Horseshine and holy hoof growth. I actually had to have my blacksmith out at 3 weeks intervals, this month I think we should be able to hold off for 5 weeks this time. Everyone at the barn comments on how shiny his coat is. I am very impressed with this product and so are my horse's feet. Thanks again.

- Michele Kitson, Canada
""All of our horses are on Horseshine, and we can see the results every day""
In March 2013, we adopted a yearling thoroughbred who – along with other emaciated horses (14 yearlings, 6 mares, and 18 three year olds) – were rescued by the Louisiana Horse Rescue from Ryder Farm (Click Here for more info on the Ryder Farm).
The filly, we named Shadow, was extremely thin even after two months of feeding by the rescue. She had severe rain rot along her back and legs and a very poor hair coat in general. Her feet had never been trimmed and were cracked and turned up. Her mane and tail were like straw.
We started her on Omega Horseshine immediately. As you can see from the before and after pictures I have attached, the changes in Shadow are very dramatic – even more than we expected in 3 short months. In just 30 days, her rain rot was almost gone.
All of our horses are on Horseshine, and we can see the results every day, but we didn’t expect so much in so little time. Her coat is like silk now,  and her mane and tail are thick and glossy. Her feet are growing in smooth and strong. And, she’s shot up several inches; at 18 months, she’s 15’1”.
Thank you, Omega Fields, for giving us a gorgeous horse, inside and out!
Before and After Photos of Filly 58 – now Shadow McNeil
Adoption & First Days in Texas
2 months later
At the LA Horse Rescue
(February 18, 2013)
What a gorgeous head!
(April 18, 2013)
At the LA Horse Rescue
(February 18, 2013)
Just two weeks after arrival-shine starting to show
(March 16, 2013)
First day at McNeil’s
(March 4, 2013)
Winter coat almost gone
(April 18, 2013)
First day at McNeil’s
(March 4, 2013)
Growing by leaps and bounds!
(April 18, 2013)
Rain rot (March 4, 2013)
Coat getting better – winter coat almost shed and rain rot gone (April 18, 2013)
Rain rot on leg
(March 4, 2013)
First time she’s been trimmed- acting like a veteran! Her best friend watches (April 13, 2013)
Front feet before trimming (April 13, 2013)
Front feet after trimming (April 13, 2013)
And now… This is how she looked in May:



- Sara and Elizabeth McNeil
"Any Horse I Ever Own I WILL Feed Them Horseshine"

I love this product. I started using this product for a couple weeks and at fair i had tons of comments on how shiny and healthy my paso fino Aikido looked. It’s now been over a month and his mane and tail have grown over 2 inches and growing fast! He is also no longer getting his bug bites and bugs are even leaving him alone and aren’t causing him to colic like many things do with him. One morning I walked out and found he had cut his leg down to the bone and had to get stitches and because he can’t handle meds to control inflammation so the vet said don’t be surprised if the stitches pop due to swelling. Even after a week there has been no swelling! Any horse I ever own I WILL feed them HorseShine and will recommend it to anyone, especially since its natural and not pumped of chemicals and even my paso who is prone to colic has no problems with it.

- Alexandra W.
"Doing Great!"

Fancy is doing great on Horseshine!

- Tyna L.
"Gobble Up Their Horseshine"

I first heard about your product in a Parelli newsletter, I didn't think much of it as my Oldenburg/Thoroughbred cross Indy was doing okay. It wasn't until I took on caring for a horse name Easy. His owner paid the bills (more or less) but hadn't set foot on the property in several years. His coat was Cushings-like, overgrown, overly thick, and not shedding out for the summer. Living in southern California, this horse looked like we lived in Montana in February, and this was September. His maine was broken and spindly and he had worn off a large section of his tail from rubbing.

In the first few pictures I've attached, Easy is the black and white and Indy is the bay he's rapidly becoming friends with. The photos truly don't do justice as to how bad it was. The dark spot on his tail is where he's nearly rubbed his skin raw. Not willing to watch him languish any longer, I ordered my first bag of Omega Horseshine and started giving it to both boys. Half way through the first bag Easy began to shed so much I began to wonder if there was any horse left after all the hair I left behind! All the white in that photo is the hair shedding out after 24 HOURS OF NOT BEING CURRY COMBED! I could NOT keep up with the amount of hair coming off! Indy shed out this summer so easily I didn't even need to curry him once! And his usually shoddy and cracking hooves are holding up great!
The last set of photos are Easy and Indy in the last month, approximately 6 months later. They both look amazing and I'm sure that they feel much better. Plus, they gobble up their Horseshine like it's going out of style! If I run out before I can get more in, they look at me like "Excuse me... I think you missed something."
Thanks again for this great product! You've changed all three of our lives!

- Whitney O.
"Used at A Rated Shows"

Here is a photo that my husband took of my mare Sonrisa TLM. She is a 7 yr old half andalusian half percheron. She has been on Omega Horseshine since birth and Always looks amazing!! I also thought you might like to know that last September 2012 she was drug tested by the USEF at a rated show and had no problems. I am sure people worry, but I am happy to say there is nothing to worry about in using Omega Horseshine at A rated shows! Thank you for making such a great product. If I can get a good one of her half-brother at the show this weekend, I will send it to you as well. He is the best looking Black Half Friesian around and has been on Omega Horseshine since he was born 5 yrs. ago!

- Elizabeth M.
"Uses Omega Horseshine"

Omega Horseshine user Thornville Dan.

- Anna at Baroque Farm
"Returning Back to Horseshine"

Horseshine is a wonderful product! I recently tried another flax supplement, and all the good I saw in my horse's from the Horseshine disappeared!!
I am returning back to Horseshine!!! :)


- Allison S
"Omega Fields Was The Best Choice"

“Omega Fields is safe and nutritious for horses. After comparing other companies and researching customer feedback, selecting Omega Fields was the best choice. Their reputation, integrity of product, and attention to nutrition represents the health I need for my horses while on the road and at clinics. Hauling horses to as many clinics and demonstrations as I do every year, the health of my four-legged partners is as important as mine. Omega Fields provides the nutrition my horses need so they can stay healthy while promoting safe, intelligent, and, inspired horsemanship.” Omega Fields Omega Grande was used for the first time when Robert's assistant had a horse founder pretty bad after having a series of other accidents and it helped him bounce back to normal within a few months.

- Robert Liner
"Huge Difference In Their Appearance!"

I have 2 young horses, both are 5 years old, one buckskin and one piebald paint. Their location is in partial wet lands. The ground is far from perfect! Some parts would be considered very dry while other areas extremely damp! And located in a heavily wooded area. With the above conditions you can imagine the list of issues I have faced every day/every season! Since the horses have been in this location I have had an issue with their coat, bug bites, hooves, and over all look and appearance. I started them out on your Omega Horseshine, Almost 2 weeks ago. And already can see a huge difference in their appearance! They actually feel like Velvet, as they are shedding their winter coat, where one of them had blade spots all over his rump has hair now! I cannot get over your product! It has only been 2 weeks!

Now I was thinking, “This must be my imagination”! Until last night as I was stopped 3x’s by different people who asked me, what have I done different that these horses are shining,(as they once did, when I first purchased them) I am so excited over your product, I cannot speak enough about it! And can hardly wait to hit the 2 month mark, as many of your reviews I have read, (all good) have commented on product as of 2 months they have noticed a difference!  
- Vickie Mattia
"Helped with Laminitis"

About 3 years ago, my regular riding pony (and best friend) had an acute case of laminitis. I was devastated, but determined to do my best for him. I contacted the vet immediately and got him on a program for recovery. It didn't go as planned and I was advised to start thinking about the next best option for him and the reality that I might never ride him again. Amid the confinements, treatments, vet and farrier visits, and very diligent care, I heard about Horseshine at a Seminar. I thought the benefits were well worth it and I asked about feeding it to a horse with laminitis. I was advised that it was safe so I bought a bag to find out. Not only did his coat improve, his feet grew twice as fast and helped him to recover quicker. My farrier was very impressed in the quality of hoof growth and said it played a part in helping him heal so quickly. By late fall, his hooves had almost completely grown out. He is now a sound riding partner that I continue to enjoy and I can't say enough good things about this product! I feed it to all of my horses and I recommend it to everyone I know! Thank you Horseshine!

- Randi Moss
"Amazing Product!"

When I bought my 14 year old Dun Quarter Horse "Kajun", I moved him to a different barn where he began to loose weight, his coat was in poor condition and his hooves were cracking.  After being looked at by three different vets, we figured out that the other horses were not letting him eat as much as he should be getting.  Along with a different eating situation, my trainer recommeneded Omega Horseshine by Omega Fields to help him regain his beautiful dun coat and healthy hooves.  About a month after starting the product I noticed a huge change.  Not only was his coat back to it's beautiful color, it was also soft and you can see dapples!  This product is so amazing, I will never take him off of it, and I always recommend it to people who want to bring out the best in their horses!

- Kendra Gray, IL
"Click In Hip Almost Gone"

Just wanted to thank you for a great product.  I give my horse 1 cup of Horseshine every day.  I was giving him an msm product for a click he has in his hip.  He has been taking Horseshine for almost 2 months now and his click is almost gone.  He is 10 years old and a great partner on the trails.

Thanks again for a great product!  We will keep using it.

- Nancy
"5 Year TWH Silver's Irish Doc Get's His Shine!"

Big fan for many, many years...Love it when they get there "Shine On."

- Kevin Scott Hall
"Incredible & Affordable Product!!!!"

I started using your product last spring and you can see from the attached photo (from last May), both my boys are healthy and shiny as can be!  I simply love your product!  Now that spring is quickly approaching, I can't wait to shed them out to let their beautiful healthy coats shine through!  As you know shiny coats isn't the only benefit!  Last summer, with all the heat and drough, my farrier said that my horses hooves were in the best shape out of all his Wisconsin clients and I credit that to the Horseshine too!!!!  Thanks for making such an incredible and affordable product!!!!

- Nancy Resop, WI
"Skin Irritation Went Away!"

I have two horses and both of them are on Omega Horsehine.  One horse is a sorrel and the other a grey.  BOTH of them have tons of shine...even the grey!  ALSO I have to add that my sorrel has sensitive skin and frequently skin irritation.  I puyt him on Horseshine and he no longer has any skin problems!!!  Yes!  It's true!  Within 2 months, the skin irratation went away.




- Beth Burrell
"Works On Winter Coat"

I love how Horseshine works even on the winter coat.

- Dave Eller
"Super Product"

Omega Horseshine is a super product.  My horses are healthy and beautiful!

- Julie Phillips
"LOVE Your Product"

Ever since I got my OTTB, I have been using Horseshine primarily for her hooves, but also for the wonderful shine it gives her coat!  LOVE your product.

- Susan Heholt, MI

Please feel free to use any of the pictures of my horse that I post and/or any comments I make regarding your wonderful product, Horseshine.  LOVE IT!

- Lorrie Armstrong
"Long Mane and Her Tail is Amazing"

LOVE this product.  I have been using it for two years.  Have a mare that scratched all the time.  She would rub all her mane and tail out until it bled.  I tried shots, medicated shampoo, nothing worked.  Then I found "Horseshine."  OMG no more scratching. She has a long mane and her tail is amazing.

- Tracey H., TX
"Love Your Omega Horseshine!"

I really love your "Horseshine" product!  I am owner of Favorite Cowgirl Coffee and use this product as part of our feeding program.  Love it!  The Favorite Cowgirl Coffee herd stays healthy and keeps its shine on!  "Horseshine" by Omega Fields, does wonders for our horses!

- Katherine

I can’t begin to tell you how many people I have told about this product.  Again, I wish I had known that I would regret not taking “before” and “after” pictures of my horses when I started using this stuff.  I had fed a variety of supplements to my horses in the past that give little to no discernible difference.  I felt like I was just wasting money, but kept HOPING that something would help their feet and my 16 yr old gelding’s creeky joints.  Little did I know when I started using Horseshine that I would see the most amazing transformation in their hooves, skin & coats.  They had the best hoof quality I have EVER seen in a horse!  And Ranger’s joints stopped creeking.  They shed out so quickly and smoothly in the spring, too.  Their coats were in pretty good condition to start with, or so I thought, until I saw the results of Horseshine.  Both were fed native grass hay cut and baled from our own pasture and Nutrena Safe Choice feed.  WOW!  All I can say is that EVERYONE who has horses for performance, pleasure or just pasture pals should feed them Horseshine.  Thank you for an AMAZING product!

If there is anything I can do to “get the word out” please let me know.  I’ve used it.  I’ve seen first hand what it will do.  I’m SOLD! 
- Debi E., TX
"Good Horse-Keeping Product Approval Recipient"

I was a little hesitant to switch my show mare over to Horseshine, instead of the supplement I had been getting for her coat and hooves. However, just one week after doing so, I was pleasantly surprised. I have used Horseshine now for two months and I can’t say enough about the look of my horse’s coat. Even with her winter hair, her coat is rich in color and shines. The other benefits of Omega-3s are also apparent – including less muscle soreness and joint stiffness. There have been times that my mare, who has struggled with short-stridedness, has been extremely fluid and striding completely underneath herself. I also like the ease of feeding the milled flaxseed; it smells great and is highly palatable, Moreover, it’s not messy like oils. The price-point is also good for a 4.5 pound bag (36 servings). My mare will continue to be on Horseshine, and I look forward to taking her into the show pen in 2013 – sporting a coat that looks like a million bucks!

- Laurie Cernie,
"Linda Parelli on Omega Fields"

Parelli's relationship with Omega Fields is very exciting.  My horses are known for how healthy they are and how great they always look, and knowing that Omega Horseshine will enhance what I've already got going is very exciting.  I look forward to sharing this with our students and customers.


I often get asked what I feed, but it's quite complex to explain, and nutritional advice is not my expertise!  Omega Fields produces top-of-the-line nutritional products, and they stand behind their quality and nutritional effectiveness.  I usually don't use any commercial nutritional product, preferring to do it myself with oils and kelp and minerals.  This is a first for me, and it's a decision I did not make lightly.  In fact, my horses were a big part of the decision making!


I'm excited to be using Omega Horseshine with my horses.  I've always believed in the benefits of flaxseed oil, but now it's easier than ever to feed them this nutritious supplement and offer the extra benefit of the whole seed, not just the oil.  The addition of yeast is also a great boost; again, I don't have to feed this separately now.  My horses love Omega Horseshine and continue to shine on, from the inside out.


I look forward to a mutually beneficial, long-standing relationship between us.  Certainly our philosophy is the same: to help the world become a better place for horses, theirs through nutrition and ours through educating horse lovers in natural, psychology-based horsemanship training.

- Linda Parelli
"Helped With Allergy to Insect Bites!"

I konw my testimonial is one of many you probably receive, but I really wanted to tell you thank you for putting an affordable product on the market that has really helped my horse.  My 15 year old TWH gelding, Paint, suffers from terrible lesions that result from insect bites.  According to the vet, he is allergic to fly bites!  I do everything I can to minimize the fly population, but nothing will ever totally keep him from getting bit by flies, especially since we are avid trail riders.  For over a year, we gave him steroid shots whenever the sores would get really bad and infected.  These shots were helpful, but could have damaging long term effects.  A friend of mine suggested your product and I began using it in the early spring of 2012 after an outbreak in February.  Now, in October, I can say we endured the summer with only two steroid shots the whole summer!  We gave him at least three series of six shots last summer and as soon as the steroids wore off, the sores would come back with a vengeance.  I gave him a half a cup every day and your product has really helped him.  He still gets some sores but they are not as bad.  Thank you for this product.  And...I should say, I think this is the first time I have ever contacted a company to say thank you for a product.  It's just that important to me to let you know how much I appreciate it.  I attached pictures of the lesions he gets and you can see how bad they are.  I also attached a picture of him in April before a trail ride, he looks great thanks to the Omega Horseshine!

- Sharon Ann D., TN
"Daisy Loves Her Horseshine!"

Thanks so much for your contest; we're delighted to be a winner!  Daisy already loves her Horseshine, but Nibblers will be SO convenient on those days when we don't have time for that "extra" meal.

Just for fun... Daisy when I got her February 2010


Daisy after 2.5 year of Horseshine (and good food, training, and lots of love!)


- Chris C., WY
"Truly An Amazing Product!"

I love your Omega Horseshine.  If someone asks me what supplement they should feed it is at the top of my list!!  Thank you for such a great product!  It is truly an amazing product!  Here is a picture of Angel my Omega Horseshine girl!  She shows in reining and all around classes.

- Dareth
"Love Omega Horseshine & Thrilled to Learn About Omega Canine Shine!"

I have been using Omega Horseshine on my 5 year old TN Gelding for a year now at the suggestion from my vet.  I did find a picture of Stuntman's Extra Special (Sky King) the day I bought him, May 2011.  If you look closely, there are shades in his white that look darker or patchy.  There were a few areas like that on him so when we had the "Vet Check", she suggested Omega Horseshine for him and I've been giving it to him daily since.  The other shows his coat with Omega Horseshine for the past year!  One of the boarders is now using Omega Horseshine at the recommendation of our farrier.  I am thrilled to see you have an Omega Canine Shine and will order right away for my two dogs.

- Mitzi G.
"Best Product!!"

Just want to say Omega Horseshine is the best product!!  I definitely noticed the difference in my horses coat, overall condition, and feet, and have gotten the other boarders to start their horses on it so we can split the cost!  To attest to the results, I will also tell you that I took my horses off it for about 2 months (because at the time none of the local stores sold it and it's very expensive with shipping through catalogs) and put them on a different supplement that was suppose to be comparable.  Within 3 weeks my horses feet were dry & cracking/splitting (both are barefoot), and their coats were dry, as well as one of my horses starting to itch & rub hair off his neck.  Put them back on it and within 4 weeks hooves are no longer split or cracked and even after trail riding they are not destroyed!  The one horse who was rubbing is now back in sleek coat and skin.

- Geri D.
"Helps With Allergies & Good Strong Hoofs"

I use Omega Horseshine for two Tennessee Walkers - one 29 year old and one 9 year old.  Helps with allergies and good strong hoofs plus sheds great in the spring.  I am attaching a picture of Echo and Honey.  Echo, 29 year old, is black with white star and Honey, 9 years old, bald face, bay roan (looks brown in the picture but close up is a roan).  Sorry picture is from winter.  I don't have any new ones from this summer.

- Gail M.
"I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!"

Omega Fields' products and Customer Service have been beyond amazing since day one, and I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!  Your company truly impacted my animals lives, as well as mine, for the best.  Thank you again so much, from my heart, as well as my horses!  Omega Horseshine forever!  :)

- Christine C.
"Everyone Stares At Them & Says "Wow!""

Thanks Omega Horseshine!  All my horses look so so great this year!  They have the best coats at the barn!  Everyone stares at them and says "Wow!"  I started feeding Omega Horseshine to my horses this winter and you sure can see the difference!  I also use the Canine Shine and we just got chickens, so I will be using Omega Ultra Egg also!  I love your products!

- Brandy M.

I currently use Mega Omega, feed Canine Shine to my dogs, and Horseshine to my horses -- we all love your products!!  The dogs and horses have lovely shiny coats and my fingernails are stronger than ever before, so I can feel confident that we are all healthier inside as well.

- Sheltom2003
"Best horse coats in the barn"


Thanks Omega Fields! All my horses look so so Great this year! They have the best coats at the barn! Everyone stares at them and say "Wow!" I started feeding Omega Horshine to my horses this winter and you sure can see the difference! This is Mochaj my 3 year old and I can't believe how much better his coat is! He didn't have a great shine or color before, now he glows!!!!! I also use the Omega Canine Shine and we just got chickens so i will be using the Omega Ultra Egg also! I love your products!


- Brandy M.
"My Farrier Was Impressed!"

I have some horse people here who have been telling me about Omega Horseshine.  The one thing that sounded really good to me is that it was good for preventing sand colic, which is very common here in the desert.  I have used psycillium and it does work but costly.  My friends told me of the other benefits of Horseshine, so I decided to try it.  As you can see from the pictures there is a world of difference.  I'm really pleased at how healthy my Morgan gelding is looking.  My ferrier also commented last week when he came to trim my horse that his feet seemed better and asked me what I was feeding him.  He was impressed and said he was going to try it on his horses.  I'll surely keep using it on mine.

- Dave E.
"I absolutely love your Horseshine Product!"

I absolutely love your Horseshine product!  Two out of three of my horses have been on it for almost two years, and I absolutely love it, and have no complaints!

