"Jason Kelce - #62 Philadelphia Eagles"

Nothing gets me ready for practice or games better.

- Jason Kelce, #62 Philadelphia Eagles
"I will never use any other energy drink!"

I started using 6 Shooter about 5 months ago.  Previous to that I used many different energy drinks.  I work long hours on back shifts with three different jobs.  Having extra energy is essential for me.  With other energy drinks, I would develop slight skin rashes, a hot sensation in my skin and I would have a bitter after taste.  With 6 Shooter, I experience none of that.  I also never feel a crash with 6 Shooter.  I have constant energy without any of the side effects and the taste is amazing.  After using 6 Shooter, I will never use any other energy drink! 6 Shooter price is very reasonible.  Thanks for a great product!

- Jessica