Omega Ultra Egg

"Facebook Testimonial"

Omega Horseshine & Omega Ultra Egg works miracles for coats, hooves, and plumage!!


- Robin Lyn
"Our " ladies" love Omega Fields "

Our " ladies" love Omega Fields added to their crumble. It gives them beautiful plumage and it gives us healthier eggs!

- Erin Saari
"Had To See To Believe - And I DID!"

Brilliant plumage? This one I had to see to believe- and I DID!  If you follow my Facebook page, you are already familiar with Rachel, my Bantam Cochin Frizzle. Rachel is not new to my flock,  yet within the past six months people have begun taking notice of and raving about her beauty. She has become the center of attention daily with thousands of admirers eagerly awaiting her photo-of-the-day. I can attribute one difference to her care and feed management over the past six months- the addition of Omega Ultra Egg to her feed.  Rachel is not alone in her radiance either- the difference in the plumage of my chickens is striking.  www.the-chicken-chick.com/

- Kathy Mormino, The Chicken Chick
"Love Omega Fields"

I love Omega Fields and use it in my diet everyday!!!!

- Holly Olejnik, PA
"Recommended and Safe for Laying Hens"

Feeding Omega Ultra Egg (stabilized ground flaxseed supplement) to all life stages of laying hens is recommended and safe for overall health and optimal egg production.

- Dr. Kris Hiney, Animal Science/Animal nutrition professor, UWRF
"Easy To Use...Chickens Love The Taste!"

The Omega Ultra Egg is easy to use.  You just measure out the right amount (instructions right on the bag) and sprinkle it over the feed.  The chickens love the taste of it.  I had no problem getting them to eat it.  Their feathers are nice and glossy, their combs are bright red.  Their egg yolks are a brilliant orange.  I also think the egg color themselves have gotten deeper and richer due to the Omega Ultra Egg in their diet.  The blues are bluer, the browns a deeper brown and the creams creamier.  I also notice that their shells are appreciably thicker.  I even dropped an egg in the run the other day and it actually bounced!

- Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily
"I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!"

Omega Fields' products and Customer Service have been beyond amazing since day one, and I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!  Your company truly impacted my animals lives, as well as mine, for the best.  Thank you again so much, from my heart, as well as my horses!  Omega Horseshine forever!  :)

- Christine C.
"Omega Ultra Egg is the best supplement to help your Buckeyes WIN Best in Show!"

Photo by Jeff Lay, Crains Run Ranch

"Buckeyes really benefit from Omega-3 supplementation and Omega Ultra Egg™ is the best product on the market for getting greater amounts of Omega-3 into your eggs," said the ABC’s Co-Founder, Jeff Lay. "It's easy to use – Buckeye chickens love it – and the effects are near immediate. Omega Ultra Egg is the best supplement to help your Buckeyes WIN Best in Show! It will also improve laying rates, flock health, and overall egg quality."


- Jeff L., Co-Founder The American Buckeye Club
"More eggs and larger"

My chickens have laid the biggest and the smallest eggs I have ever seen I do believe the large is due to your Omega Ultra Egg that I use. I really have seen a difference in the size of the eggs and even the amount. It's freezing weather conditions here and the chickens usally lay less but not my chickens and I sure its because of the chicken supplement- Omega Ultra Egg.

- Pam R-B.
"Chickens Look Healthier and Eggs are Richer!"

Omega Fields has helped my chickens look healthier and the eggs are richer tasting.

- Mark C., IL