- Christine C.
"Omega Horseshine Really Works! - I Found Out After Opting To Replace It With Something Else By Horsetech. It Did Not Help My Horse To Do That!..."
 I had used Omega Horseshine once before and then opted to try something else by horsetech since I was able to give a lesser dose. Obviously it did not help my horse to do that! I also noticed his coat is once again susceptible to bug bite/rain rot. He did not have that before, when on the Horseshine. (How’s that for a testimonial!) I thought that feeding him a pellet type grain with omega’s in it, would suffice. I will put him back on the Omega Horseshine. Hopefully I have caught this soon enough to avoid potential infection or further damage.
The first picture is King when I first brought him home.  As you can see, he was in a hard way.  The second picture is him 6 months later, and after feeding him Omega Horseshine.
- Jonna S.
"31 Year Old Arabian Mare Still Acts Like a 2 Year Old Some Days - Due to Omega Horseshine"
I have talked to you before about my 31 year old Arabian mare, sometime back. I have had her on the Horseshine for how many years now. Just last night, the vet commented again how great of shape she is in. We have to wet down her Equine Senior as she is missing some teeth. She does have arthritis in her back, but still acts like a 2 year old some days. I believe that it is due to the Horseshine that she has been getting for so long. She has been featured in your testimonials some time back. Just want to let you know she is doing great yet!
- Lois A., WI
"My horses need Omega Field's products to stay on top of the competition."

My horses need Omega Field's products to stay on top of the competition. We rely on your products to keep them all happy health and strong! Could not do with out them!

- Malia C.
"Eliminated Problem With Rain Rot!"
I have been using Omega Fields Horshine for over two years and am very pleased with the results. I have a 26 year old retired endurance horse who would get a bad case of rain rot every winter. I live in Florida during the winter and the combination of his thick gray hair coat and wet/humid conditions seemed to make him a target for the fungus infection. Since putting him on Horseshine it has eliminated the problem. No more rain-rot and other than adding the Horseshine, nothing else in his care or diet has changed. I also give it to my current endurance horse who is a very picky eater and prone to ulcers. He cleans up his food and his coat has improved markedly. I am a firm believer in the benefits of Omega Fields Horseshine.
- Cindy B., FL
"Love Horseshine!"

I won some of your supplement a few months ago and have LOVED the effects! Attached is a pic of my shiny horse!

- Alana B.
"We do love the product and use it daily"

My whole barn is on Omega Horseshine,11 saddle horses 3 drafts. We see the difference every day! Love the product!

- Dale S.
"Your Product Is Fantastic!"

I had a friend at the barn who was a veterinarian who worked in research for Purina.  She recommended the Horseshine after doing extensive research on supplements.  My 3 year old Holsteiner was completely bleached out.  Within 6 weeks, his coat was dark, shiny and dappled!!  I now breed and show Doberman Pinschers.  Your product is fantastic!  I don't have to use spray on shine products, because they are so SHINY naturally from the Canine Shine!  Love this product!

- Shannon G., TX
"Will Not Own A Horse Without Your Product"

About 8 years ago (I think?) I bred my mare and was searching online for a suppliment for pregnant mares.  I came accross your website and went through it with a fine toothed comb.  I came out ordering a bag of Horseshine and loved it...I ended up feeding it to all of my horses.  I have now been without horses for about 4 years and have just purchased a 9 month old filly who is coming home next week so I am ordering a bag for her as I will NOT own a horse without your product.

- Noele S., WI
"Coats Are Shiny, Hooves are Strong"

A discussion was posted on Pleasure Horse Forum asking about good coat conditioners.  Omega Horseshine was mentioned several times with very favorable results.  It seemed like a good product to try...and was it ever...coats are shiny, hooves are strong, even the white ones, they don't crack and break up like they use to.  Love the product and so do the horses.  It doesn't matter how good a product is if the horse won't eat it.

- Jackie R., OK
"Licks It Off The Bottom Of The Feeding Bucket!"

I LOVE your stuff!  I use it on my rescue horse.  He was a nurse mare foal and it has helped so much with his tail growth and his hooves!!!  Plus he loves it!!!  He will lick it off the bottom of the feeding bucket or out of your hand!!!!

- Tiffany K.
"Wonderful Hoof Strength, Growth and his Coat Glitters!"

 I love your Omega Horseshine product.  I purchased Shark off the track as a four year old.  He is huge, towering near 16.3 hands and when I got him off the track he was very much still in shape for the track. He was very, very lean for such a large horse.  I immediately began searching for natural supplements rich in healthy Omega 3s to help improve his coat, hooves and overall condition, as well as a product to use in prevention of such a large horse’s joint’s becoming inflamed and stiff.   Since I found and began using Omega Horseshine I have seen a tremendous improvement in my horse.  I pulled Shark’s racing plates off after he ran his last race 3 years ago and thanks to the help of Omega Horseshine, he has been able to remain barefoot since; he has wonderful hoof growth and hoof strength.  He is 7 this year and hasn’t needed any injections and, need I say, as a dark chestnut his coat nearly glitters!  He has also put on weight more sufficient for a horse his size and I get compliments on how good he looks every rodeo and barrel race we go to. I always credit Omega Horseshine and recommended your product.   I now have all seven of my horses on Omega Horseshine.  I truly believe in this product!

- Amber A., OK
"Barefoot horses thrive on Omega Horseshine"

Both of my horses are healthy barefoot trail horses. They thrive on Omega Fields HorseShine!

- Karol K-H
"28 year old pony is shedding her coat naturally "

This is just an email to congratulate you on a well made product.  I started all three of my horses on this product the beginning of last fall and they have kept nice strong hooves, and silky shiny hair all winter.  To top it off my 28 year old pony is shedding her coat naturally for the first time in over 4 years!!  This was a great find and will continue to use it with my horses and have been encouraging my friends to do the same.

- Emily, SC
"Noticeable difference in coat, allergies, and comfort "

Photos © 2011 Mammano Photography

I LOVE your Omega Horseshine!!!!  It does amazing things for the horses from the inside out!  I have several horses and my entire herd (as well as the rescues on the property) get Omega Horse Shine in their feed.  The horses have never looked better, and the rescues seem to be moving more comfortably! It doesn't matter what type of horse you own or what kind of age or condition they are in... They can benefit from Omega Horseshine!

I would also like to add  that I'm so amazed at how helpful you guys have been with my concerns about over-supplementing my horses!  It's not often that a company will take their time to e-mail back, let alone to ask for additional information to make sure they're sharing the right suggestion for my herd.  You have made me a very happy customer who will continue to sing the praises of your wonderful products to everybody I know!

- Valerie P-K., GA
"So impressed with Omega Horseshine"

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Omega Horseshine.  Not only have I noticed a big difference in the softness of Max's coat, his mane has wondrous new growth and his tail is breaking less as well as starting to fill out more at the base.

My farrier is also impressed as he started out heals under on both front feet and in 4 weeks time of use [6 weeks from last trim] his hoof growth was so phenomenal that he said we needed to trim every four.  The hooves were almost completely corrected as well as very hard and now becoming shiny and black.  My girlfriend even accused me of putting hoof black on him.   I have been feeding the Max E Glow as well but am going to switch to the Omega Grande so I only have the need for one product instead of two.

My friends are all asking what I give Max and I am more than happy to share!

- Wendy Z.
"The cracks in their feet heal and their coat begins to shine"

All my horses are on Omega Horseshine.  Currently I have 5 horses at my barn.  I use this product in the place of sand clear.  When I get rescues I start them on Omega Horseshine and they start to bloom.  The cracks in their feet heal and their coat begins to shine.  You can see the difference in their eyes. I give the 1/2 a cup a day.  This is a simple product that I have seen the results.  Thank you.

- Debbie T.
" LOVE Omega Fields and the beautiful glow it gives to my horses' coats!"


       BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

 LOVE Omega Fields and the beautiful glow it gives to my horses' coats! Cash is 17.3 and was adopted from the Second Race after he bowed a tendon in training.  He is by Unusual Heat and his grand sire is Dynaformer (same as Barbaro!)  First pic is the day I brought him home, next pic is after he'd been with me for a couple months on Omega Fields Omega Horseshine. He gets his Omega Horseshine every day . 

- Andrea D.
"I absolutely LOVE Omega Horseshine for what it does and its reasonable cost! "


Here are two photos of Jericho for you.  One is from April, 2011 (full body clip late Winter).  All of the "dark patches" are where he lost his hair completely...down to the bare skin.  This hair loss happened in February and by the time this photo was taken in April his summer coat was filling in those bald spots (he's a dark bay).  As you will see in his current February, 2012 photo...his coat is super shiny for being clipped and unblemished this year.  Big Difference!!

I have been very impressed with your people and your product!   I follow you on Facebook too!

I absolutely LOVE Omega Horseshine for what it does and its reasonable cost!It's made a noticeable difference in  Jericho's coat, allergies , and comfort -- as well as being a low NSC energy source.  During my online research for natural options for managing mild skin and nasal conditions/allergies for my 14 year old Oldenburg hunter, Jericho, I came across the holistic benefits of stabilized flaxseed... and namely, Omega Horseshine. Within a week or two his intermittent nasal discharge abated and only needs the occasional antihistamine, but not a steroid! To make things even better, his winter clipped bay coat is so iridescent; I just can't wait to see his summer bloom! He's a busy guy too; kept in work 5 days a week as weather permits.  I really appreciate that Omega Horseshine helps support his calorie intact without unbalancing his vitamin/mineral needs and benefits his joint health too.


Update from 8/4/12

I wanted to share with you a photo of Jericho and I from early summer.  I also started our 'new to us' ol'pony, "Megan My Day" on Omega Horseshine (a very easy keeper) because she suffered recently from Sand Colic and had to be drenched with Psyllium by the vet.  In my research to keep the sand moving out and prevent it in the future, I added your Omega Horseshine to her daily rations, extra hay, a bit of Chia seed, MSM and probiotics.  She has completely recovered and I'm going to keep her on Omega Horseshine to prevent any reaccurances.  Had I realized this "extra" benefit...I would have put her on it back when Jericho started even though she's an easy, easy keeper.  Attached is a photo of her and her little girl (my daughter, 6) Skye.  I continue to find more reasons to love your product!

- April Z., VA
" Omega Horseshine is working WONDERFULLY! "

Just wanted to send a note about how great your Omega Horseshine is working for my horse.  My horse has allergies and had hives all over.  Fortunately they didn't itch but there were times there would be a cluster in the saddle area and I couldn't ride.  I know he didn't feel good too and he looked lousy.  Last year I was able to control them with spirulina but this year it didn't work.  I believe he built up a tolerance to the anti-histamine properties in the spirulina.  I really didn't want to give him steroids.  After much Internet research I found several people mentioned flax to help and then a few mentioned Omega Horseshine.  It is working WONDERFULLY!  I spoke with one of your consultants, I believe her name is Bonnie, and she said if needed I could feed much more than the recommended dosage.  She said to watch for any small changes in improvement and that after 2 weeks I should see a big difference.  That is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Basically, the hives were gone in 2 weeks.  I can still feel maybe a half dozen under the surface of the skin but you can't see them.  So I am going to keep him on the increased dosage of 2 cups a day until I don't feel that.  I have hopes this will work long term as it was a gradual improvement, strengthening the immune system.  When the spirulina worked, it did so immediately.  (within 2 days they were gone as opposed to 2 weeks with the Horseshine)  Until you've had a horse with hives you cannot truly appreciate how grateful I am for your affordable product.  Thank you.

- Cindy C., CA
"Nice dapples and plenty of energy"

I first discovered Omega Fields HorseShine about 5 years ago.  It was on sale at the Pomona Equine Affaire, and I bought 2 bags at the time.  I have used it ever since for my horses.  First for Zia, my Arabian mare who is a multi-champion in ACTHA.  Currently I am using it for Sayir, my 3/4th Arabian gelding.  I am competing with him in AERC LD rides, and I have been told how good he looks.  Nice dapples and plenty of energy.  He is fed bermuda hay and pasture with his daily supplement of HorseShine.  It is so easy to feed and he cleans it up right away.  I have never had any problem with the HorseShine going off or rancid as other supplements have done.  I live in the Southern California desert, where summer temps can reach 120 degrees.  Who wants their feed supplements to go bad after spending good money on them.
    So thank you Omega Fields for a great product!!

- Sandi H.
"You have truly made my animals shine!!"

When I purchased my thoroughbred, his coat was dull and rough.  After doing a lot of research, I decided to try Omega Fields Horse Shine.  After two weeks of taking the supplement, the results were remarkable! My gelding’s coat was SO shiny, silky to the touch and much easier to clean.  He is healthy from the inside out!

You can’t imagine my happiness when I discovered that Omega Fields also produced Canine products!  For many years, my miniature dachshund suffered from dry flaky skin and a coarse coat.  After seeing what omega shine did for my horse, I was so excited to try the products with my dog.  My dachshund has been on the product for over a month now and the results have been amazing.  Good-bye flakes throughout his coat and good-bye patches of dry skin on his ears.

Now that I have been using the Omega Fields line of products for months, my family has also followed suit.  My mother maintains her dachshunds on omega canine shine and my aunt has noticed undeniable results for her mastiff show dogs. I won’t miss any opportunity to spread to word about the quality of these products and I can’t wait to start using the human formulations!  Great job Omega Fields!  You have truly made my animals shine!!

- Abigal T.
"Farrier noticed the difference in my horses severely cracked hooves (turn for the better) ..."

Learned about Omega Horseshine when I saw it in Tractor Supply. Noticed the difference in my horses in 2 weeks. My farrier even noticed the difference in my horses severely cracked hooves (turn for the better).

- Tina B., LA
"Absolutely blinding coats"

   I feed all 5 of mine the Horse Shine daily.  But it's winter...and they are all a bit fuzzy and not very shiny.  Although they are impressively shiny with long hair....but not as shiny as in summer. These three are wearing their winter coats, having just been brought in from the field and brushed off.  They are shiny, but ou ought to see them when they lose their winter coats.... they are absolutly blinding.  And in one of the pictures you will see Boo the goat...he loves Show Shine, too, and it shows.  He gets 1/4 cup one a day.

- Holly H.
"Many compliments on how beautiful and shiny she looked from vet, farrier and horsey friends!"


  I am writing to tell you of my experiences feeding and not feeding my horse Omega Fields Horseshine.
Before I started feeding my horse Omega Fields Horseshine, my horse's coat, mane, tail and even her forlock looked dull.  Her hooves were not in good condition. I started feeding her Omega Horseshine about 2 years ago. With in a month or so, I noticed a much needed improvement. Not only her coat was looking far better than it ever did, she had dapples!  But more importantly her hooves. Which were cracked and chippped. With each passing month, everything improved. I recieved many compliments on how beautiful and shiny she looked. Even my vet was impressed with the way she looked and how great her hooves had improved. My farrier was impressed also. Some of my horsey gal pals thought, I must have spent hours upon hours, grooming her!
     January 2011, she had to have her grain switched. Also was taken off of the Omega Horseshine. This was necessary due to health issues. In the months that followed I saw the changes in her appearence. Dull coat, mane and tail. Again the cracks and chipping of her hooves were back. I am convienced, that her not being on the Omega Horseshine, had brought her back to way she use to be.
     Going forward, Sweet Georgia Brown is being put back on the Omega Fields Horseshine! Thank you Omega Fields!

- Tina I., WI
"Bright shiny coats even in the dull desert winter months ..."

My long time friend used it and I started using it, my horses look amazing! Bright shiny coats even in the dull desert winter months. My Appy mare has grown and kept her mane and a long tail, it grows fast too.

- Madeline I., NM
"Thank you for your wonderful products"


Thank you for the great information and insight that you have provided. Your concern for nutritional vitality and exclusion of added sugars or starches is welcome information.  We look forward to trying some of your suggestions and also to the newsletters.  As a member of Walt's barefoot horse group and Dr. Kellon's groups, thank you for including  his articles in your newsletters and her endorsement.  It is a comfort to read that your product includes most of the ingredients that have been discussed in regards to nutrition, digestion, EC, IR and hoof care, while excluding those ingredients that are harmful to EC/IR equids.

- Kim B.
"My horses shine"

Omega horseshine makes my horses shine!!!!

- Hillary M.
"My heart sings when I see them trotting around and their coats glisten in the sun"

I just wanted you to know that my horses and I have been using your Mega Omega products for years now.  The results have been amazing.  When my first few horses came home to my family I noticed how dull there coat looked even with very proper nutrition I didn't noticed that much difference in there overall appearance.  It was not till I discovered your Omega Horseshine product that I started to see amazing results  in my horses health and vitality.  Today I am so happy to let you know that when people see my horses there first response always is about the healthiness and shininess of my horses coat. I am very proud off my horses and my heart sings when I see them trotting around the field and the first thing that I see is their shiny coat glistening in the sun.  To my suprise, I discovered that Omega fields also carry's the same quality product for people off all ages. Back then, I was looking  for a product that would not only supply my body with the right vitamins but also included a healthy amount of omegas for healthy heart,  skin, hair and vitality.  There are no words to describe how much my  family and My horses benefit from your products.  

- Karin M., NH
"Two mini's doing well on Horseshine "

Went looking for the best supplement for our two minis, and found your website. They are currently doing well on Omega Horseshine.I am a believer in Horseshine.  I have included pictures from May 2011.  The sorrel is 23 years old and the paint is about 15.  They have been on Horseshine for the past two or three years.  It keeps them looking healthy and is good for their internal health.

- Bonnie S., CA
"Healthy horse, happy life!(tm)"

Love your equine products!!! Healthy horse, happy life!(tm)

- Faith L.,AL
"Hooked on Horseshine"

I have been using Omega Horseshine for probably a year now, and I love it! I got a new horse and went to a new boarding facility where they used it, and I loved the form it was in so I went and got a bag, and I am now HOOKED!

- Hunter D., WI
"Credit improvement of weight, coat, hooves, and attitude to Omega Horseshine ..."

A friend recommended Omega Horseshine when I acquired an extremely thin and dull Thoroughbred, and I haven't stopped using it since. I credit the improvement of his weight, coat, hooves, and attitude to Omega Horseshine. I've attached three because I think the results are obvious over time. The first photo is my horse, Irish, about two months after I acquired him and before starting the Omega Horseshine.  The second photo is taken around the time he had been on Omega for four months.  The last photo is a year later and one that holds a special place in my heart.  I never thought this horse would be sound enough for more than trail riding and here he is competing in a recognized dressage show and winning high point for the day.  It was a bit blustery so I don't think you can really see how shiny he is.  I've had several people tell me that his coat glimmers like a fish.  I also think it's interesting how his coat changed from a bright chestnut to such a beautiful liver color within the first year. His previous owner didn't even recognize him.

- Judy H., UT
"New growth in hooves looks better, and coat is shiny and healthy looking ...."

After my farrier told me I need to strengthen my horses hooves, I went into Tractor Supply Store. One of the employees directed me to Omega Fields Products. I purchased a 20 lb Omega Horseshine, which supplied my horse for 3 months. Not only does the new growth in his hooves look better, but his coat is shiny and healthy looking. Thank you for your products.

- Tanya C., CA
"Omega Horseshine was "horse warming gift" - now part of daily diet"

I originally tried Omega Horseshine because I received it as a "horse-warming" gift many years ago when I bought my first horse.  His coat was dull and unhealthy but improved immediately with Omega Horseshine. Now I feed Horseshine as part of my horse's regular diet. This supplement is simply the best for improving the quality of a horse's coat, and my horse loves it!

- Sue Z., WI
"I am impressed with your product ...."

A good friend of mine started feeding Omega Horseshine and explained the benefits she saw in her horses. I compete in barrel racing and gymkhana and am always looking for anything to better my horses performance, so I figured it was worth a try. So far I am impressed with your product.

- B., AZ
"Impressed with results and added sand colic protection ...."

 I discovered your product when I won a contest last spring. I was very impressed with the results and the added sand colic protection. I was sold!

- Ann T.,FL
"Wanted to try Omega Horseshine and have been using it on my horses ever since ...."

I purchase Omega Horseshine from Tractor Supply in Moody, AL – wanted to try the product and I have been using it for my horses every since!

- Christy W., AL
"My vet recommended Horseshine for my 17+ hand 16 year old event/foxhunter!"

Our veterinarian recommended Omega Horseshine® for my 17+hand 16 year old Intermediate event horse/foxhunter and says that he looks/feels better than he has in ages…not that there was anything specifically wrong with him. She thought Omega Horseshine would bring him up to a different level, which it has. Not to mention that he has been treated for EPM 6 years ago, so his immune system is always something we closely monitor! He had THE best coat ever this fall and was full of dapples head to toe.  Even after his first clip of the season, it's easy to see how healthy his coat is and he feels great! Thanks, this is fantastic and we look forward to continued success with Omega Fields!

- Kate B., WV
"No More Itchy Patches or Dull Coat!"

