Omega Nibblers

"Picky Eater Loves Nibblers!"

 P.S.  I also tried NIBBLERS.  She loves them and ate them immediately.  Remember, my horse is picky and she, in the past, has refused to eat treats from other companies. And they are so good for her.  Thanks again for your great products.  Next I’m going to try Horseshine.

- Barbara Knowdell
"Great tasting supplemental treat, AFFORDABLE! " - Allie Anderson
"Why we love Omega Fields products! ~Linda and Pat Parelli" - Pat and Linda Parelli
"Pat and Linda Parelli - Omega Horseshine and Omega Nibbler Video" - Pat and Linda Parelli
"Daisy Loves Her Horseshine!"

Thanks so much for your contest; we're delighted to be a winner!  Daisy already loves her Horseshine, but Nibblers will be SO convenient on those days when we don't have time for that "extra" meal.

Just for fun... Daisy when I got her February 2010


Daisy after 2.5 year of Horseshine (and good food, training, and lots of love!)


- Chris C., WY
"Helpful When Administering Vitamins and Medication"

Omega Nibblers are so helpful when I need to administer to my horse vitamins or medication.  I mix the medicine with applesauce and make a paste which I put between two Nibblers (like an Oreo) and my horse gobble up all the good stuff.  They love their Nibblers.  Thanks Omega Fields.

- Beverly Gray, Endurance Horse Racer and Trainer
"I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!"

Omega Fields' products and Customer Service have been beyond amazing since day one, and I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!  Your company truly impacted my animals lives, as well as mine, for the best.  Thank you again so much, from my heart, as well as my horses!  Omega Horseshine forever!  :)

- Christine C.
"My horses need Omega Field's products to stay on top of the competition."

My horses need Omega Field's products to stay on top of the competition. We rely on your products to keep them all happy health and strong! Could not do with out them!

- Malia C.
"My horse loves Omega Nibblers"

I first tried your Omega Nibblers for horses on the recommendation of my barn owner. Her family owns a store that carries the Omega Nibblers and some of your other products. My horse LOVES these treats and I love that they are a healthy choice for rewarding my horse. They are nicely balanced with regard to the three EFAs, more of the Omega 3 and 9, and a little less of the Omega 6. I really like that I am contributing to his health and wellbeing by giving him these treats. Great product!


- Melissa M., PA
"Love, love, love Omega Nibblers!"


I absoultely love love love your Omega Nibblers! My picky mare eats them all up, like they're candy! On top of her loving them, I know they're very good for her! Tons of omegas for a great shiny coat and healthy hooves! And for me that's a double plus! Tasty for her and healthy for my peace of mind! Keep up the great work Omega Fields!

- Joy G., CA