You all have such a wonderful product! I started "Coach" on it over
four years ago- during the summer he'd get some random itchy patches on his
neck and legs. His coat was dull and living in Virginia Beach, VA we have sandy
soil. I was looking for something to try and after seeing and reading about Omega
Horseshine I thought I'd give it a try. It was (and still is) reasonably priced and as a
bonus I would not have to do any psyllium treatments a couple times a year due
to our soil conditions. Within a month of starting- the itchy areas were gone and
his coat was's been as I said over four years and I would not consider
taking him off it! His dapples stay year round, he has a gorgeous shiny coat, nice
hooves and is the best looking horse at the boarding barn! 
- Vicky T., VA
"Helped With Skin Allergies!"

I started my Haflinger, Mlark Rvrw on Horseshine this year at my vet's recommendation to help wtih his skin allergies.  Look at him glow!  Even some dapples on the belly and he says, "It's tasty!"  While he still has allergies, his skin was much better this year.  He wasn't quite as itchy and the Horseshine put an excellent shine on him.  Not only have I been pleased with the quality of the product, I find it very affordable as well!

- Meredith R., IL
"Only Product That Made My Palomino Shed Out!"

Omega Horseshine is the only product that made my Palomino shed out.  In the winter he is WHITE.  It took sometimes til Aug to shed until I started using this product.  I then used it on my Bay Mare and went to a show in April with Lynn Palm as the judge and received the compliment on her being the Shiniest and best groomed in the ring!  LOVE IT!!  Always recommend it.

- Debbie B., NY
"Month on Horseshine!"

Here is my new 3 and 1/2 TW horse Silver's Irish Doc ada Sidboy a month on Horseshine and the glow begins.

- Kevin and Sid
"Horse Looks Amazing!"
Thank you for making my horses look Amazing!! everywhere we go ( and we travel a lot) I have people telling me how great my horses look, I ALWAYS tell them they have to try OMEGE FIELDS HORSE SHINE...I swear by it!!!!!!

- Sultan K., FL
"Difference in 2 WEEKS!"

What a difference only 2 WEEKS makes.  I have noticed an amazing difference in both of my horses.  They are both rescues and were in really bad shape when I got them.  Horseshine is fantastic!  I recommend it to everyone!  I like what the Horseshine has done so much for my horses that I ordered the products for my dogs and chickens too.  :)


- Rebecca W., TN
"Really Made A Difference!"

Thank you Omega Fields!  I won confirmation at the last ranch horse show and have another show this weekend.  Hope to win again.  Omega Horseshine has really made a difference in my ranch horse...LOVE THE PRODUCT.


UPDATE: By the way, I had a ranch horse show on Saturday and won confirmation again.  Your product is the BEST.  I am so glad I started using it.  Thank you.

- Michelle, WY
"Loves Omega Horseshine!"

My mare "Halo" loves Omega Horseshine!  I just wanted to let you know that after 2 weeks of using Horseshine, I noticed a huge difference in Halo's coat and NEW HOOF GROWTH!!!  My farrier says he hasn't seen my mares feet look this good or grow this much in the 5 years he has trimmed/shod her.  She has also gained back quite a bit of the weight she lost this summer due to lack of grass/hay/rain.  I am so happy to use this product!!  Thank you Thank you!!!!


- Jaclyn M., OK
"My Whole Herd Gets Horseshine!"

Attached is a recent photo of me on my Friesian.  I also have a Quarter horse, Donkey (rides and drives) and Draft Mule (1/2 Clydesdale, 1/2 Mammoth Jack).  They all get Horseshine!!!

- Loes
"Recommends for Breeds with Lots of HAIR!"

I started my two year old PRE colt on Omega Horseshine in the spring of this year.  By early summer he was already gleaming!  His coat is soft, sleek, and bright, never dry or dull.  I would especially recommend this supplement for those breeds with lots of HAIR!  His forelock, mane and tail have grown by several inches with less breakage in just a few months.  His hooves are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks, even on the dry hard ground and fly stomping of summer.  He absolutely loves the taste and always politely demands I give him a "sample" when he sees me refill his supplement bin.  We were given many compliments at our first halter show last month.  Sprays and polishes may give you a shine, but it doesn't compare to a healthy natural shine that comes from the inside out!

- Lauren Z.
"Helped Founder Mare!"

My friend was using Omega Horseshine and recommended it.  I went to your web page and ordered it.  I have bought a founder mare and she eats it daily.  Her feet have improved 80% in the two months she has been on it.  I am using it on my other horses now.  All 18 of them.

- Linda P., TX
"Happy, Healthy, and Bump Free!"

I live in San Deigo, CA and have been using your product for about 6 months.  Just wanted to say that I love the effects Omega Horseshine has had on my 3 horses.  My Morgan had a terrible fly allergy and would break out with bumps all over his body all summer long.  He also had terrible dry skin and rubbed his tail against the stall wall.  My TB had dry skin and bumps as well and had to wear a fly sheet all summer long.  This summer these two horses are happy, bump free, shiny and look fantastic.  Thanks Omega Horseshine!!!  I love the convenience and the price too!!!

- Patty, CA
"Mare Looking Better Than Ever!"

I love Omega Horseshine.  My little mare is looking better than ever.  Thank you so much.  By the way, my farrier is happier too, I have to see him more often...LOL

- Michelle
"Love the Shine!"

I've used the Omega Horseshine and love how it makes my Arabian mare Zia shine!  She also gets Omega Nibblers after each ride.

- Sandra H.
"Helped With Sweet Itch!"
I became a firm believer in Omega Horseshine several years ago when our Appaloosa gelding began rubbing his tail. A victim of sweet itch, he not only rubbed his tail until it bled, he rubbed bare patches on his shoulders, head and lower legs. He was so miserable we tried histamines prescribed by our vet and had to mix the nasty stuff into a concoction everyday so that he would eat it, and even then he only managed to swallow it when he was extremely hungry (we made him eat it first before he could have the rest of his grain). We saw no improvement after several weeks of treatment.
Then someone at a horseshow mentioned the Omega Fields products and how well they had worked for her horse. With the first doses his itching lessened and his open sores began to heal. His hair slicked off to short and shiny and he became much calmer when being ridden, maybe do to not having the constant itch under the saddle. The farrier noticed how nice and smooth his feet became and his shoes would remain tight the whole six weeks. We were so pleased with his progress and his performance, he went on to win a Register of Merit with the ApHC in the Hunter Under Saddle division. He never missed a dose of his Horseshine and although he has a new owner now, he is still happy and healthy and continuing with the Omega Fields supplements.
I now have his 3 year old half brother in training- with the same sweet itch problems- and we started him on Horseshine this spring. His coat is blazing red, short, slick and glossy. His tail is growing so much (which is no small feat with an Appaloosa!) we have to keep trimming it. His feet have improved in texture, no more splitting and breaking off and his attitude has also improved. I am so happy with your products and have recommended them to many other horse owners. It is well worth the cost to see our horses itch free and blossoming! Thanks for a great product that does what is says it will!
- Melissa P.
"Horseshine Is The One and Only!"

I was looking for something to help a rescued mare get back on her feet after she had been neglected.  I tried a few other products, then came across Omega Horseshine at Tractor Supply Co., so I bought a bag and started feeding it to my three horses.  The mare came back nice and shiny, hair even grew where there had been none in scars!  Then my 13 year old QH Gelding Star, went to what I was told was a good home.  When I went to check on him, he was half the horse he was when he left me...literally.  So I re-possessed him and as you can see in the photos he's coming along quite well.  The before pictures, were taken in Dec. 2010.  The now pictures, were taken between then and now.  And the other horses are so shiny and talk about hoof growth.  I have to get them trimmed more often!  The Thoroughbred, Doppler, owned by Katy Bobo, had a bad hoof trim and he was lame for almost a year and a half.  Once he went on Horesshine his hooves grew like weeds!  They are out on pasture 24/7 and they hold their color great too!  I will never use another Omega supplement.  Horseshine is the one and only. 


Check out the picture of Hansome licking his lip's for Omega Horseshine!

- Melissa R., FL
"So Easy to Use!"

Your Omega Horseshine is pretty awesome.  I have my 16 year old Cushings horse on it (along with Pergolide), and his coat is amazing.  We had to body clip him earlier in the year and he looked pretty bad, but he's shed out and shiny now!  I also like the fact that it is so easy to use - no more grinding flax seed.

- Rissa S., TX
"Pony Turning Heads!"

As a new horse owner, a few years ago, I was thrilled to have the highest bid on a bag of Omega Horseshine at a silent auction a local horse show was holding.  I thought my daughter's pony was in great shape, but was amazed at the results the Horseshine had on her coat.  Being a black and white pinto, and living in Florida, her markings seemed more faded brown than black.  By the time our next show season started, this pony turned heads with the sharp contrast the glossy black had against her healthy white coat.  Thank you for such a great product!  Attached are a few photos showing my daughter's pony before Omega Horseshine and then after.  The first shows her faded coat, the second photo was taken 4 months after the first, and the 3rd shows she kept her black coat months later.  Anyone can see for themselves how great this product is!

- Diane R., FL
"Bay Literally Looks Like Glass In The Sun!"

I have been using Horseshine for about 2 years now on different horses of mine.  The bay literally looks like glass in the sun.  She was a wild mustang out of Nevada and her coat was NOTHING like this before.  Both the palomino (Zeus) and the bay (Molly) have dappled out and have not had a colic episode since using Horseshine.  I have to admit thought, since I board my horses at the barn, I only give it to them once a day and about 4 times a week -- but it WORKS even at that!!!!!

- Opal H., CA
"Love Omega Horseshine!"

My mare is on Omega Horseshine!  I love this product and want to get her foal on it as soon as he is eating solid food!


UPDATE: I just wanted to update everyone....Mom Fay and baby Steele are doing well.  Fay is a tad shy in the milk production dept. so Steele was started on a "foal starter" product we soak in water, which ends up looking like oatmeal!  I seized this opportunity to add the Horseshine!  :)  I am proud to say that at almost 5 weeks old he is in WONDERFUL form and I am thrilled that I can give him all the good nutrients he needs for a healthy beginning.  I am quite convinced that adding the Omega Fields Horseshine to his "oatmeal" is making a huge difference.  Thanks again for a wonderful product!


- Cathy B.
"Amazing Shine!"

This is one of my horses after being fed Omega Horseshine for 18 months.  I use no topical products on his coat at all, ever.  All I did prior to taking this pic was brush a few shavings off.  Last spring I didn't think he could get any shinier or dappled, but this year he's even glossier!  I do NOT spend long hours currying my horses and he hasn't had a bath since last year... this is all due to Omega Horseshine!

- Megan G.
"Love Benefits of Omega Horseshine!"

I have been feeding Omega Horseshine for about 6 years and love the benefits for my horse, Comet -- who has been on it since he was a yearling!  I had several folks last month ask me what I feed when we rode in our first ACTHA ride.  (Photos are from his first ACTHA Challenge.)

- Joan K.
"Amazing Results!"

I recently moved from Utah to Texas, and had been using Satin Finish for my horses.  When I went to Tractor Supply in Killeen, TX they did not have Satin Finish, but raved about the power of Omega Horseshine.  I've been using it on my three horses for two weeks, and it has amazing results I had not seen with Satin Finish.  Their hooves are not drying out, their coats shine without brushing, and they have not had to take sand clear for sand colic.  I am a trainer, and the way my horses look is so important in my business.  Thank you so much.  I will never go back to Satin Finish again.  Omega Shine all the way!  I recommend it to all of my clients!

- Jessica A., TX
"Like GOLD!"

I love your product Horseshine and what it has done to my TB's hooves and coat!  It is very muddy here in Maine after all the snow and rain we've had.  One of my TB's hooves always is plagued by thrush, REGARDLESS of how diligent I am of cleaning it.  Well, no more... and I'm not even a supplement person, this stuff is like GOLD, his coat is shiny, and his hooves are healthy and pliable.  I LOVE IT!!!  Thank you so much for such a great product.  I plan on buying the dog shine next!

- Lori E., ME
"I Tell Everyone About Your Product"

I have waited a whole year to be able to show the difference in my horses. Last year my 12 yr old Arabian gelding bleach out very badly, caught white line and was very deficient in supplements after we moved to a new pasture( please see photo June 2010 when I started to feed Horseshine, The September 2010 you can already start seeing the changes in his coat.). I research what was the best supplement to feed my DJ and Omega was rated the highest. So exactly a year ago I started giving DJ Horseshine. I also started giving Horseshine at the same time to my other Arabian endurance gelding Sheba. Please see the attached photos in the difference Horseshine has made in both horses (Sheba endurance nov 2010 and recent photo May 2011). DJ is completely black, not bleach brown. The ferrier says my horses have the best feet of all horses, they are shiny and their coats feels like silk. You want to just rub your face on their coats even when they are dirty they are so soft and shiny. During my endurance races everyone comments on how shiny and beautiful my horses are. They even love the Horseshine cookies, I feed them during my endurance races.


Thank you so much for such a great product. I tell everyone about your products.


- Regina H.
"Cannot Be Without!"

I LOVE Omega Horseshine!  My farrier says my horses' feet have never looked better.  I simply cannot be without it as two of the three also suffer from sweet itch and it helps with that too.

I am attaching a photo of my 11 year old TN Walking Horse, PBS Gold Dust Shaker, and me taken while competing in an ACTHA Competitive Trail Challenge near Milano, TX.


- Valarie D.
"Got Rid of Winter Coat with No Brushing!"

Last September I started my mare on Omega Horseshine. This was right after she got back from her first 60 days of training. She has been on it ever since and although I am 5,000 miles away, I get picture updates of her and I just wanted to share them with you.
You can see the new growth on her hooves and it looks fantastic! Of course my parents got photos before the farrier came out to give her a pedicure! Haha! She should be trotting on that new growth around the time she heads back to the trainer, I'm hoping this time she won’t need to be shod!
She also got rid of her winter coat with no brushing from my parents..and I think if they had bothered to brush the dust off of her she would have just glowed! Last year when I was still home I was out there with a curry and brush trying to get rid of that hair! I am amazed! Her tail (it was eaten by goats...) is also growing out and so is her mane! Now if only I could get that sparse little forelock to start growing...
Here are some pictures of her...The one of her catching Z's I tweaked a bit in Photoshop because she looked really washed out. (It is hard to get good pictures of a white horse standing in the sun...)


P.S. Aren't her curly feathers a hoot?  lol!  :)

- Liz G.
"Coats Looking Great!"

Love your products - the horses' coats are looking great.  Thank you!  Our horse, Zippy, is 14 hand sorrel quarter horse mare...she was kind of scruffy when she arrived here, now she is shiny and looks great.  Bev is 16.3 gray (white now) percheron/TB gets clipped in the winter except for legs and saddle pad...his mane and tail are wonderful and he is shedding the unclipped parts like crazy.  The new hair is shiny and very soft and he is keeping his main so far this year...last year he rubbed a good portion off.

- Fran W.
"Licks It Clean!"

I love this product!  All of my horses are rescues and they are beautiful, healthy and funny!  Each has a distinct personality of their own and a lot of who they have all become is due to them being in good health and being spoiled as much as possible!  They all look forward to their treats with their meals and of course Horseshine is at each meal.  I have NEVER had to worry about them injesting sand (we live in AZ) and the complications that can bring.  We can hear our gelding knocking his bucket around getting each grain of Horseshine at the bottom.  He licks it clean!  Thank you for making such great products.

- Pat B., AZ
"Never Used A Horse Product That Worked So Well!"

I wanted to tell you how great your product is.   When I first bought my horse Chazz he was in poor shape. He had little muscle mass. His coat was dull and lifeless. Is energy level was low and there was no shine at all to his appearance or personality. After only a few weeks on Horseshine I could already see major improvement. His coat became much shinier and the quality of the hair improved dramatically.

The product is well worth the price. I even convinced my local feed store to start carrying the product and they special order large bags for me which makes it even more convenient. I purchase it as gifts for my friends with horses and so many of them are amazed at how quickly they see results.

It is the only supplement my horses need and I have never used a horse product that worked so well (and I have tried a lot of different products). I am constantly getting compliments on how beautiful my horses look and how shiny and healthy they are.

I have attached a before and after photo of my horse Chazz so you can see how wonderful he looks now.

Thank you for your wonderful product!


- Sarah C., CA
"Omega Horseshine Helps QH Gelding Look Fine and Feel Happy"

I have been giving my two QH geldings regular Horseshine.  They are both looking fine and feeling happy.  I try to ensure good quality hay and supply the usual...water, salt/selenium block and I feed them both a pellet feed manufactured by Kalmbaugh.  King, 11 years old, was heaved up, limping from arthritis or an old injury, and stocked up in his hind legs when I got him.  Since then (going on three years) he has improved his overall condition and rarely limps.  He is not only a joy to ride, but happy to go out!  Last ride out, he literally jumped into the trailer he was so happy.  Seriously!  He looks terrific, by the way, too.

Rio, 12 years old, is in good health from what I can tell, but missing two front teeth.  How, I don't know.  His hooves were cracked and in poor shape and he was a little thin from stress and being shuffled around.  I have had him 3 months now and since he has been on the Horseshine as well, he also is showing much impovement.  He has shown less signs of stress, is happier, put his weight back on and is already showing a glossy coat!  He is jet black, so he will really shine.  His mane, particularly, is looking blue, it is so black and shiny.  As far as riding them, or their usage, both are for pleasure and both get adequate exercise.  And, of course, a huge dose of love and respect.

- Joanna S.
"Found Great Success with Omega Horseshine for Severe Allergies to Bugs!"

I have tried MANY products and supplements to help keep my horse's allergies in check, and after four years, found GREAT success with Omega Horseshine.  I could not do without it (well, really my horse can't do without it!)  He has severe allergies to bugs and the flaxseed meal works wonders... I can't begin to tell you how much I love your product, and repeatedly recommend it.  Having a healthy horse is the greatest thing...

As I stated briefly before, I spent four years trying every supplement I could find.  I had some moderate success with herbal supplements of powdered garlic and spirulina, tried acupuncture and then custom allergy shots, without enough success to justify the costs!!  I documented feed, medication and results to the point that my horse seemed more like a science experiement gone horribly wrong.  Since I take flaxseed myself, it just seemed to make sense that it would benefit my horse as well.  I also give him apple cider vinegar.  During lean financial times I stopped using each product alternately.  His hives immediately started to come back.  I don't know what it is about the combination of the two, but it is extremely successful for him, and I am immensely grateful.  I don't think there is a more appreciative or loyal consumer to your organization.  I am including some pictures of his hives at their worst, and a picture of him on Omega Horseshine... even filthy dirty, his coat looks beautiful!

- Liz P., CA
"Shocked By The Results!"

A friend let me try her supply of Omega Horseshine and I was shocked by the results.  I have been using it ever since.  I love my Omega Horseshine and my Nibbler treats.  Thanks Omega Fields!!!

- Thea L., SC
"Even our vet and farrier have remarked on what a great product Horseshine is!"

We have five Tennessee Walking Horses (ages 3-18) and Omega Horseshine is the supplement that I use on them.  They all have gorgeous coats and strong hooves and I will remain a loyal customer.  A lot of people who have seen our horses have started using it and have also become loyal customers.  Even our vet and farrier have remarked on what a great product Horseshine is.  Thanks so much Omega Fields for providing such wonderful products.  You've definitely earned our trust!!!

- Liz Orton
"Great results with your products"

"Dear Omega Fields,

As a Barefoot trimmer, I have seen great results with your products. I personally use the Horseshine and a client of mine uses the Nibblers. I really like what these products have done for the hoof quality.  The walls are stronger and the chipping and peeling have gone completely. Thank you for these great products!

Natural Hoof Care"

- Natural Hoof Care
"Feet are in really good condition"

"I use Omega Horseshine for a year... my horses coat looks great and his feet are in really good condition.  I tell every one Thanks so much."

- Alison Zahn
"I love your product"

"Hi my name is Patti Thurman I'm a dressage trainer in Utah. In September of 2010 I was given a warmblood mare. She was under weight, had a very dull coarse coat, and brittle cracking feet. I immediately put her on a diet of good quality grass hay and a complete grain. As we have several other horses in the barn on your product, I added the Omega Horseshine to her routine as well. After six months she has transformed! She has a beautiful soft coat and is growing wonderful feet. Most importantly her attitude has improved dramatically. She used to be dull and uninterested in her surroundings, now she is lively with a twinkle in her eye. She loves to work and everyone can tell she feels better!

Every horse we have on Horseshine has the wonderful soft shiny coat and great feet. I love your product and I'm starting my dogs on it this week. Please keep up the good work!                             Sincerely, Patti Thurman"

- Patti Thurman
"Now his coat is beautiful..."

"I have been using Omega Horseshine for 2 years.. Before my horses feet were brittle and couldn't hold a shoe.. Now his coat is beautiful, his tail is draggin on the ground and his feet are wonderful... I love Omega Horseshine. Thanks"

- Katherine Blumeling
"I can feed with confidence!"

"I'm using Omega Horseshine for my 15-year-old IR gelding and am very pleased with the results!  His coat, even in Winter, is shiny.  His hoof growth is strong and even.  Plus I know he's getting the Omegas he needs for sound nutrition.  Since the proper feeding of IR horses can be challenging, I'm happy that this is one product I can feed with confidence!"

- Tina Caldara
"Love this product..."

"OMG is all I can say about this product! I used Omega Horseshine on my 7 yr old black bay Quarter horse mare named Sunshine. She was sun bleached and had a dull looking coat. I had show season coming up quickly and I needed to find something that was going to brighten up my beautiful mare again. After only 2 weeks on Omega Horseshine I could see a difference already. After only a month I was astonished at the results. Sunshine glowed practically in the sun. Love this product and have been using it ever since! Thanks Omega Horseshine!!!!!!"

- Thea Ann Legare
"use to be so miserable..."

"My miniature mare had always had sweet itch in the spring and summer. She use to be so miserable that she would rub patches of her fur off. After reading that Omega Horseshine could help treat sweet itch, I thought I would give it a try. It took about a month before I began to see results, but it has definitely reduced her sweet itch symptoms. She does not rub her fur off nearly as much as she used to. It has also helped lessen the dandruff that both my mare and stallion used to always get."

- Sarah Hyde
"My farrier said keep it up"

Omega Horseshine"Hi, I just had to share. A few days ago my farrier was out to do my horses feet. As he started the second horses feet he said I don't know what you are doing for these horse but what ever it is keep it up. In jest he said I don't know if I can trim their feet they are so hard. I told him the only thing different is I am giving them Omega Shine.  Thanks Omega Fields"



- Gayle V.
"I love your products!"

"Hello & thanks!Omega Horseshine

Just wanted to say how much my horses & I love your products!  They think the Omega Nibblers are wonderful and their coats & hooves are shiny & strong because of your OMEGA HORSESHINE that they get everyday.  They think it's delicious too!  I like Mega Omega for myself and husband... keeps us healthy and shiny too!"

- Karol Kay
"beautiful shine and healthy coat"

"A lady at my barn had the shiniest black horse I have ever seen.  I asked her what made his coat so healthy and shiny and she toldme about Omega Horseshine.  I imediately ordered it and have been giving it to my palomino ever since.  And now he has a beautiful shine and healthy coat on him because of Omega Horseshine."

- Loretta Bonds
"best coats and hooves I've had"

This product, Omega Horseshine, has done wonders for my horses.  We raise Rare Ardennes Draft horses imported from Europe.  This has brought out the best coats and hooves I've had in a while.  I have been using your product now for 3 years and have been very pleased.  By accident I found out Omega Horseshine does wonders for Scratches.  My newest imported mare, the Bay, developed scratches and I was washing and treating her several times a week.  I tried putting her on extra Omega Horseshine and it went away within a week!  When we were away, our caretaker did not supplement the horses so the scratches came back.  We put her back on the Horseshine and the scratches healed once again!  This mare also foaled 3 weeks early and as you can see from the picture the foal is perfectly healthy.  I recommend your product to everyone.

Omega HorseshineOmega HorseshineOmega Horseshine

- Joyce Concklin
"great in making coat very shiny and healthy looking!"

"I have fed Omega Horseshine to my horse for several years now.  The product does great in making her coat very shiny and healthy looking!  I also think that it helps her mane and tail to grow faster too!  I am looking forward to also trying omega products on my dog as well!"

- Suzanne M. FL
"Thanks For a Great Product!"

I have been using Omega Fields Horseshine for about two years now.  My big 12 year old gelding "Buddy" has a beautiful thick coat as a result.  He has very healthy hooves and has been unshod for 1 1/2 years now.  I am also using it on my Mo. Fox Trotter, Jake and my Rocky Mountain Horse, Frosty.  They are healthy, happy and beautiful.  Thanks for a great product!

- Debra
"The Most Noticeable Overall Glow and Vitality!"

We have three Tennessee Walking Horses, and I am actually excited to talk about the quality of Horseshine.  Of all the supplements I have ever tried, Horseshine has given us the most noticeable overall glow and vitality to our horses.  Their coats, manes, tails, hooves--everything that was fair to good is now outstanding, and general health is exceptional.  AND the difference was seen shortly after starting it.  If ever I had to cut back on any kind of supplementation, I would not cut back on Horseshine.

- Kathy N., FL
"This Product Has Definitely Helped Her Stay Young!"

I started using Omega Horseshine after I won it at a local horse show.  I absolutely love the product and would highly recommend it!  I have noticed a difference in my horse's coat and overall health.  People at my barn even noticed a difference in her!  I started at a 1/2 cup and I liked it so much she gets a cup now!  My horse is older and this product has definitely helped her stay young!

- Alaine P., PA
"Noticed a Difference In Just a Couple of Weeks!"

My horse was suffering from dry, itchy skin and was so uncomfortable that he rubbed part of his mane off.  After I did some research and found he was missing essential fatty acids in his diet, because he didn't have access to fresh grass, I started him on Omega Horseshine.  I noticed a difference in just a couple of weeks and now, after being on it for three months, his skin, coat and hooves look great.  Most importantly, he feels better.

- Pia M., OK
"Never Had Such Luxuriously Thick and Shiny Coats!"

I have used Omega Horseshine for my Welsh ponies and cobs for several years now on the advice of a successful driving competitor who is also a veterinarian.  I use it because my ponies generally get so little high quality feed to stay fit, it seems they can use a little boost for their coats.  I've raised these lovely ponies since the early 80's and never have I had such luxuriously thick and shiny coats on any of them.  Short and sleek for summer or long and fuzzy for winter, they exude good health and fitness on Omega Horseshine.


Here's a picture of Jack, Welsh Pony of Cob type, on Mother's Day with Mom abroad.  The other is our Welsh Cob filly, Silverwind Annlynn.  Glowing even through the dirt!

- Deborah W., FL
"Wouldn't Change a Thing!"

I have been feeding your Omega products to my horses for two years now and I wouldn't change a thing!  They get their daily ration of Omega Horseshine as well as Omega Nibblers.  My horses absolutely love their Nibblers and I love the wonderfully shine coats that they have because of them.  So many horse treats out there are made from inferior products and I was very happy to find your products.  I expect a lot from my horses and your Omega Nibblers make a great treat for them while they are still getting the supplement that they need.  The two horses pictured in this photo are Shalamara Acres Shamiko and Vintage Farms Romantic Rumba.  They are AMHA registered Miniature Horses and are multi champions and futurity winners, partially in thanks to your wonderful Omega Nibblers and Omega Horseshine.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

- Nickie G., WA
"Manes & Tails Growing Faster and Fuller!"

I started feeding Omega Horseshine to my two horses several years ago.  Not only do their skin and coats look great, but their manes and tails also seem to grow faster and are much fuller.  My mustang now has dapples, which he never had previous to using your product.  People often comment on how great his coat looks when we are out at shows.  I recently moved and the horses did not have their Horseshine for approximately two months, and what a difference it made!  I immediately put them back on it and now they are back to their gorgeous selves!

- Kyra Maryeski, OK
"Outstanding Products!"

I have been using Omega Horseshine and Omega Nibblers for years.  I think both products are outstanding.  My mare loves the Nibblers and I like the fact that I can break them up into smaller pieces and put them in my pocket for an always accessible treat.  They have done wonders for Pearl's feet and coat.  She is grey and even in the middle of winter, with a huge fluffy coat, dirt, and mud ground into her fur, the sun just glints off of her.  It is truly amazing.  I would also really recommend Canine Shine.  I started giving it to my dogs after having such a good experience with the Horseshine.  People (my vet included) always comment about how shiny and healthy they look.  I gave a bag to a friend who's dog was itchy and had a dull coat.  After one bag he looks like a different dog, all silky and shiny and no more itching.  Keep up the good work with your products!

- Randis Schmidt
"Hooves are stronger and coat is beautiful"

I use Omega Horseshine on my horse and love it, her hooves are stronger and she has a beautiful coat.  My horse is white and it is hard to get a nice shine to her, but after using Omega Horseshine, she shines so much, ever with a winter coat.  Thank you so much for making such a great product, at a great price too!

- Jenny Machiela
"Happy with Horseshine!"

I have been using (happily) Omega Horseshine for my horse for over a year now.  Here are a few photos of Babe that I took last weekend - take your pick!  Babe's registered name is Mardi Gras Dancer.  He is an OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred).  He will be six in February.  I adopted him from LOPE in Austin, TX in November of 2008, and I just adore him!  I can have the worst day ever and he makes it all better, just by being there.

- Anna B., TX
"Tail Drags on the Ground!"

Tag has been on Omega Horseshine for about 5 years and has a tail that drags on the ground, which is pretty unusual for an Appaloosa.  I really believe in Horseshine!

- Nancy V., IN
"Fixed Their Topline and Hoof Issues!"

I've had my horses on Omega Horseshine for about two months now.  They all look fantiastic on it!  It fixed their topline and hoof issues.

- Julie W.
"Omega Horseshine works!!!"

I write to all those out there that live with Icelandic horses.  I have three, Faxi, Urdur, and Hlyja.  They all were imported from Iceland.  These particular horses have very sensitive skin and with the coming of spring and summer they suffer tremendously with the bite of flies, mosquitoes, and other creatures.  I came across Omega Horseshine five years ago.  I gave them this product for the next three years.  I saw beautiful hooves, silky manes, and their fur was shining, but especially they didn't have the dry flaky skin that itches so badly in the summer months.  Then I decided to try another expensive product instead of Omega Horseshine.  I gave them the product for one year and I immediately noticed their hoof wall was thinner, their coats were dull, and one of them was itching badly that summer.  I was spending $160 a month on that new supplement, so I decided to stop and put them back on Omega Horseshine.  I am convinced!!!!!  In just a month the hooves look terrific again!! Their coats are like silk.  My neighbor asked me why they shine so much.  She touched the fur and said it felt like silk.  I told her about the Omega Horseshine.  I don't know about other horses, but for my Icelandics this has been so helpful against the dry skin and irritations from bugs.  Thank you for a wonderful product!  This weekend I had nothing but compliments from 40 people, when I took them to the library for an Icelandic event.  They were amazed I had no shoes on them and their feet look wonderful!


- Carmen Kuhns Tajique, NM
"I swear by Omega Horseshine..."

I swear by this product for my mare who always had skin problems!

- Victoria Wood, CO
"Beautiful long tail and coat from Omega Horseshine!"

Here is a picture of our American Saddlebred stallion, Sylvan Anacacho King.  He is 8 years old and just beautiful and kind.  We attribute the beautiful long tail and coat to the Omega Horseshine we order from you.  We tell everyone how he gets his tail and coat.  Thank you for a wonderful product!

- Linda S., CA
"23 year old retired horse is glowing and gleaming - looks like he's 12! ..."

My horse, Akzel, is soon to be 23 years old. I have officially retired him. Omega Horseshine is proving to be a wonderful addition to his supplement diet. I have used Horseshine in the past. This time Akzel is not only glowing and gleaming. He is looking years younger. Yesterday my trainer said that he looked like a 12 year old! We are doing light work and Akzel does have gorgeous conformation. So some attributes are already inherited. I do think our current success is because of the wonderful properties of Horseshine.

- Jan Fineman, MN
"Hoof that's growing in could not be any healthier...thick and firm and strong!"

I've been using Horse Shine now for almost a year on my 3 "problem feet" equine (2 mares and a Mammoth donkey jennet(! !)). Omega Horseshine was recommended by my farm-sitter who'd had amazing success with it. Amazing doesn't quite cover the results I've had...the two mares are growing healthier feet with sturdy walls. Coat condition on both has been a thing of glory...and shedding this year has been a breeze. The donkey was my real challenge...she'd been plagued with recurring White Line disease, frequent abscessing...for every good month she's had, there have been at least 3 bad ones. I, my farrier, and my vet are all stunned. The hoof that's growing in could not be any healthier...thick and firm and strong. She's now about 3 months from totally regrown feet and I'm expecting I won't be seeing anything like the problems she's had in the past.

Of my 3 girls, ASSWAN (see photo), is the shining star. Her "ear span" is 32 inches tip to tip...she is a Mammoth donkey, a great but threatened American breed (only about 5,000 in the world). These were originally bred by George Washington in order to produce big mules for his new country's agriculture needs. Interesting history, isn't it? Her name is "Asswan, The Wonder Ass" (named for my favorite city in Egypt) and my driving buddy. I've been literally blown away by what Horse Shine has done for, especially, the donkey's feet. Which need all the help they can get.

You must get these kinds of letters all the time, and rightly so. I wanted to add my appreciation for a product that, from now on, I won't be without. Many, many thanks!

- Joyce Carta, FL
"In the Best Shape Ever!"

My 28 year old Quarter Horse, Boston, has been in the best shape ever since I have started him on the Omega Horse Shine. Before, his hooves were brittle and he could barely walk on gravel. Now, he has no problem at all! Last winter, he was very thin and not very healthy looking. Ever since he has been taking the Omega Horse Shine supplement, he has been fat and his coat has been shiny all year round. I am most definitely pleased with this product and I feel that it has made a very large improvement on my horse's health. I would recommend this product to anyone. I have told many people about this product and the difference it has made in my horse. Thank you Omega Horse Shine!

- Sarah Slater, WI
"The only supplement my horses get without a doubt!"

This is the only product all of my horses eat without question. It is the only natural way we can consistently control my senior gelding's loose manure - a twelve year quest. I value the nutritional benefits, stronger hooves, and shinier dandruff-free coats. And with needing to supplement multiple horses, it's a blessing that cost is not an issue - it's the only one they all get without a doubt! I have fed your Horseshine to my five horses for several years now, and love it. Thank you for a great product!
Again thank you so much!

- Tracy
" Remarkable Recovery due to Omega Horseshine!"

I have been using Omega Horseshine for more than 8 months now (just finished my first 50 lb bag and already received my second 50 lb bag). I started giving it to my insulin-resistant horse and liked it so well that I put my other 4 horses on it a few months ago. My farrier cannot get over how good all of my horses feet are doing (all barefoot), especially the IR mare who has suffered 3 episodes of laminits in the past. The IR mare was still recuperating last summer but she was able to walk on gravel for the first time since I bought her (2004).

Below are the pictures of Tap. The first two were taken in November 2008 when she was experiencing laminitis. Note the cresty neck and the characteristic “founder” stance in the pics. This was her third episode of laminitis necessitating major changes in her diet (no grass, low NSC hay, soaked beet pulp with balanced minerals and Omega Horseshine). The last pictures were taken in May 2009 after she had been on the new diet, including Omega Horseshine, for approximately 6 months. Although she still needed to lose some additional weight, it is clear from the pictures that she has made a remarkable recovery. I have some video riding her this past fall but unfortunately, I don’t have any recent pictures showing even more improvement in her condition.

Please feel free to use whatever pics you like and my earlier endorsement of Omega Horseshine.

- Carol L. Hopkins, MO
"Glowing from the Inside OUT!"

My Rheinlander gelding was extremely sensitive to allergins and stress when I first got him -- but with the help of Omega Horseshine® he is now bump-free and literally glowing from the inside out. He radiates brilliance and good health, his mood is relaxed and stable, and his coat is dappled and shiny. Thank you so much for your excellent product -- it continues to make a huge difference in our well-being.

- Vicki Kirsch, VA
"Convinced of the Omega Benefits!"

I have used the Omega Horseshine and Omega Nibblers products for years and am very convinced of their benefits as I have stopped and started the feeding and seen the difference in my horses.

- Bill Corely, MO
"Gobbles Up Omega Horseshine!"

I just placed an order for more Omega Horseshine. My 6-year-old Half-Haflinger mare has been on one coat supplement after another since I bought her, and I think I've finally found one that we both like. Her coat is softer and redder since she's been on Horseshine, and she gobbles it up with her grain quite readily. It's more cost-effective and addresses joint health and sandcolic as well! Thank you Omega Fields!

- Lorraine Waite, CA
"Getting Shine Back!"

My mare Puff is getting her shine back. I had to go off Omega Horseshine for a while, but recently was able to buy another bag from Tractor Supply. I was happy to get Puff on Omega Horseshine again. The light is bouncing off her and her white is so shiny! And - I am already seeing new hoof growth on just 1 cup a day!

- Sarah Baker, NC
"No More Mystery Bumps!"

My horse just finished his first month on Omega Horseshine. I had previously been feeding another flax based supplement, but my gelding was still having issues with chipping feet and loads of skin issues. Since starting on your product his feet have grown out beautifully and have no chips and all of the skin issues are resolved. No mystery bumps, no fungus ect. I am hooked!! As a matter of fact I just placed my order for my next bag this morning!!
Thanks for making such a great product!!

- Jen Lydon
"Love Horseshine!"

When I first got my gelding he had a thin coat with a sparse mane and tail. I started him on Omega Horseshine and his coat grew in much thicker and his mane and tail are fuller now. Even the vet commented on how wonderful he looked. He hasn't had any skin problems or itchiness since using this product either. I put all my horses on it and now when you look out in the pasture, you are almost blinded by the sun reflecting off of their coats!

"Multiple Benefits"

This is such a versatile product. We started a mare on it for allergy support and it put such a beautiful coat on her that we started our show horse on it. It put such nice weight on him that we put both of our geriatric horses on it. Just a wonderful all around product!

"Barefoot and Loving It!"

If you would please indulge me, I would like to elaborate on my experience/testimonial for Horseshine. You know how "moms" are - we love to brag on our kids and show them off!
My AQHA gelding, Rockettes Champ - aka Jake, who is 9 has been on Horseshine for nearly a year now. The improvement and growth of his mane and tail have been wonderful. Before starting Horseshine, he had a very poor mane and tail, very hard to maintain and would break off with no real noticeable growth. Mane and tail are now longer and stronger, we don't need grooming products to brush, both are silkly smooth. He is also showing more of his coloring. He now has reddish "flea bites" or ticks that weren't there before....he's gorgeous! I got him when he was 8 and the poor guy wasn't in the best shape. Thanks to proper nutrition and Horseshine, he's a happy, healthy guy that loves to strut his stuff!

My APHA mare, Designated Debut - aka Lily, who is 3 has been on Horseshine the same time. She was in pretty good shape when I got her, but with the addition of Horseshine to her diet, her mane, tail, coat and coloring improved greatly. Her white is so white that when the sun shines on her, you just about need sunglasses due to the glare!

Also, our farrier says they both have really good, hard hooves and told me that whatever I was doing to keep doing it. They are both barefoot and loving it!

Thanks again and I am attaching a recent picture of Jake (gray gelding on the right) and Lily with her dirty knees, taken on a welcomed cool Oklahoma evening (July 5, 2009). Thought it might be easier for you to use than separate photos.

Horseshine will be part of their diet for the rest of their lives. I tell everyone about it.

Again, thank you for a great product and for choosing us for a testimonial for your product on your website.

- Pam Vetsch, OK
"Super Skin Solver"

My horse had some pretty icky skin problems and along with him being just naturally a thin skinned TB nothing else on the market, topical or oral, has ever helped till Omega Horseshine. People comment on his coat all the time and in pictures they think I have poured on gallons of coat shine products and I just reply with a smile. No more worries for by best friend! Worth every cent!

"Omega Horseshine for a Picky Eater"

Thank you for the suggestions! We decided to try a small amount of alfalfa – wet it with water, sprinkle on the Omega Horseshine with about a half cup of rolled oats on top. It took a couple of nights of not feeding her until she ate the supplement, even if it took hours. She now eats it right away, just like the other horses always have! I would love to try the horse treats too!
I do love the product and even our Ferrier remarked on the way the horse’s coats looked and that their hooves were in better condition. That says a lot especially here in Arizona where it is sooo dry and on top of low humidity our pastures are dirt and clay! Thank you again, and I continue to give your name and product info. to my friends. Thank you for your response and great product!

- Stephanie McKendrick, AZ
"Omega-3 Horseshine Gang!"

The Boys were introduced to Omega-3 Horseshine two years ago at the recommendation of a friend whose horse is I-R and Cushings because the second horse from the left is insulin resistant.

I cannot say enough good about this product. If I thought everyone's hooves were healthy "before Omega-3 Horseshine", there is no comparison to the exemplary hoof and coat condition they now all display.

My I-R horse is fortunate to never have foundered and I am sure the quality of your product and frequent trimming are keeping his hooves healthy. Even the Trimmer marvels at his great hoof quality.

I will never understand why so many folks choose to push 2-4 cups daily of blackoil sunflower seed (a bird feed high in Omega-6) into their horses, when they could feed 1/2 cup daily of the Omega-3 Horseshine, have a balanced ratio of Omega-3's to 6's, and achieve far better results!

Their thinking that 50# of BOSS is much cheaper than 20# of Omega-3 Horseshine falls "penny wise and pound foolish" as my grandmother used to say.

Hope you enjoy the picture of the "Omega-3 Horseshine Gang!"

(L-R) in the photo: The Bay Arab was 23 in April. I rescued him when he was 7 looking like a Starving Horse Poster Child. The liver chestnut is a coming 22 year old Tennessee Walker and is the horse that is insulin resistant. We have been trail riding buds since he was a coming three year old. The solid red chestnut is a coming 13 year old Tennessee Walker. The new Kid having come to live here summer, 2006. The sorrel showing mostly his rump was 15 in April and a Tennessee Walker. He has been a family member for 12-1/2 years.

I might add to the testimonial that none of these horses have ever been in the show ring. They are backyard, very experienced, trail horses. It is easy to achieve a show quality coat by adding your product to a good diet; there are four horses in my pasture to prove it! :)

Thank you very much for all your help!

- Judy Moore, TN
"'Grandpa' Benefits From Long-Term Use of Omega Horseshine"

It was back in 2006 when I wrote my first testimonial for Omega Fields Horseshine. At that time I mentioned Trooper, a horse we found in Luray, VA in November 2005 while on a mission to pick up a pony for a friend. The grim reaper was standing at his side and Trooper had already resigned himself to dying. Riddled with infections, malnourished, emaciated, and anemic, his owners actually wanted us to pay them $500 for the horse. We gave them the option of giving him to us or our calling animal control and reporting abuse and neglect. Our challenge began. Good food was the first order, along with Omega Fields Horseshine. Trooper needed healing from the inside out. Now, look at these pictures and give us your best guess of his age. What do you think -12? 15? 20? How about 36! Trooper's nickname is Grandpa because since his healing he has helped raise 3 colts. Youngsters bond quickly with him which gives Trooper purpose and a true sense of worth. Life would not be the same without this gentle man roaming the fields. Omega Fields helped with his healing and now helps maintain his health. We expect to have Trooper with us for many more years. Thank you again.

- Jeane Illsche, VA
"Grooming Business Owner Uses Omega Horseshine!"

Remington is a 7 yr old QH that is one of 12 that recieve Omega Horseshine daily and the results are noticible!! Everyone always remarks on my horse's coat being so shiny and it's the good food and Omega Shine that does it. I am a business owner of a dog grooming facility and with that everyone automatically think I am constantly grooming them with all kinds of products but I don't nor do they require it because the Omega Shine is the reason for their awesome coats not silicone or oil products!! I am a very satisfied customer and can't say enough about this product for my horses. They never have skin problems, their manes and tails are never dry and their hoofs are also complimented by my farrier. My horses look the best they ever had been since i started using Omega shine 4 yrs ago. Thanks again and thanks for such a great product!!

- Dana Patterson, SC
"Helped with Arthritis better than Glucosamine!"

My Arabian mare, Fansi, is 28 years old. The past few years her arthritis was getting worse even with being on a glucosamine joint supplement. She was on Horseshine, but only a half a cup a day. Last fall after talking with Bonnie Kraynik at Omega Fields, I increased Fansi's Horseshine to a heaping cup a day and discontinued the glucosamine. This past winter Fansi was able to move around so much better. She will be on it as long as she lives -- I love your product!

- Lois Albertson, WI
"No More Bumps!"

Hi, I just started my Arab on your Omega Horseshine product we have seen fantastic results. Spring, Fall and Summer he would be coated in itchy bumps. His previous owner had him on long term steroids, which I wanted to avoid. He went through a detox period which bettered his personality but his bumps returned making him miserable. I ran your product past my vet, he thought it couldn't hurt and gave it a thumbs up. He has been on it a few months the bumps have disappeared!!! This was a horse that his whole body would be coated and is now comfortable and happy. He waits for the Omega product to be sprinkled on his food, so I say that would be a yes on taste! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!!!!

- Mary Unruh, AZ
"Improvement in their Coats and Overall Soundness!"

We love your product – our horses have been on Horseshine for a year now and we see a huge improvement in their coats and overall soundness. We have barrel racers so they definitely put it to the test. The black mare, “Stormy”, with purple tack is 17 years old, AQHA. She went to the 4H state horse show last year and came in second in the Keyhole class. The picture of her running is at the PA Farm show complex in October 2008. She is also the horse in the showmanship class – see how she shines!!!!! The collage includes her son – “Spirit” - 7 years old – his rider is in green tack. The Haflinger Pony is 13, his name is “Scotty”. Thank you Omega Fields!

- Tammy Marsh, PA

I have been using Omega Horseshine with great success for quite awhile now!

- Leesa, Maiden Shade Ranch, CA
"Horseshine Helps 28 Year Old Mare With Arthritis..."

My 28 year old mare has arthritis, but is still doing pretty good -- which I like to attribute to the Horseshine. I want to keep her on your products.

- Lois Albertson, WI
"Product of the Year"

Omega Horseshine was chosen as a product of the year by Horse Journal, and I've always been pleased with their recommendations. I truly look forward to using Omega Horseshine.

- Bonnie Dickmann, WI
"Noticeable Improvement After Only One Week!"

My show mare, Smart Lena Playboy (barn name Jackie Lovey), injured herself when she was 18 months old which resulted in minor arthritis in her shoulders. When I started to supplement her grain with Horseshine, within a week, I began to notice her movement was more fluid and her performance showed marked improvement. I started feeding the Horseshine Antioxidant last summer and have seen a noticeable improvement in each of my horses, right down to their extraordinarily healthy hooves! I am very impressed with your product and feel fortunate to have found something that addresses so many different issues in very appetizing feedstuff.

- Pamela Barker, NM
"HUGE Believer in Omega 3 Supplementation..."

I'm currently feeding Omega Horseshine to my 17-year-old gelding Reggie and he looks AWESOME! As he’s aged, winter has been tough on him to maintain his weight to a good standard. He lives a pampered life, has his own barn, lots of space to roam, but if they are a tough keeper, you’ve still got a problem. But after having him on the product for over a year, he’s doing so well with his weight! It has been a truly amazing product! He’s soft, shiny, and looks great! I’m so pleased and a HUGE believer in Omega 3 supplementation. I’ve even seen a change in his joints! More fluid and less stiffness! Thank you!

- Christy Basile, CA
"Never Without Omega Horseshine..."

Here is a picture of my Morgan mare "Devonwood Tempest". Her glossy coat, and healthy, shiny mane and tail are a result of trying "Horseshine". Now I wouldn't be without it! I enthusiastically recommend this product to any horse owner!

- Pamela Field, CO
"Using Horseshine for 10 Years..."

I have been using the Horseshine for about 10 years and swear by it. I have recommended both Omega Horseshine and Omega Fields to many. Thanks again!

- Lu Rubink, CO
"Hooves Improved Greatly..."

First off, I want to say I love your products! My horses appearances and hooves have all improved greatly.

- Sara Prochaska, KS
"Dapples on a Black Horse"

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with your product Omega Horseshine. I have been feeding it to my horses for over a year now, and it is very palitable, even our foal eats it. They are all in their winter wollies, but you can see the shine! My half arab mare is black and she has dapples now. I have never seen dapples in a black horse before! We will continue to feed the Horseshine, it is also very affordable.

- Michelle E., CA
"Coat Shed Off Quickly"

I have never wrote about a product before, but I purchased my first 50# bag of Omega Horseshine a few weeks ago and am extremely impressed with the results on my horses. I have five horses ranging from 4 years old to 20 years. Their coats shed off quickly and have a extremely high shine to them. I highly recommend your product and will tell every one I know with horses about it.

- Mark Zivat, AL
"Best Looking Icelandic"

My horse was the BEST looking one at our annual Icelandic ride a month ago. I know it’s because of the Omega Horseshine®. Thank you for the wonderful customer service you have shown me. I will be sure to tell everyone I know and anyone else who will listen.

- Denise Terranova, MD
"Glow Comes from Within"

I have used Omega Horseshine on my show horses and it works wonders. We purchased another horse last year that had been somewhat retired out in pasture. His coat was dull and weathered as you will see in the before picture. But you will see what Omega Horseshine did for his coat and health, the glow comes from within there are no spray products on his coat to enhance it.

Only 11 weeks later he won Champion in hand.

The photo's below are of the before photo and then his coat blossomed again this year and you can see in the second attached photo, he won U.S. Sport Horse Nationals Reserve Champion in hand. This horse is 16 years old!

I love your product and will always use it, It does everything that is says it does. They are healthy and happy and have no itchy spots, the coat glows from within.

- Alexis Katz, AZ
"No More Grooming Products Needed!"

Onyx is in training now and looking great. She is shiny and we know its the Omega Horseshine®. We went out of town for training and forgot her Omega Horseshine® for over a week; then I ran out and left the rest at the other barn. We knew the difference right away. She is jumping 3ft and her dressage is coming along great. Omega Horseshine® has saved us money on grooming products also. It is better when the shine is from the inside out.

- Fran Valentine, IL
"Lived Up to All of My Expectations"

I just wanted to drop you a quick note with an update on my shire. Omega Horseshine has certainly lived up to all of my expectations. Everyone notices that Lance is now shiny and he even has dapples (just one month ago his coat was dull and there were no dapples). The new growth on his hooves is much better quality then the rest of it, unfortunately, it will take a while for the hooves to regrow, but I am confident that Lance's new feet will be much stronger and healthier.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of Lance. By the way, in his conformation photo I have not used any Show Sheen or similar products. That's how shiny he is all the time!

Thank you for your wonderful product. All 11 horses in the barn are on it and I recommend it to other horse owners every chance I get.

- Lidia Taylor, MA
"My Cushing's / IR Horse Went From Moth-Eaten to Really Shiny and Healthy"

I just started Omega Horseshine a week ago in my Cushing's/IR horse. The difference in 4 days was astounding. His moth-eatin (is that a word) looking coat that had still failed to shed out 100% improved so much I couldn't believe it. I went down one morning and found a white circle on the ground where he had laid down that night. I groomed him and the tiny little coarse hairs were coming out everywhere leaving behind a really shiny healthy coat. He has been galloping around and bucking for the past few days. He is like a new horse. I am a big believer in Omega Horseshine now.

- Suzanne, VA
"Major Results"

Hi, I have been very faithful Omega Horseshine Customer for several years now. My horses rarely go a day without it. It has been amazing. I no longer worry about sand colic like I did in years past. My horses coats, manes and tails are in such good condition! I recently switched to Omega Grande and now it is my favorite! I wanted to show you some incredible results on one particular horse. I have been rescuing horses from time to time over the years. This horse came to me in February of this year. He had been abandoned in a pasture with no grass and very little water and no shelter. His "well-meaning" owners did not know how to care for him and thought that deer corn for a 2 year old was adequate. He was unable to chew it and the first photo is evidence of his neglect. My first task with his poor baby was to stabilize him with fluids and gentle amounts of fiber. Once he was hydrated and had better gut sounds ( about 36 hours) I started him on wet beet pulp, Omega Horseshine, powdered electrolytes and a tiny amount of senior pellets. It took about a month to begin to really see him flourish and begin to show life. He had no energy, no spark in his eye. He had all but given up. The horse turned out to be an unregistered TB stallion, probably culled out of a Thoroughbred farm in nearby Ocala, Florida. He apparently went through at least 2 auctions and was most likely so thin even the kill buyers did not want him. I purchased him for 200.00 and told the previous owner that if he did not surrender him, I would most certainly make some phone calls. It took him a few hours to realize what those calls would be and he later phoned me to come get the horse. I had my trailer hooked up and was over there in 30 minutes. His name is now "Major" as in Major Undertaking or Major Improvement. He recently won an Extreme Makeover Contest on a Horse Rescue Information Network (web site). Major has now been gelded, he has had his teeth floated, shots, blood work, feet trimmed and much more. He is currently being lunged lightly with a saddle and is being ground trained with Parelli Natural Horsemanship. He is beautiful, smart and sweet. I have Omega Horseshine Grande to Thank for his life changing results!! I am certain he was full of Florida sand as a result of his constant foraging for something to eat, his coat was shot, he had rain rot and his hooves were extremely brittle, cracked and damaged. You would never know it to look at them now! He is THE picture of health!! I will be a forever Omega Horseshine Fan!!

Thanks again!

- Tanya Nutting, FL
"I Have Replaced 2 Products With Your One Product"

I came across Omega Horseshine quite by accident, while looking for something to use when my boy decided out of the blue he no longer liked SandClear. Now I have replaced 2 products with your one product. I mix the Omega Horseshine in with my horses' other supplements and carrots. My filly makes soup out of hers. So if you ever want a picture of a beautiful Friesian horse with lipsmacking Horseshine all over her big lips, just call me! It is truly a funny site to see and of course she wants to kiss or slime you! In this day and age it's hard to find companies like yours! I always tell people about Omega Horseshine. I think it is wonderful.

- Teri Williams
"Shiny Horse Award"

I have been using Omega Horseshine as part of my regular feed program for my 17-year old APHA mare, Flirtten, for the past two years. At every show, I have several people ask me what I use on my mare to make her shine. At the last show, another exhibitor passed us and said “You should win the shiny horse award.” The first time someone asked me, I had to stop and think because I have several shampoos and spray-on products and use whatever I grab when I reach into the cabinet. Then it struck me – it isn’t the shampoo I’m using – it’s the Omega Horseshine she has been consuming! Flirt is shining from the inside out. I tell everybody about this product. It is something that truly does what it says it will do, and it is reasonably priced.

Thank you for making such a great product!

- Linda Elliott, MD
"Omega Horseshine Always Remains "Nutty" "

Omega Horseshine is a great product. I have fed flax seed before, to my previous horse. The other flax starts to smell "fishy", yours always remains "nutty". Sounds strange, but something tells me the "fishy" one has gone rancid.

- Theresa Cotterell
"Shinniest Horse in the Bunch"

Here is a picture of my Pure Arabian Bailey last week at a horse Camp... he is the SHINNIEST Horse in the Bunch! : ) hehehehehe - see the SHINE on his BUTT!!!!

- Gail Shrine, FL
"Fly Allergy Relief: 3 Cups Omega Horseshine or Steroids All Fly Season?"

I heard about Omega Horseshine from my vet, she was actually prescribing it for a clients horse who had severe fly allergies. He usually had to be on steroids all fly season but this was not solving the problem and it was beginning to endanger his health. This is his first season sans shots on 3 cups of Omega Horseshine - he is hive free and looks beautiful. I tried some of hers as a conditioner and psyllium replacement as my horses hate psyllium. They love the taste of Omega Horseshine and the side benefit is the beautiful coat. Now the test will be on a horse that was recently willed to me, he has horrible feet and has foundered twice. I hope to get him on a natural trimming program, and make his declining years such that he can be a horse again (he has severe fly allergies as well). If his hooves respond half as well to Omega Horseshine as I've seen claimed by others, he may be able to be turned out by Christmas! Thanks for a great product!

- Beth Collins, CA
"Winter Coat Is Thick and Healthy"

My horse Dal is now six years old. Living in Vermont has always been a challenge as he never set a good winter coat, until this year. I started feeding Omega Horseshine to him last fall and for the first winter ever he can go outside without a blanket. His coat is thick and healthy. Thank you for your wonderful product. Dal, whose real name is Metalmarks RF McGiff, is a cross between a Belgian mare and a racking horse sire. He isn't gaited but has some of the most wonderful gaits you would ever want to sit. He stands 17.1 and 1800 pounds.

- Cat McKeen, VT
"If You Can Only Afford One Supplement – Omega Horseshine Should Be What You Try!"

I am an avid horse lover like most who own a horse, and my horses are far from “lawn ornaments”. I only own two horses, but I know that is all I can afford and can work on a regular basis! I am very much an amateur dressage rider, who keeps her horses at home in her own private paddock, which the horses stay in 24/7 – if they want out of the weather, it is their choice !

This is about one of my horses, who is ½ Thoroughbred, ¼ Belgium and ¼ Quarter Horse. Does not sound like a good cross, but he pulls it off very well and seems to have gotten the best of each of the breeds. With the exception of his hooves – he very much has a Thoroughbred hoof!

When he was about 18 months old I began having problems with him, splits and cracks in the hoof and the farrier constantly had to “mark” his hoof to help keep the splits from becoming worse. The only work at this point for my horse was on a lunge line on soft to medium ground. I knew I needed to find something to help the problem or in the next year and a half when I began riding him, it was only going to get worse.

I began some serious research to find something to help my horse out. One product kept appearing in my hunt– Omega Horseshine. This claimed not only to help with better hooves, but a shiner coat (and we all want that in the show ring!), helps as a sand colic preventative (and living in the south, sand is known!) as well as many other things! So I began looking into what was exactly in this compared to some of the other supplements on the market and was impressed. So I ordered it. I should also note here, one of the other reasons I chose Omega Horseshine was due to the review it was given by “Horse Journal” as a Product of the Year. (Which I have subscribed to for several years and know they do not allow any advertising to influence their reviews of products.)

I did not tell my farrier what I had done, because I knew the result was going to be evident in the hoof (if it worked). About 4 months after I began Omega Horseshine, I started seeing a difference myself in the coat of my horse, it was shiny and the colors of him were coming out more. I own a bay and there are a lot of bays, but how do you get yours to stand out? Allow the natural colors to come through! Most bays have either a red or golden color in them that unless they have a shiny and healthy coat you will not notice. Shortly after this, my farrier asked me what I was doing different as he was noticing a difference in the hoof. I told him – he told me to keep it up.

I had continued with Omega Horseshine for several years. Just before my horse turned 5 last year, my family had a financial set back and we had to watch where every penny went to. One of the corners I cut was I removed supplements from my horses. Within a few months, the hoof problems I had not seen in years began to return on my horse (my old farrier moved and I had began using a different one just before I stopped the Omega Horseshine, so this one had no clue of the problems I had faced when he was younger). The hooves on my horse began to get bad, I had lots of people make suggestions and some of them were inexpensive, so I tried them, only to create other issues – a hoof so tough the farrier could not trim the frog! But I still had splits and cracks. I remember one crack in a fore hoof was so bad it was into the hoof wall! I went 8 weeks not riding him in hopes of helping his hooves out (I was also concerned I would make him lame due to how bad his hooves had gotten). Nothing worked.

After a discussion with my husband, who understands the importance of riding to me, he told me to do what ever I needed to do to get the hooves back and we would make it. (I was already “paying for it” by not riding, farrier bills and impending vet bills if something did not change). It had been almost 9 months of not using Omega Horseshine so I ordered more hoped it would help. About 3 months later I have seen improvements in his hooves – no longer was there tough hooves, and the splits and cracks…They are all gone! This farrier is now asking me what I have done different!

It is winter and I do not clip until spring – so my horse looks like a fuzzy bear (the draft coming out in him!) but the difference in his winter coat is something I missed! The colors are back that were gone (no longer a dull brown, the golden color in him has returned). And his coat is SOFT! I cannot wait until I do clip him and see the nice summer coat he will end up with. I do not know if the Omega Horseshine is the reason or not, but his muscle tone “different”. I do not know how to describe it, but normally during the winter when it is cold, I do not ride as much, but the tone of muscle is not disappearing on me like it did last winter when I was not feeding Omega Horseshine. Here is hoping to a successful show season this year!

A quick note about my other horse, he is an older Arabian gelding who has wonderful hooves, but with his age, I worry about his joints. He was converted from a 75-100 mile endurance horse to a dressage horse at 15 years “young” and now has a new career change by being driven (not competitive, only pleasure). The differences with him has also improved his coat (and he is a grey!) and his joints are staying healthy! So now at 23, he is still going strong but on the Omega Horseshine I do not worry.

In the future, no matter how tight things may get, my horses will be getting Omega Horseshine! If you can only afford one supplement – this should be what you try! It works!

- D. Ahner, SC
"I Would Not Have Believed It If I Had Not Seen It With My Own Eyes!!"

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your Omega Fields' products. I started feeding Omega Horseshine on May 12th (the before pictures), and as you can see, by June 17th (the after pictures), her coat has dramatically changed. I like to call it her liquid coat because she always looks wet. I cannot believe the difference. She also had about 1 inch of new hoof growth that my horseshoer pointed out to me. He said based on what he was seeing, he too was going to put his own horses on this wonderful supplement. And as a bonus, my horse has not bleached in the sun this year. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!! Thanks again!! I'll recommend your product to everybody!!

- Julie Perkins, WI
""The Omega Family""

I started feeding Omega Horseshine several months ago to my two horses. My mare foundered a couple of years ago. I tried all kinds of low Glycemic feeds and supplements on her, but was never satisfied with the results or the cost. I now feed steamed oats (11% protein 4 % fat), Omega Horseshine, coastal hay and some alfalfa. Her hair coat is shiny, she is moving great, and she finally has normal hooves. My black gelding has always had a ruddy brown coat. He is now black with a full mane and tail. They no longer have scaly dry manes or tails. I can't say enough about Omega Horseshine. I recently started my cat on Omega Purrfect too -- and I can't wait to receive my Omega Canine Shine for my aging Australian Shepherd.

- Susan Bradshaw, TX
"Cheaper Than Mineral Oil and Bran to Flush Out Sand"

I have used Omega Horseshine for over a year now and have noticed a huge difference in the quality of all five my horses' coats -- they glisten and stay slick as if I had used Cowboy Magic. I love it and so do my horses. It also seems to help one of my horses who has a sensitive stomach. Omega Horseshine is cheaper than the cowboy ways of mineral oil and bran to flush out the sand -- you also get a lot more benefits. I can't say enough about Omega Horseshine! Thank You for producing a great product for our horses.

- Misty Behney, FL
"Chronic Rainrot Cured"

I started my horses on Omega Horseshine® this winter and have been incredibly impressed. I have turned my entire barn and all my students on to it, as well as a number of professional barns in Southern Pines, NC. We had a horse with chronic rainrot that prescription drugs would not cure.....7 days on Omega Horseshine® and she was totally cured and has been since. A very late shedding show pony also shed out within 7 days of going on Omega Horseshine®. My mare who lives out 24/7 has not faded yet this year either. I am a professional event rider who has been long-listed for the US Olympic team since 2000. I also rode and trained the eventing superstar pony "Theodore O'Connor" through the advanced level before Karen O'Connor began riding him.

- Christan Trainor, NC
"Omega Horseshine Is Absolutely the Best Value of Any Other Supplement"

I am an independent horse trainer and riding instructor. My horse "Buddy" and I currently ride in a rodeo Quadrille Team. I live in Arcadia Florida where the sun will fry a horses coat. My black horse usually has a bleached out, splotchy, dry, and frazzled coat most of the year unless I keep him stalled during the day. I prefer to let him graze 24/7 because we have great pasture, so I end up giving up his looks for proper nutrition and mental stability. I decided to try Omega Horseshine back in May 2007. Why not, since I have already tried all of the other supplements claiming to turn my horse black again. Well I also wormed him and upped his feed, and kept him in the stall because I admit I was skeptical. Well in 1 week his dry, red bleached hairs were being replaced by shiny black hairs when I groomed him.

I told all my teammates on the Arcadia All Florida Saddle Club Quadrille team, friends, and clients it was the Omega Horseshine when they asked if I had dyed my horse black or used black shoe polish and show sheen. He was gorgeous, and all I did was bathe him and trim his whiskers. I didn't even have to use showsheen because he was naturally soft and shiny.

Believe it or not I was still skeptical, so I stopped using Omega Horseshine after the 20# bag was through. Well I regretted it when he started looking bad again, until this September 2007. He has been on it again for over a month now and I haven't changed his diet, or kept him stalled. 1 month ago he was bleached out and dry. Now he is black as night and shinier than a show car. I am now convinced that Omega Horseshine is absolutely the best supplement any one can give to their horses, and it is unbelievably the best value of any other supplement. My horses will even eat Omega Horseshine alone without any feed mixed in, so it is definitely palatable. Believe it or not, sweet itch is no longer a problem, his feet look great, he keeps his weight on less feed, I don't have to use any de-sanding products, and the uncontrollable proud flesh caused by an injury that happened in may 2007 on his left back heel is starting to shrink and I am able to debris it daily with out a topical. I started my 2 horses in September on 1 cup each, and it is the middle of October and I still have at least half a 20# bag left. Omega Horseshine lasts a long time. Thank you so much for making such a great product, with results beginning at 1 week. This is a product that every horse owner should at least try, but I can't imagine anyone not being satisfied with the results.

- Melissa J. Martin, FL
"Immediate Results"

I just purchased two bags of Omega Horseshine® and already I am seeing results. I was feeding another flax seed supplement for 5 months and never saw a difference. In the short time I have been feeding Omega Horseshine®, I do see a difference. I can't wait to see the long term difference!

- Nadine Mancevice
"Another Sucess Story"

I am sending a picture of Titans Jesse James, our 16 year old APHA mare. The before picture is June 2006. The after picture is January 2007. When I got Jesse, she had just been bred and only weighed 850 lbs. Jesse was a rack of bones, with a big head! She was so sad, and we were worried that she would never be healthy enough to have another foal (her 10th). But you should see her now! Fat, healthy and happy. And it's not just the outside of her that looks good, her attitude is great, too! The baby is due any day, and I have a healthy mare. We truly believe that Omega Horseshine makes all the difference!

- Karen Comeaux, VA
"Fabulous Coat - Looks Like a Million Bucks"

I just had to let you know how happy I am with Omega Horseshine®. We’ve had our horse for 3 years now, and he has never had what I would call a good hair coat. He has always been well fed, dewormed regularly, groomed frequently but his coat would never shine. After the first bag of Omega Horseshine®, he looks like a million bucks. He went Grand Champion in halter for the first time since we’ve owned him. At the last show, people seeing him would comment on his fabulous coat! That has never happened before. Thank you for a wonderful product!

- Tammy Kettlehut, MI
"Gypsies Are Calm, Relaxed, and Happier With Omega Horseshine"

We are using Omega Horseshine for our 5 Gypsies and are very pleased with the results. My Gypsies are calm and relaxed and seem so much happier since we started supplementing them with Omega Horseshine. Can't wait to see how they look in the spring when they shed out their winter coats.

Here is my beautiful 8 year old, April Love Hawke. This picture, taken by Horses in Motion Photographer Tony DeCostain, graces the month of April in the Gypsy Cob Society Calendar. I've also enclosed a side shot of April at a horse show this summer. The other picture is Farleigh Emerald Hawke taken at the same show.

- Diane Quay, Shadowhawke Gypsies, NY
"Velvet Coats "

I just wanted to thank you. I bought my first bag of Omega Horseshine® a few months ago. My two registered Belgian Draft Horses are thriving on it! Coats like velvet and when trimmed this time, had double the normal hoof growth. This is a great product that I've recommended to all my horse friends. Great job!

- Susanne Weber
"Help For Fading Disease"

My 9 year old gelding CMK Arabian has fading disease. He is a beautiful chestnut color. All around his eyes and in some other places his pigment just went away. He looked like he had white goggles on his eyes. It was so sad and my daughter was horribly upset because the other people at shows would ask her about it all the time.

We have been using your product for about 2 or 3 months and the pigment has almost completely returned. I don't know how it works but his eyes are almost normal and all of my horses look like million dollar show horses. In a few more months after shedding starts I expect a complete recovery. It is such a drastic change in only two months, I can't believe it.

Here are Carvallo's (registered name Laar O'Hara) before and after pics. Sorry he looks so dirty ... he is a field horse and loves mud and dirt. Your product is amazing and helped my daughter with her beloved best friend. I am going to order Omega Nibblers in my next order -- as they sound neat also.

- Robin & Zena Jablonski, WA
"Help with Allergies"

Hi! I bought some Omega Horseshine® for my mare Abigail, and it seems to have helped with her allergies and general health.

- Collette Walker, IL
"24 Year Old - Before & After Photos"

Sharing before and after photos of our oldest horse (24) here at K Bar S Ranch to show just how great the OMEGA Horseshine works! Not only do all the horses look shiny -- but they all whinny when they see me coming with Omega Horseshine to put in their feed!

- Kelly Lee, K Bar S Ranch, Inc., NV
"Skin Problems Over Whole Body"

My Friesian gelding had skin problems over his whole body. Vets had seen it, but nobody knew what it was. I have tried many products to make it better, but there was never result. Now I have Omega Horseshine®. After 4 weeks my horse looks like a wonder. His skin is easy, and there are no bleeding points on it at this moment. I am very happy!!!

- Friendly greetings from Janneke Stienstra, Holland
"Sweet Itch Problems Cleared Up!"


I see your product does not have fillers...that is good. I research a lot when I choose a product. My gelding quarter horse had sweet itch according to my vet…but he is much better now. He sometimes itched the hair off of his white it's so nice. He was raw at the girth area sometimes and now he is not. He has cleared up a lot. I have been using Omega Horseshine® for a couple of months. I do give it to my mare and my colt who is 4 l/2 months old...they both look awesome...shiny. Here is the picture of my little colt. See how shiny he is after over a month of Omega Horseshine®??? He is beautiful. He had a dull coat there for awhile...but not now. I read that you must be careful about where you buy flaxseed for your horses. Some of it is not pure…but I checked your references. I can also see a difference.

- Sue Singleton, FL
" Farrier Approved"

My old cushings horse is doing great on Omega Horseshine®! The people who are taking care of him in Vermont for me are seeing the results and now want to try it on some of their horses too. I've been telling all my clients about it (I'm a farrier) and that horses with cracking feet will be helped by it.

- Lisa Simons (Farrier), CO
"Easy to Feed"

I found out about Omega Horseshine® while reading an article in John Lyons’ Perfect Horse. I was interested in the use of the flax seed on my gelding Stetson who suffers with dry, sensitive skin during the hot California summers. After a few months of using Omega Horseshine®, I saw a noticeable improvement. I was also impressed with the ease of feeding...just 1/2 cup with his feed or a few Omega Nibbler® as treats. So it was only natural...when my National Champion Morab filly, Hi Fad Diamond Tiara, arrived home…I started her on Omega Horseshine® to help her shed out quicker and maintain a shiny coat. It is important that she looks good all the time as she is promoting the wonderful Morab breed.

- Heidi Silva, Rx Morabs, CA
"Completely Satisifed Customer"

I am...a completely satisfied customer of your equine products and have been purchasing them for my horses for the past two years. I cannot begin to tell you the initial improvement I have seen in the condition of my animal within the first few weeks. I also feed Omega Horseshine® to my ranch gelding that I purchased recently. This animal looked like a train wreck when I bought him, but after adding your product to his feed it is hard to believe it is the same horse. I am beyond satisfied.

- Stacy Siebenaler
"No More Knee Problems"

A year ago we almost put our 26 year old mare down because of knee problems. Now, because of Omega Horseshine®, she is fantastic and is running - that hasn't happened in like 2-3 years. She no longer lays down for most of the day; in fact, I haven't seen her resting in at least 9 months. I will spread the word that Omega Horseshine® is outstanding.

- Jill Sheridan, TX
"Buck Naked "Glowing"! "

"I have had all three of my horses on Omega Horseshine® for about 4 months. I took them in to the vet to get health papers to take them to a show and he inquired about what my feeding program was because they all looked terrific! I proudly told him how impressed I am with Omega Horseshine® and he said he would read up on the product to recommend to other clients! I then had people stopping me on the way into the show ring at my World competition to ask what I was feeding my model horse Buck Naked (yes, that is really his name!) because he was "glowing". Just wanted to pass along that this product is fabulous... and I tell anyone who listens!"

- Amy Reynolds, TX
"Hoof Walls are 100% Better "

Just a note to let you know my eight year old Quarter horse "CD" has always had a problem with thin hoof walls and suffered from blow outs. She had also suffered a condition from birth with occasional mild diarrhea and a poor to less than average coat. Since I have begun using Omega Horseshine® she has made a 180 degree turn around. My farrier has commented that her hoof walls are 100% better and she hasn't suffered a blow out since. Her manure is normal and her coat is thick and shiny. Thanks for a product that does all it says.

My husband's 24 yr. old mare now looks and acts much younger than her years. I can tell her joints feel a lot better since she has been getting Omega Horseshine®. A very satisfied customer,

- Marie Piper, OR
"Shiny Coat, Silky Hair, Shine and Polish to Hoof Walls"

I can't wait to tell you how excited I am about your product! I went on holiday for 2 weeks during Christmas/New Year. Always when you are away from your horses for a while, and come back, you see the horse very well, more so then if you see them everyday. I really have seen a big difference in all of the horses that we put on Omega Horseshine®. Shiny coats, silky hair, shine and polish to hoof walls (healthy with moisture). I also like the digestive benefits for the horse.

- Lynn Palm (
"Our Horses + Omega Horseshine = AMAZING!"

I wanted to let you guys know at Omega Fields, how much the Omega Horseshine works for us! We went on the supplement because we live in a very dry area in California, and we do not shoe our horses. So, I researched and started using the product. Within a few weeks, our horses glistened! Our Paint horse, Alamo, was always CLEAN! We barely had to brush him and he was slick as well. Their hooves are stronger as well. We have a Champagne Buckskin (Butch Cassidy), who has a very unique coat, when the sun hits it, the gold just shimmers and people make comments all the time. I got to ride him in a 4th of July Parade and we were a hit! He was sooo shiny!

The only bad thing is that when we ran out, we couldn't find a supplier that was close, so we substituted another "gain & shine" supplement that the feed store people said was "amazing"....Uhhh...NOT! We fed our horses that "gain and shine" supplement for a couple of months and my husband & I noticed how UNSHINY they were and just really dull, back to the way they were . UGH. SO NOW, I am ONLY using Omega Horseshine and telling everyone.. even the horse forums online, because our horses just look healthier on it!

We do not "show" our horses, but we train them for the film industry and they are trick trained horses, so they HAVE to look GOOD! Thanks for the product and it needs to be EVERYWHERE!

- Maria Rockwell, CA
"Mare's Hooves in Great Condition"

I would like to tell you that I am a thrilled customer. My mare has had problems with her hooves for years; she's been more lame than not the past 2 summers. This summer her hooves have been in great condition; my farrier even commented how good they look. Please pass along my extreme satisfaction with Omega Horseshine.

- Barb Mottl, WI
"Omega Horseshine Transformed My Unhappy, Itchy Cow Pony Into a Shiny, Happy, Healthy Creature"

Here are two "before" and two "after" pictures of my 27 year old, registered American Indian Horse, "Ranger". He came to me through an auction three years ago with his skin and coat in horrible condition. His mane and tail were dry and brittle and his skin was itchy. He also suffered terribly from "sweat itch", "Queens itch" -- whatever you want to call it. The first two years I tried every store bought and home made remedy I could get my hands on, and nothing worked - he just got worse. He completely rubbed his mane and the top of his tail out, and would rather scratch then eat, he could get no relief. Then I read about Omega Horseshine. In one year, the combination of a good fly sheet and Omega Horseshine has transformed my unhappy, itchy cow pony into this shiny, happy, healthy creature you see in these pictures. He has been transformed from the inside out - his mane and tail are silky and full, his coat is full and shiny, and he itches no more. Ranger and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!!

- Kathy Lehman, DE
"Weight Gain and Better Health for 23 Year Old QH Previously Losing Weight Over a 3 Year Period"

I previously wrote a testimonial on the benefits of Omega Horseshine and want to thank you so much for the free bag you sent as a thank you. I gave that free bag to a friend who's 23 yo QH, Finn, has yet to be diagnosed with anything specific, but has been continuously losing weight over the past 3 years. Finn was beginning to look like a starvation case, his hair had thinned to almost bald, and his skin had a sticky, oily feel to it. He had been generally depressed and his overall health poor. His food and hay consumption had risen, various medication added, but there was no visible evidence anything was working for him.

Its now been a month since my friend started using Omega Horseshine and Finn has gained about 100#. His hair is growing back and his coat no longer has that sticky feel to it. Finn looks like a healthy, happy horse and actually bolted through the field towards the pony the other morning. Listening to her relate that story made me feel so good inside. You see my friend has leukemia and is not well herself. Watching her heart-and-soul horse fade away was making her sicker. So Omega Horseshine has done a fabulous job for both my friend's health and for Finn. God bless you!

- Jeane Illsche, Three Quarters Farm, VA
"A Picture Worth a Thousand Words"

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these photos of my Friesian gelding Gunnar say it all about how wonderful Omega Horseshine is. Even with a lb. of red clay in his coat, you simply cannot dull the shine that radiates from the inside. Many people have commented on his magnificent coat and flint hard hooves. The psyllium as a sand colic preventive is an added blessing that gives me peace of mind. Thank you for your wonderful product. I am now going to try getting my barn to order it for all the horses.

- Leslie Berro, NC
"Better Than Plain Ground Flax Seed "

I have used plain ground flax seed for years and have always done very well because of it. I have a horse that injured herself very badly and was scratching. I was giving her a hoof supplement and a couple other supplements. I went in to TSC not too long ago and they were putting Omega Horseshine® on the shelf -- so I bought it and figured I was going to be pouring more money down the drain. Much to my surprise -- WOW! -- my horse is healing great and her hooves have never been in this great of shape! Thanks for such a great product.

- Jennifer Hill, Master Farrier, TX
"Beautiful Coat All Year "

I feed my 8 year-old gelding Omega Horseshine® and I just wanted to send you a couple of before and after pictures of him. The "before" picture was taken just before I bought him in April. The "after" picture was taken in June, just two months later. You can already see the huge difference in his coat in just two months. Domino is still fed Omega Horseshine® every day and his coat is beautiful, even in his winter fuzzies. Thank you for such a great product!

- Lori Wright, CA
"Money & Allergy Saving "

Hi, I have been using your product for 4 years now. I use Omega Horseshine® from March through September, because of the bugs during that time of year. My husband's gelding, Mac, had vet bills piling up because of an allergic reaction that manifested as puss-filled sores/bites. After antibiotics, ointments, sprays, and finally a biopsy, the final recommendation, after several months of trying different treatments, was to use more fly spray! (unhealthy if the immune system is already stressed out). It just didn't feel right to me. Poor guy had scars from prior bouts before we had him. So I did some searching and found Omega Horseshine®. What a savior! Mac no longer suffers allergic reactions and his coat and feet are in beautiful condition. Thank you for a money saving, allergy saving product!! You are the BEST! I tell everyone about Omega Horseshine®. Thanks,

- Jen Fix, CA
"Sparkling Golden Color "

A few months ago, I bought my first bag of your Omega Horseshine® product to help our Tennessee Walker filly grow some heal and also to enhance our palomino stallion's coat since he is used for showing. The results have been fantastic!!! We had tried several other products (much more expense!), but had no results. After about five weeks of using your product, our filly went from being flat footed to having a nice, healthy, normal heal!! The next time our farrier came, he couldn't believe the results and we were able to avoid the need for corrective shoeing!!

Our Tennessee Walking Stallion's coat is now a beautiful sparkling golden palomino color and is having much success in the show ring as he won the model and color classes we competed in two weeks ago! Since my stallion is turned out 24/7, it was always a struggle to maintain his golden palomino color. Thanks to Omega Horseshine® this is no longer a problem and his coat is as golden as ever. Since we had such much success with Omega Horseshine®, we started giving it to our other two horses!

Attached is a picture of my stallion, Ivory Pal, taken at a show two weeks ago. Notice the sparkling golden color of his coat after only 2.5 months on Omega Horseshine®.

- Rafael Valle, Ivory Knoll Ranch, Citra, FL
"Chipping and Wearing-Down Feet Now in Excellent Condition"

My new little mare's feet weren't the greatest, chipping and wearing down. After a year on Omega Horseshine, her foot grew out and she no longer needs metal shoes all the time. I do put boots on her front feet if I am trail riding, but her feet are in excellent condition. I have two friends who also swear by Omega Horseshine, both had horses with allergy problems that cleared up within a few weeks. Not only are you putting out an awesome product, you have a awesome customer service! Thank you Omega Fields for making health care for our horses so much simpler and affordable! A grateful client,

- Jen Fix, CA
"Horse's Hooves Brought Back to Optimum ..."

The condition of my mare’s hooves went downhill after I purchased her a year + ago. Perla, my 5 year old Tennessee Walker mare, was in a show barn with high-quality feed/supplements but then was stabled in a training barn with timothy grass. The barn owner said she would be OK with that feed; however, her hooves were not ok -- as they chipped and had actual penny to dime-sized holes in them from the rocks in the paddock - she even lost a shoe.

I started her on Omega Horseshine and the difference was notable. She eats it best with apple sauce or just plain water to moisten the feed a bit -- per your suggestion. Either way -- she eats it all so nothing is wasted. I alternate with the Omega Nibblers and she enjoys those as well – even considers them a tasty treat. She goes to the supplement bucket BEFORE eating her hay. Perla and I are riding forest trails, coastal beaches and participating in poker rides. She appears to be taking everything in stride with no hoof damage. Thanks for bringing my horse’s hooves back to optimum and keeping her coat/mane/tail looking luxurious! PS. She wasn’t wet in the wash rack picture -- that is her normal shine!

- Marilyn Thorp, OR
"Omega Horseshine® is the One and ONLY Product That Has Worked"

I have to write and tell you how thrilled I am with Omega Horseshine®. I breed, raise and train miniatures horses and have a fair amount of minis to feed. After two weeks of being on the product, I saw noticeable improvement in their coats! With Miniatures having a lot of hair (three times the coat of large horses) they are very prone to skin disorders and fungus. I had a couple of them in my herd that I had been treating topically with different treatments with little or no success.

My breeding stallion was so itchy that he was literally knocking down my fence trying to scratch himself! He had rubbed off most of his mane and forelock, and had a lot of scaly dead skin. I use some of the best feeds and vitamins on the market for horses and the choicest hays, but still had skin problems arise. After a few weeks on Omega Horseshine®, a lot of the bald patches cleared up and I noticed that my stallion was no longer trying to "lay" on the fence and his coat took on a nice glow.

A broodmare that I owned had quite a few fungus spots that seemed to be disappearing and you could actually see new hair growing in!

The best testimonial was my pet Miniature donkey that I have owned for twelve years. This was the first time I was able to get her coat to shine as it was usually lifeless and dull...she used to look like an old carpet. No more -- she now has a wonderful sheen to her coat. Omega Horseshine® is the one and ONLY product that has worked for her!

I have passed the word on to fellow Miniature horse breeders from around the country that I show with....Royal Oak Farm in Florida now uses your Omega Horseshine® and loves it, they have thanked me over and over for telling them about it. I don't usually take the time to write in a testimonial about products, but this is one of the first products I feel so strongly about, that I had to write and tell you how wonderful it is!

I am interested in future data about how Omega-3 is helping breeding and fertility problems in horses, I see there has been some research with canines in that area and it appears to be helping. As a breeder, this information would be greatly appreciated.

- Rosie Curtis, Lucky Rose Ranch Miniature Horses, WI
"No More Worries About Sand Colic"

I purchased a bag of Omega Horseshine at our last IQHA Charity Trail Ride auction, and was pleasantly surprised at all of the added health benefits your product offers. Since we recently built an indoor arena with sand footing. I was concerned about our 19 year old arthritic mare "Kate" ingesting sand while being housed in the arena. Kate was switched to Omega Horseshine from a psyllium product I was using for sand removal. I no longer have to worry about sand colic with the Omega Horseshine and our horses get the added benefits of ground Flax.

- Roxanne Swygart, Gold Coast Horse and Hay, IN
"Improved Mobility "

Five months ago we began giving two elderly horses (one 35 year old and the other 34 years old) the Omega Horseshine® twice a day. It has been really amazing to watch the improvement in the way they move and get around. It took almost two months to begin to see a difference, but it is quite apparent now after five months treatment.

These horses, of course, previously were really stiff and had difficulty moving about, but now they run from the pasture to the barn at feeding time. Their coats look so much better than previously, really shiny as opposed to dull. Nowadays they usually get down and roll at least once a day, whereas previously they were afraid to do it because they would not have been able to get back up. If I hadn't seen these dramatic results with my own eyes, I would not have believed it!!

We have been using the flax on a couple of our other horses for about a month. We think it is really worthwhile to give it to them. They are both about 14-15 years old, and we think by starting them on it now will help prolong their health. It will, also, prevent their joints from getting stiff and sore. We were just so excited to see the old guys getting around so much better that I had to let you know the results we had gotten.

- Pat Costin, (Disaster Recovery Specialist)
"Results That Top All Success Stores "


I have before and after pictures of my horse, Captain Smoky Black, that will top all success stories. He was in bad shape -- so thin with a dull and furry coat -- when I first got him. Thirty days after Omega Horseshine® and good feed, my horse looked super great and shiny. He came a long way in a short time. Ninety days later, after feeding him well and giving him one to two cups of Omega Horseshine® every day, he looked even more wonderful with an unbelievable shine. He bloomed into such a shiny healthy horse -- isn’t he awesome? What a change in him!!! Everywhere we go, I get so many compliments on what a beautiful looking horse he is. Thank you!

- Sue Singleton, FL
"Fast Acting "

Just a quick note to tell you how amazed I am...I have only been using Omega Horseshine® for about five days and already my horses are GLOWING! They are all filthy dirty but their coats are gleaming even through the dirt! I knewOmega Horseshine® would benefit the coat, but I am astounded at how FAST it appears to be working. Of course I am using it for other reasons, but what a nice side benefit!

- Robyn Chilleen-Mei, AZ
"Very Economical with Immediate Results"

I wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much my family loves your horse products. With four horses to feed, supplements can get really expensive. Omega Horseshine® is not only very economical, it provides immediate results!! We bought a six year old quarter horse in February who had had a poor diet. Needless to say, his coat was very long and very brittle, and his hooves were terrible!! I thought it would take at least one year to grow them out. Within two weeks, his coat started to gloss up, and in spring it shed out to a bright, glossy chestnut. His hooves have completely grown out in seven months are strong and crack free!! I recommend your product to anyone who asks what we feed our horses. Thank you for a great product!!

- Kimberly Ret, OH
"Shiniest Horse in Corral"

I have been happy with the Omega Horseshine®. It has been working fine on both of my horses. In fact I gave My 17 year old horse Sulky a bath and someone told me the he was the shiniest horse in the corrals and some said it is because he is wet when in fact he was dry. He looks very good as you can see by the picture. The other picture is Maize, my 2-1/2 year old. she is a full quarter horse sorrel. Her coat is shiny and soft since I have been using Omega Horseshine® for the last six months. Thanks for a good product. I love Omega Horseshine® and am trying to get other people to use it. Thanks!

- Chris Callahan, NV
"Natural Shine"

Hi. Just wanted to drop a line to tell you what a wonderful product Omega Horseshine® is. I have been using it for 2 years now (through Smart Pak Equine). My friend and I recently went together and purchased a 50 lb bag. We are feeding it to 6 horses daily and are seeing some great results in the ones that just started it. I was recently "accused" of using baby oil and show sheen to make my horse so shiny in his picture. Not so!! All I had done was bathe him and feed him his regular diet. Oh, and lots of brushing too. Thank you!

- Tanya Nutting, FL
"Extra Edge in Health and Vitality"

I have been using Omega Horseshine® for nearly 2 years now. Here is a picture of my mare, Summer (registered name is Summer’s Fancy) and me at our first horse show. I believe the Omega Horseshine® gives all my horses an extra edge in health and vitality, which shows in their appearance. I love Omega Horseshine® and can't imagine ever feeding without it.I also call my horse… Miss Thang... can you tell from the pic that she thought being in a horse show was a good idea? Showoff. :) I also began taking Mega Omega® earlier this year, with great results! Thank You!

- Laurie Brander, AZ
"Profuse Amount of Lovely Mane and Tail..."

This is 3 years old Friesian/Morgan cross at his first show being shown "in-hand". He glows and is clearly on an optimal diet. His coat is beautiful and he has a profuse amount of mane/tail which also looks lovely. Luther always looks forward to his Omega Horseshine® as it is very palatable. Thank you so much!

- Page E. Lee, MN
"- Jeane Illsche, VA Show Stopper"


Hi, I just returned from exhibiting my three-year-old Mountain Pleasure Horse Gelding. He was only in the display stall for the last 90 minutes as the event was winding down to close but in that time I had three people stop and comment about his condition and ask or speculate about what contributed to such fine condition. One man said this must be a "daily wormer" horse. (No, Omega Horseshine®!) A woman from a nearby booth, who was selling a line of nutritional supplements, asked what I was supplementing and when I told her she said, "of course - essential fatty acids." Another man stopped, looked him over and said, "your horse is in great condition, what do you feed him?" My horse is on no special diet. He gets pasture grass, a little timothy hay, sweet feed from a local mill and Omega Horseshine®. We are very pleased with the results of supplementing with Omega Horseshine® for only about six weeks!

- Cyd Blakeslee, PA
"Absolutely Amazing Results"

We have been using Omega Horseshine® for about 5 years now. The results have been absolutely amazing. We give the product to all our horses and their health, coat and general well-being have been outstanding. We recently accepted a foster horse for a local no-kill shelter that does not take in horses, but Maxwell was part of 102 animals (89 dogs, 12 cats and Maxwell) left behind when his owner died in late August. Maxwell was a mystery to a lot of folks because he never had fencing or a barn and just wandered the property. How he survived all those years is beyond us. When Maxwell came here he was considerably depressed. Once the good nutrition, foot care, and Omega Horseshine® took affect, he became a different horse and is now quite spry for a 26 year old! (picture attached).

Then came Trooper. That was not his name when we rescued him - a neglect/starvation case with lots of medical issues. Trooper was in much worse shape than Maxwell - about 400# underweight, anemic, rain rot covering his body, feet falling in pieces, eye infections, and the list goes on. Once again with good nutrition and Omega Horseshine® - Trooper is well on the road to recovery. He has 'spunk' and determination. Both Maxwell and Trooper are Appendix Quarter Horses.

I am so confident in your product I gave it to 2 friends and they are now using Omega Horseshine® on a regular basis with their horses.

I've also included a photo of 3 of our other horses. You can see for yourself how great they look. From left to right they are Sheridan (age 8), Peaches (age 5) and Virgil (age 20). They also send their thanks for your great product.

- Jeane Illsche, VA
"Better and Cheaper than Biotin "

My 11 year old Tennesse Walker’s coat is great and all the lumps he had on his back are gone. Like I told you, the vet could not help me, he did not know what they were. They would crust up then go back into lumps, which he had for almost three years. They would not go away. After having Caesar on Omega Horseshine® for seven months, they were gone. He had seven on one side and five on the other, on the saddle area.

He also would roll only half the way over in the pasture and now he rolls all the way over. I can tell he has better movement. Ceasar was on biotin pellets. I had him on the Omega Horseshine® only for the past 6 months. His hoof growth is just as good or even a little better. And let me say, it is much cheaper to give than the biotin. Thank you again for and affordable product, with which we are so pleased. We have several black horses in the barn and Caesar is by far the shiniest kid on the block.

- Hilma Beuchert, PA
"Helped Bring Horse Out of Serious Founder "

I don't know that there is no substitute for Omega Horseshine®, but IMO it's got just what the horse needs, the smattering of minerals added are the right ones, it's ready-to-eat, and the flax is fortified so it won't go rancid quickly. Fifty lbs lasts me for more than three months (for four horses), and there's never a worry about its freshness. The capper is the beautiful coat these guys develop. To illustrate, here's a shot of Luke (a.k.a. Clasico's Lucero del Reino) getting a rare break in the field without a muzzle. Their barn names are Luke and Ari, their pedigree names are Clasico's Lucero del Reino (gelding) and Northfield Arrillaga (mare). Luke is 16 and Ari is 24, both Paso Finos, both 14 hh and about 900 lbs. They have been barefoot all their lives, and are fed only well-soaked timothy with selected mineral supplements, on top of two ounces of Omega Horseshine® each per day. That's been their nutrition story for about six years now. They are in the pink of condition. The nutritive value of Omega Horseshine®, originally recommended to me by Eleanor Kellon, DVM, helped bring Ari out of a serious founder six years ago.

- Walt Friedrich, PA
"New Hoof Growth, Increased Energy, Shining Coat, NO Colic"

I have been using Omega Horseshine® for about a year now and have seen remarkable results in my both my horses (ages 24 and 4). They are turned out together (so I have to feed them the same) yet they have very different needs. Omega Horseshine® is a very natural and healthy supplement that has allowed me to successfully and safely address the needs of both my horses (no matter their age or condition). I have seen new hoof growth, increased energy, shining coats – and no colic since beginning the new supplements. The extra benefit is the affordable price! I have been very happy with the results. Thanks so much Omega Fields®!

- Frankie Evans, TX
"Mysterious Sores Gone For Good "

For three years my Tennessee Walker, Ceasar, had twelve sores on the saddle area that would not go away. They would crust up, then go back into lumps - my vet did not know what they were. After seven months on Omega Horseshine® -- they were gone! He as better movement too -- now he rolls all the way over in the pasture, instead of only rolling half the way over. He’s also the shiniest black horse in the barn! Thank you for an affordable product that works.

- Hilma Beuchert, PA
"Goldie's Best-Looking Summer Coat Ever!"

Just wanted to send you the newest picture of Goldie. This is the best his coat has ever looked for summer!!!

- Melissa Elkin, OH
Q: Why is the balance of essential fats in flax so natural for horses? A: Many equine natural-nutrition experts recommend that horses should eat fats in amounts and types that mimic their ancestral diet. The natural equine diet of a mixture of fresh grasses is extremely low in fat, with the naturally occurring fat predominantly Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acid levels in fresh grasses are at 4:1 (Omega-3 to Omega-6). Ground flax seed has Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels that are the closest to fresh grasses. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels in flax seed run at least 4:1, often even higher. Omega Horseshine® contains 35% crude fat and has a 39% Carbohydrate level with a NSC level of 4.4% (Starch .6% and Sugar 3.8%). It is one of the most natural and healthy ways to supplement Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fats in animals. The recommended amount of Omega Horseshine is 1/2 to 1 cup per day to ensure sufficient Omega-3 in the diet. Omega Stabilized Rice Bran is all Omega-6 essential fat with no Omega-3's at all.

Detailed Description of Omega Horseshine®

Omega Horseshine® contains the best premium, stabilized ground flax base enhanced with a very small percentage of a blend of biotin, yeast (probiotic), oats (antioxidant), vitamins, and chelated minerals.When proper nutrition is present for the horse's body, the horse is better able to assimilate and utilize the Omega-3 essential fatty acid oil in the flax seed much more efficiently. The naturally occurring shorter chained Omega-3s in flax --Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) -- can be converted by the body into the longer chained Omega-3s -- Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) -- when the proper nutrition is present. The Omega Horseshine® formula helps assure that the proper nutrition is present for maximum Omega-3 conversion. Thus, the horse has the full spectrum of Omega-3s available for optimum health. This translates into increased visible health benefits for your horses -- than they would experience when supplementing with just the ground flax seed. As with anything new you add to your horse's diet, always start out slowly -- 1 tbsp the first day and so on till you reach the 1/2 cup for the first week. Then you can go right up to 1 - 2 - 3 - or 4 cups per day -- depending on the condition of your horse and the amount of Omega-6 in the diet.

Detailed Description of Omega Stabilized Rice Bran:

Omega Stabilized Rice Bran is a convenient, stabilized source of high energy and Vitamin E supplement for the diets of your show and performance horses, as well as your young growing horses. The dietary fat in Omega Stabilized Rice Bran functions as a calorie-rich supplement that helps horses meet their energy requirements. It also serves as an additional energy source that does not require feeding more grain in the diet. The additional calories provided by Omega Stabilized Rice Bran can increase the number of calories per pound of the diet. Therefore, it can replace the amount of grain that must be fed to maintain top condition – reducing the chance of colic associated with overfeeding grain. All natural (no chemical additives or preservatives). Your horse gets 2.25 times the energy per/unit weight compared to carbohydrates. Digestible Energy = 2,400 Kcal/lb.

The addition of Omega Stabilized Rice Bran during the winter or for hard-working horses can be be a positive thing -- as long as your horses are not overweight to begin with. It is a wonderful source of calories and super charged antioxidants -- much better than adding grains to the diet for extra calories! Rice bran is one of the safer fats. The thing with rice bran, as listed above, is that it is all Omega-6 essential fat with no Omega-3 -- that's why you would definitely want to give more Omega Horseshine if you're adding rice bran to the diet. It will help keep the ratio of essential fats within the recommended range of 1:1 (Omega-6 to Omega-3) -- which is what is recommended for animals and people by the majority of essential fatty acid nutritional experts.

We do know from the many experts on the Cushings/Insulin Resistance Yahoo Group (co-owned and co-monitored by Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD) that rice bran is not recommended for horses that are metabolically challenged such as IR or Cushings. Stabilized ground flax, however, is recommended for them. Flax actually helps with the digestion and helps animals keep weight on. If your horses are not metabolically challenged -- they could benefit from the addition of stabilized rice bran to the diet.

Recommended Usage (Approximately 3 cups = 1 pound):

• Feed 1 lb. per head/day with 2.5 lbs. per/day of hay for a maintenance diet for a 1,000 to 1,200 lb horse.

• Feed .5 lbs. per head/day with 2 lbs. per/day of hay for foals under 1 year.

• Feed 1.5 lbs. per head/day with 3.5 lbs. per/day of hay for lactating mares and breeding stallions.

• Feed 2 lbs. per head/day with 4/5 lbs. per/day of hay for performance.

• Grain rations may be cut by 2/3 after a short time of feeding Omega Stabilized Rice Bran.

Bottom Line: Depending on the amount of rice bran you decide to feed, or not, you will need to adjust the amount of Omega Horseshine accordingly -- to keep the correct balance of essential fats at a recommended ratio of 1:1 in the diet. Therefore, if you are feeding 1 lb of rice bran per day for your horses, you would want to supplement with at least 2 to 3 cups of Omega Horseshine as well.
Q: What is the difference between Omega Horseshine, Omega Antioxidant, and Omega GRANDE?

A: Thank you for your email and your question concerning the comparison of Omega Horseshine, Omega Antioxidant, and Omega GRANDE. Good for you that you are always looking to provide the best for your horses! Please see descriptions of Omega Horseshine, Omega Antioxidant, and Omega GRANDE. This way you can make your best informed decision.

1.) Description of Omega Horseshine®
Omega Horseshine® contains the best premium, stabilized ground flax base enhanced with a small percentage of a blend of biotin, yeast (probiotic), oats (antioxidant), vitamins, and chelated minerals. Omega Horseshine is to be considered a powerful Omega-3 supplement (approx 28,000 mg Omega-3 per 1 cup serving!). It is not a vitamin, mineral, or biotin supplement by any means. The small amount of ingredients (other than stabilized flax) in the formula actually works to promote best absorption of nutrition when the flax is being metabolized. When proper nutrition is present for the horse's body, the horse is better able to assimilate and utilize the Omega-3 essential fatty acid oil in the flax seed much more efficiently. The naturally occurring shorter chained Omega-3s in flax --Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) -- can more effectively be converted by the body into the longer chained Omega-3s -- Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) -- when the proper nutritional support is present. The Omega Horseshine® formula helps assure that the proper nutritional support is present. Thus, the horse has the full spectrum of Omega-3s available for optimum health. Omega Horseshine can also be used as an alternative for psyllium to prevent sand colic. It is readily accepted by horses and is easy to serve.

Ingredients: Stabilized Ground Flax Seed, Yeast Culture (Diamond V Yeast), Ground Oats, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Copper Sulfate, Folic Acid, Niacinamide, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), Biotin, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Riboflavin and Thiamine. Note: The recommended amount of Omega Horseshine for a 1,000 - 1,200 lb horse would be 1/2 cup to 1 cup per day.

Additional info online:

2.) Description of Omega Antioxidant
Omega Antioxidant is an Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 plant-based and Vitamin-based Antioxidant supplement for health, well-being, and longevity of all breeds of horses -- it is the next step up from Omega Horseshine®.

Omega Antioxidant contains the best premium, stabilized ground flaxseed, a synergistic blend of six all-natural antioxidants found in ground grain sorghum -- Lignans, Catechins, Quercetin, Taxifolin, Phytosterols, and Tocopherols -- with Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12. It is formulated to extend the longevity of your horse's active life by protecting against debilitating diseases. Two-thirds cup to one and one-third cups is the recommended daily maintenance amount for Omega Antioxidant (approximately 200 each 2/3 cup servings in a 50 lb. bag).

Omega Antioxidant contains a base of Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure, Stabilized, Ground, Fortified Flax to provide Omega-3 (LNA). About one half of LNA is utilized by the skin and coat (for health and shine), and the rest is used for muscles and modulating the immune system to prevent hyper-immune disorders, heart arrhythmia and excess platelet aggregation. This base of Stabilized Flax is blended with the special variety of high-antioxidant ground grain sorghum seed which we contract for. Premium sorghum is a rich source of polyphenol (plant-based) anti-oxidizing power. Polyphenols also act to regenerate Vitamin E after it becomes oxidized.

Since numerous forms of free radicals are produced in an animals' body, it makes sense to supplement your horse's diet with the wide range of antioxidants found in Omega Antioxidant. Per serving, the special synergistic variety of natural antioxidants contains more polyphenol anti-oxidizing power than chemical-based antioxidant ingredients. Scientific studies have indicated that antioxidants are most effective and safest when combined in a team effort -- they may help in preventing debilitating disease.

Ingredients: Stabilized Ground Flax Seed, Ground Grain Sorghum, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E Supplement, Folic Acid, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), Vitamin B-12 Supplement.

Additional info online:

3.) Description of Omega GRANDE®
Omega GRANDE® – the COMPLETE equine supplement -- is formulated to provide the recommended daily essential vitamins and minerals (custom-formulated and blended mix) required for performance horses with the added benefits of stabilized, super anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids from ground flaxseed (approx 27,396 mg Omega-3 per 1-1/2 cup serving!), stabilized rice bran & ground grain sorghum seed (two powerful plant-based antioxidants high in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) to help build a strong immune system), Diamond V® Yeast (effective probiotic as an aid for digestion), biotin, and a custom-formulated vitamin/mineral mix. Omega GRANDE does not contain any corn or wheat. When the body has proper functional nutrition, in the right balance -- the level of cell membrane integrity improves -- thus improving the level of optimal health. Omega GRANDE® eliminates the need for extra supplementation and can also be used as an alternative for psyllium to prevent sand colic. Omega GRANDE® is readily accepted by horses and is easy to serve. Omega GRANDE does not contain any processed grain by-products or molasses.

Ingredients: Stabilized Ground Flaxseed, Stabilized Rice Bran, Ground Grain Sorghum, Diamond V Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E Supplement, Iron Polysaccharide Complex, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Polysaccharide Complex, Biotin, Sodium Selenite, Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Calcium Iodate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6)

Note: The recommended amount of Omega GRANDE for your 1000 - 1,200 lb horse would be 1-1/2 cups (3 scoops - scoop enclosed) per day. Biotin content = 5.0 mg.

Additional info online:

Bottom Line Recommendation

Any of Omega Fields' three premium products would be an excellent choice for your horse! I always tell people -- Omega Horseshine is our most basic supplement, the next step up would be Omega Antioxidant, and if you're looking for a COMPLETE equine supplement that does it all, that would be Omega GRANDE! It really depends on what you are looking for for your horses!

Please keep in mind that these are only our feeding suggestions or recommendations. We believe it is always advisable to check with your equine nutritionist or your veterinarian concerning dietary changes you are considering for your horses.

Q: I am having a little difficulty figuring out the exact selenium amount my horse would be getting from 1 cup of the Omega Horseshine. I realize it is probably minimal, but I am unsure how to figure mg of selenium provided in 1 cup from the ppm amount listed (1.90). - Brittney

A: When fed as recommended Omega Horseshine accounts for a very small percentage of the total weight of the average daily feed intake of the horse. Omega Horseshine® has Selenium listed as 1.90 ppm, as you know -- so it is not considered a high source. Omega Horseshine is a supplement -- not a complete feed. Therefore, it is important to look at the total selenium of the horse’s whole diet. If the overall selenium of your horse’s feed and forage is very high, we recommend discussing this with your veterinarian or an equine nutritionist.

The answer to your question as to how much selenium would be in a 1 cup serving of Omega Horseshine® is provided by our expert consultant, Dr. Doug Bibus, PhD: "Ppm refers to 1ug per 1g or 1mg per 1000g or 1 part per million. So for 100g of product (approximately one cup) the horse would be getting .190 mg of selenium."

Q: I would like to purchase the Omega Horseshine and try it on my new horse that I just purchased about a month ago. I have found, however, that he can be picky on trying new things. Would you have a small sample that I could try with him before I go and buy a 20 lb or 50 lb bag? If you could I would be more than grateful. Or, if you have a smaller bag, I wouldn't mind purchasing a 5 lb bag.

A: It is not our policy to send out product samples. The smallest retail size of Omega Horseshine® is the 4.5 lb pouch. You don't need to worry about trying a 20 lb bag because all of our products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Fellow horse owners with "picky eaters" have successfully mixed Omega Horseshine® with one or more of the following: water, apple butter, apple sauce, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, baby food, carrot juice, molasses -- to create a tasty, nutritious mash their horses love. Another alternative might be to order Omega Nibblers® treats to use as a supplement for your picky eater. Omega Nibblers® (horse treats made with the highest percentage of flax -- almost 50%!) are the most convenient and enjoyable way our customers have found to supplement their horses (especially the "picky eaters") with the benefits of Omega-3 / fiber. Just 15 to 30 treats per day is the equivalent amount to Omega Horseshine's recommendation of 1/2 to 1 cup per day). They come in a 3.5 lb pouch or a 15 lb box.

Q: Will the Omega Horseshine work well enough keeping weight on? Will the Omega Horseshine increase his energy level too much? He already has plenty of energy and does, in fact, tend to be a bit high-strung. He gets grass hay 3 times a day with a small amount of Equine Senior in the evening. He also receives a joint supplement and Quiessence as a calming supplement. I am thinking that I can replace Cocosoya (Uckele) - skin, coat and weight gain, and Horse-Shoe (Finish Line) - hooves -- with Omega Horseshine and get the same benefits (the money I'll save will be MOST appreciated).

A: You are correct, by supplementing with Omega Horseshine you will be able to meet your horse's Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acid needs. Omega Horseshine can replace the Cocosoya, Horse-Shoe, and the joint supplement -- and will work well with the other supplement and feeds you outlined in your email.

Following is an explanation:
Omega Horseshine has been reported, by our customers, to alleviate their horses' problems with skin and coat, hooves, hyperactivity and joint inflammation. Omega Horseshine is an all-natural, Omega-3, stabilized flax supplement intended for the health and well-being of all breeds of horses (18.5% Omega-3, 6.0% Omega-6, and 6.0% Omega-9). Omega Horseshine contains the best premium, stabilized ground flax enhanced with a very small percentage of oats (antioxidant), yeast (probiotic), vitamins, minerals, and biotin. This small percentage of ingredients are meant to enhance the nutritional benefits of the flax, but are no way meant to be the recommended daily amounts. One-half cup to one cup is the recommended daily maintenance amount for Omega />
Omega-3 deficiencies can show up as problems with dry, itchy skin, allergies, joint inflammation pain, poor hoof growth, hyperactivity, inability to keep weight on, etc. Our customers who have experienced these problems (or similar distressful problems) have shared their successes with us. They agree that the horse needs to get a higher dosage every day for the short term in order to overcome the Omega-3 deficiency in their system -- at least 1, 2 or 3 cups of Omega Horseshine® per day, for the short term, until the symptoms/condition are alleviated. Then, you can go back down to what will be the maintenance amount for your horse, for the long term. You don't have to keep supplementing at the high level for the long term.

FDA laboratory studies, concerning the safety of Omega Fields' stabilized ground flaxseed (the base of Omega Horseshine), have proven that our stabilized ground flaxseed fed at 20%, 30% and even 40% of the diet did not have any detrimental effects. You don't have to worry with Omega Horseshine, since the amounts we recommend (even at 2 - 3 cup levels) is no where near 40% of your horse's total diet. Please keep in mind that this testing was done on our specific stabilized ground flaxseed -- so we cannot speak for the safety of other ground flaxseed products -- you would have to ask the manufacturer for their safety testing records. Also keep in mind that Omega Horseshine is the only flax based horse supplement on the market that has a 12 month freshness guarantee!

The stabilized ground flax used in Omega Horseshine is very high in Omega-3 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids with a small amount of Omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. This makes it ideal because it is heavily tipped in favor of the Omega-3 essential fatty acids your horse's diet is missing. Also essential fatty acids are the first fats that are used by the body because they are essential to the working of the body -- the outer layer of every cell in the body is made up of essential fatty acids. Omega-3 is a very usable energy and has a calming effect. Omega Horseshine, with it's high Omega-3 content -- is a natural calmer. When the body has proper functional nutrition, in the right balance -- the level of optimal whole-body health improves.

Cocosoya's ingredient list: Soybean oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E supplement, Sodium Propionate, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial flavors. It is a fat source but is very high in saturated fat and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fat and very low in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. In fact, although their literature states that Cocosoya contains Omega-3 -- they do not even list the percentage of it in their product. Also, when companies list natural and artificial flavors you might have to be concerned with chemical preservatives. Omega Horseshine provides a better balance of good fats (very high in Omega-3) and is a good way to help your horse maintain proper weight.

Horse-Shoe's ingredient list: Biotin, Methionine, Gelatin and Zinc in a mineral base. Since poor hoof growth may be a sign of Omega-3 deficiency, and Omega Horseshine provides the highest levels of Omega-3 -- it is an excellent choice for improving healthy hoof growth.

Joint supplement: Although you don't mention the name of the product, I would assume that the main ingredient would be glucosamine or condroitin. Since Omega Horseshine provides the highest levels of Omega-3 -- and Omega-3 is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory -- the joint pain should be alleviated by supplementing with Omega Horseshine. Our customers' testimonies prove this fact. Here's just one of the many we receive:

"Just a note to let you know my eight year old Quarter horse "CD" has always had a problem with thin hoof walls and suffered from blow outs. She had also suffered a condition from birth with occasional mild diarrhea and a poor to less than average coat. Since I have begun using Horseshine flax supplement she has made a 180 degree turn around. My farrier has commented that her hoof walls are 100% better and she hasn't suffered a blow out since. Her manure is normal and her coat is thick and shiny. Also my husbands 24 yr. old mare now looks and acts much younger than her years. I can tell her joints feel alot better since she too has been put on Horseshine. Thanks for a product that does all it says, A very satisfied customer." Marie Piper - The Dalles, Oregon.

Q: You say Omega Horseshine works at the cellular level to provide health benefits for my horse. Please explain.

A: Flax seed is the richest plant source of Omega -3 essential fatty acid. Omega 3 is necessary for cell membrane integrity. Cell membrane integrity can be compromised by excess acidity at the cell levels and by too high levels of inflammatory fatty acids like Omega-6 from feeds and grains, and trans fats from senior feeds, and animal fat products. If those membranes become deformed they cannot facilitate the elimination of metabolic wastes nor can they allow entry to the cell of nutrients either. The cell membrane also is important in energy production … the electrolytes of magnesium and potassium inside the cell interact across the cell membrane with the electrolytes sodium and calcium in the fluid outside the cell to produce electrical energy. If the membrane is damaged from a deficiency of Omega-3, calcium and sodium rush into the cell and shut down the life forces.

Q: When feeding Omega Horseshine should you measure by volume or by weight? Just thought I'd check to be sure I'm feeding enough if I measure out 1 cup using a kitchen measuring cup.

A: Omega Horseshine is measured by dry weight volume -- a one cup standard kitchen measuring cup is excellent for your 1,000 to 1,200 lb horse!

Q: I currently feed my horses whole flax and black oil sunflower seeds. I was told that you should not feed only 1 of the 2 as you'd be causing an imbalance as one contains omega 3 and one omega 6?? If I were to purchase your product, would I need to continue feeding BOSS?

A: The goal in a horse feed supplement for your horse is to get as close a balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 as is found in their most natural forage -- natural grasses -- which have a ratio of 4 parts Omega-3 to 1 part Omega-6. The oil found in flax seed (a rich source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids) has the same ratio of essential fatty acids as natural grasses - 4 parts Omega-3 to 1 part Omega-6. This makes flax seed one of the most natural ways to supplement your horse with Omega-3 and Omega-6 -- with stabilized flax seed the safest choice for your horse health.

One thing to keep in mind concerning whole flax seeds is that the hard outer shell of the whole flax seed needs to be broken in order for any health benefits to be imparted to your horse's body. Otherwise, the seeds just get passed through and get excreted in the manure. So any seeds not being ground by your horse's teeth, simply pass through.

Of course, you can grind flax seeds yourself but because they have such a high oil content that starts oxidizing when it gets exposed to air (by the grinding) -- you have to be careful about the stability factor, because ground whole flax seed that hasn't been stabilized will go rancid if not properly stored. You have to refrigerate any leftover ground flax and keep it in the refrigerator (keeps only for a month or so).

The easiest and most convenient way to save yourself precious time and energy you would spend in grinding the flax is by using the stabilized, ground flax seed in Omega Horseshine. BOSS are fine as a treat (small palm full) because they are a rich source of Omega-6 essential fatty acids, as is most everything else in your horse's diet -- i.e. - all grains and feeds. BOSS do not contain any Omega-3 fats.

Bottom line: If you buy Omega Horseshine you do not need to continue to feed BOSS -- unless you just want to use them as a small treat (as suggested above).

Q: I recently began feeding Omega Horseshine® to my horse. Although I add it to his feed, he manages to work his way around the powder and most of it remains at the bottom of his feed dish. I was thinking about adding water to his pm serving of Purina Senior Horse Feed to make a "mash" and mixing Omega Horseshine® into the "mash". Is this an appropriate alternative way to feed Omega Horseshine® to my horse?

A: Fellow horse owners with "picky eaters" or horses that are not feeling well have successfully mixed Omega Horseshine® with one or more of the following: water, apple butter, apple sauce, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, baby food, carrot juice, molasses -- to create a tasty, nutritious mash their horses love -- and their horses are getting the full flax seed benefit. Your idea of adding water to your horse's pm serving of Purina Senior Horse Feed to make a "mash" and mixing 1/4 cup of Omega Horseshine into the "mash" -- would be excellent! I also have a customer who told me he mixes the 1/2 cup Omega Horseshine® with just enough water to have it stick together and hand feeds it to his horse -- and his horse thinks it is a big treat! Please keep trying it for a bit -- as sometimes a horse needs a little extra time to get used to and accept something new.

Here is some excellent advice recently shared by one of our customers on one of the Yahoo Group Forums concerning Omega Horseshine® : "When you first start supplementing Omega Horseshine® to your picky eater, there may be a transition period where they go from thinking you are trying to poison them to mugging you at the gate to get their feed. Some horses start off hating it and refuse it for a few days while looking at you pitifully; others scoff down every bit and lick the bowl out right from the beginning. You'd have to experiment with your guys to find out what they think. But even the most suspicious horse will usually develop a taste for it, if you persevere."

Q: Do you think it is possible Omega Horseshine MAY help with my horse who battles sweet itch in the summer? I live in Minnesota.

A: Problems with sweet itch, dull coat, dry itchy skin, poor hoof growth, cracking/splitting hooves, arthritic pain, allergies, etc. may be attributed to an Omega-3 deficiency in the horse's body. The stabilized ground flax used in Omega Horseshine is very high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids (flax is the richest source of Omega-3 in the plant world). This makes it ideal because it is heavily tipped in favor of the Omega-3s your horse's diet is missing. Also essential fatty acids are the first fats that are used by the body because they are essential to the working of the body -- the outer layer of every cell in the body is made up of essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids do not normally get stored as fat. When the body has proper functional nutrition, in the right balance -- the level of optimal health improves.

Our customers who have experienced Omega-3 deficiencies (or similar distressful problems) with their horses, have shared their successes with us. They agree that the horse needs to get a higher dosage every day for the short term in order to overcome the Omega-3 deficiency in their horse's system -- at least 2 to 3 cups of Omega Horseshine® per day (based on a 1,200 lb horse), for the short term, until the symptoms/condition of the Omega-3 deficiency are alleviated. Then, they would go back down to what was the maintenance amount for their horse -- for the long term. Note: With Omega Horseshine you don't have to keep supplementing at the high level for the long term. One-half cup to one cup (use standard size measuring cups) is the recommended daily maintenance amount for Omega Horseshine for a 1,200 lb horse (adjust proportionally for weight of your pony). As with anything new you are adding to your horse's diet -- start gradually first week until you get to 1/2 cup, then increase as necessary.

Q: My full Friesian"Teun" is the type of horse that isn't fed any grain because he tends to be overweight. If you put him in a pasture with a round bale he will never pull his head out of it. Will he gain weight on the Omega Horseshine? He is in training and gets plenty of work but it just a VERY easy keeper. This is my main concern….

A: The stabilized ground flax seed used in Omega Fields' products is very high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids (flax seed is the richest source of Omega-3 in the plant world -- 4 parts of Omega-3 to 1 part of Omega-6 (4:1 ratio) -- the same ratio as the natural fat found in fresh grasses. This makes it ideal because it is heavily tipped in favor of the Omega-3s your horse's diet is missing. Also Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the first fats that are used by the body because they are essential to the working of the body -- the outer layer of every cell in the body is made up of Omega-3 essential fatty acids -- especially the cells in the brain, eyes, and all organs. Essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3, do not normally get stored as fat so they will not put weight on an easy keeper. When the body has proper functional nutrition, in the right balance -- the level of optimal health improves.

Q: I was reading ingredients in Omega Horseshine® and it lists as the third ingredient ground oats--is this something to be concerned about in IR horses?

A: We're going to answer your ingredient question with some nutrition information, especially pertinent for IR horses. Omega Horseshine®'s base of stabilized ground flax is enhanced with a small percentage of biotin, Diamond V Yeast (probiotic), oats (antioxidant), vitamins, and chelated minerals. (In the formula there is .2% oats). When proper nutrition is present for the horse's body, the horse is better able to assimilate and utilize the Omega-3 essential fatty acid oil in the flax seed much more efficiently. The naturally occurring shorter chained Omega-3s in flax -- Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA / LNA) -- can effectively be converted by the body into the longer chained Omega-3s -- Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docohexaenoic Acid (DHA) -- when the proper nutrition is present. The Omega Horseshine® formula helps assure the proper nutrition is present for maximum Omega-3 conversion. Thus, the horse has the full spectrum of Omega-3s available for optimum health. This translates into increased health benefits for the horse -- than would be available with plain ground flax seed.

The stabilized ground flax we manufacture and use in our formulas is Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure and Triple-Cleaned; protected from rancidity or loss of nutritional value; and guaranteed fresh for a full 18 months:

    * Proprietary stabilization technology (developed by our company and patented 25 years ago) provides a stable, fortified flaxseed composition as a rich safe source of Omega-3 in the diet. Note: Our stabilization process is all natural, nothing is added, no chemicals used, the ground flax is kosher certified.
    * Proprietary stabilization technology includes the inclusion of B-6 and Zinc when the seeds are going through the grinding process. B-6 and Zinc fortify the ground flax seed with the nutrients used by the body when flax seed is being metabolized during digestion. Since ground flaxseed naturally contains B-6 and Zinc antagonists, it makes sense to fortify ground flaxseed with Vitamin B-6 and Zinc to assure proper nutrient absorption.
    * Omega Fields' manufacturing facility in Newton, Wisconsin (Made in the USA!), is American Institute of Baking (AIB) Quality Certified. Our SUPERIOR rating assures the highest manufacturing quality and safety. *Note: The AIB Quality Seal is a specialized certification program for food-grade manufacturing plants that establishes and recognizes a standard for consistency in product quality and safety. ENRECO® (our parent company) / Omega Fields® is very proud to have earned AIB's SUPERIOR Rating.
    * Flaxseed is contracted for and purchased from northern Canadian producers. Because of the rich soil and short, intense growing season -- the flaxseed from northern Canada contains a higher percentage of Omega-3 than other flaxseeds.
    * High quality standards mean that we reject more seed than we accept. Who do you think accepts the inferior seed we reject?

Also, the NSC level in Omega Horseshine® is well below the recommended levels for IR horses:
4,4% NSC (0.6% Starch, 3.8% Sugar) -- NSC Analysis (as fed) done by Dairy One, Inc

Q: When I feed Omega Horseshine®, is there any chance of over supplementation if I’m also feeding another probiotic/vitamin/mineral supplement?

A: The biotin and vitamins and minerals are a value-added addition to Omega Horseshine® to enhance our product. They are not intended to be the daily required amounts. There should be no problem adding a ½ cup serving of Omega Horseshine® as a supplement to your horse’s current diet.

Q: I’m looking for something to bring out some shine in my horse’s coat. Will Omega Horseshine® help?

A: Omega Horseshine® will definitely give your horse’s coat a beautiful bloom!

Q: Would it be okay to feed your Omega Horseshine® to our dogs, cats and goats?

A: Actually, both dogs and goats (and pot-bellied pigs or rabbits if you have them) would do very well on our Omega Horseshine® -- fed at the rate of 1 teaspoon for every 20 pounds of animal weight. Your cats will only need a very little sprinkled on their food to get the benefits.

Q: Is the relationship between the supposed suppression of thyroid function and cyanogenic glycosides in flax a valid concern in supplementing a 1,200 pound horse with 1/2 cup ground flax seed (Omega Horseshine®) per day?

A: Flax contains cyanogenic glycosides. Under extreme conditions (pH1 or less), cyanide can be produced – but has never been reported to happen in mammals. Instead, cyanate is produced which is non-toxic. The US FDA did a study in which they fed 10, 20, and 40% of the diet as flax and found no harmful effects of any sort.

Within the context of everything else a 1200 pound horse would be eating, there is very little likelihood 1/2 cup of ground flax seed will have any significant effect on thyroid function. Even less likely if the diet is properly fortified with selenium, which is required to detoxify the antithyroid factors. Frankly, if suppression from a dietary factor is suggested, you should be much more suspicious of soy.

If you are still concerned, would simply suggest that you monitor thyroid function tests before starting and six weeks after starting, with no other dietary or management changes in between.

Q: I read somewhere that the ground flax in Omega Horseshine® can replace psyllium husks for routine prevention of sand colic in horses (as opposed to using Sand Clear tm). Is that right?

A: Yes, the premium, stabilized, ground, fortified flax seed used in Omega Horseshine®, Omega Antioxidant and Omega Grande® contains a high mucilage (soluble fiber) content that swells and takes on a gel-like consistency, helping prevent sand colic and impaction. Flax mucilage traps and suspends sand, carrying it out. The flax also acts to buffer excess acid and aids in the stabilization and modulation of blood glucose. You can discontinue psyllium, if you supplement with Omega Horseshine® everyday -- plus your horse will have the benefit of Omega-3 essential fatty acid for a beautiful coat and optimal health.