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"That stuff [Omega Canine Shine] is awesome"

  That stuff [Omega Canine Shine] is awesome.   My dog has always had such rough and dry skin.   Any amount of changing dog foods has done nothing to help. Including various brands that contained flax. 10 days later, my dogs coat is super shiny and he’s not all itchy!!  Great stuff,  glad to be working on a site that sells a great product!!

- Robert D.
"1840 Farm Omega Nuggets"
As a dog owner, I am always looking for ways to ensure the good health of our dog Pete.  Lucky for me, Pete is a willing participant.  He happily indulges my attempts at grooming and eagerly eats the healthy food that I select for him.
When it comes to the grooming, I would like to think that he tolerates my efforts because I am such a wonderful owner and he loves me so much.  Deep down, I believe that his motives might not be quite so pure.  In fact, he may be allowing me to give him a haircut because he knows what will happen when I am finished.  He knows that I have an Omega Fields’ Omega Nugget ready and waiting for him.
While Pete enjoys the flavor of these bite sized treats, I enjoy knowing that they deliver more than great taste.  These Omega-3 treat supplements contain essential fatty acids and antioxidants in a delicious treat perfectly sized for use as a training reward.
Omega Nuggets are made using human grade ingredients.  They contain wholesome ingredients including ground flaxseed, barley, and molasses.  These treats promote healthy skin and coat.and are all natural and don’t contain any artificial preservatives.
 I’m not sure if Pete cares about the ingredients in the treats that he loves so much, but I do.  I’m happy that I can provide him with the flavor he loves and the nutrition he needs with Omega Nuggets.  We both want to make sure that you have the same opportunity to share this flavorful and healthy treat with your best friend.  Thanks to Omega Fields, you can do just that
~Jennifer Burke


- 184 Farm
"1840 Farm Canine Shine"
Our farmhouse dog Pete Townshend is known for eating anything in his path.  His habits of eating blueberries fresh from the garden and begging adoringly for popcorn, oatmeal, and carrots are well-known.  So, I wasn’t at all concerned when Omega Fields asked if he would like to try their Omega Canine Shine as a supplement to his daily diet.  I knew that he would happily enjoy this new addition to his meals.
Now that he has been enjoying this healthy supplement for a few months, he has developed a new habit.  This one has nothing to do with him actually ingesting food.  Instead, it has to do with him anticipating its arrival.
Every mealtime, he waits with great anticipation as I place his food in the bowl.  Then, as I reach for the bag of Omega Canine Shine, he follows my every movement.  As soon as I touch the package, he registers his approval in a very canine manner.  He begins licking his lips as if he is about to dine on a T-bone steak.
The first morning he reacted in this way, I thought it was mere coincidence.  Now that I have seen him repeat it at every meal for weeks, I know that it is much deeper than that.  Instead, he is truly giving me his nod of approval.
I am happy to see that he looks forward to the Canine Omega Shine that I add to his morning and evening meals.  I am even happier to know that I am increasing his intake of essential fatty acids and giving him something delicious to look forward to.  While he may not realize it, those essential fatty acids help to reduce shedding, combat bothersome itching, and maintain his good health.
Pete and I have enjoyed our time evaluating Omega Canine Shine.  His coat is shiny and healthy and he comes running at mealtime.  Now we both want to make sure that you have the same opportunity to share this supplement with your best friend.  Thanks to Omega Fields, you can do just that.
~Jennifer Burke
- 1840 Farm
"Thanks for making fantastic products!"
I started giving my Australian Shepherd Omega Canine Shine a couple months ago just to see what would happen, and he's never looked better ! Now I feed the supplement to my English Bulldog and Omega Horseshine to my Welsh Pony. Thanks for making fantastic products!

- Sarah Fong-Silva
"Shiny, Well-Toned, Full of Energy, & Incredibly Blessed!"

Jack was rescued from a high kill shelter in Alabama at about 8 months old. He then spent nearly a year in a foster shelter, because he’s a black dog and black dogs are often considered “unadoptable” in the south.


In January of 2012, my husband found Jack on line at www.petfinder.com which led us to Crossing Paths dog rescue ( www.xpar.org ) and the rest is history!
We adopted Jack in February of 2012 and arranged his transportation from Alabama as far as New Hampshire by a wonderful animal transport www.rescueriderstransport.net which is a part of www.peaceandpaws.com .   We met the transport truck in New Hampshire and fell in love immediately! In just a few hours Jack was at his new forever home in Maine.
From lack of exercise and not the best diet, he was a little flabby; his coat was dull and lackluster, he drooled an awful lot, and his breath was really stinky. He was, though, without a doubt, a friendly, sweet, gentle pooch who just loved our cat and us!
We changed his diet to a grain free dog chow and added Omega Fields Canine Shine along with Omega Fields Nuggets. Jack loves the nuggets so much I think he would do just about anything to get one!
Just after he arrived, we took him for his first visit to the vet. He was weighed, and given a clean bill of health, although the vet noticed his smelly breath and out of tone muscles.
A few months ago, Jack went for his annual check-up and the vet was really impressed! His muscle tone was so much better, his breath was no longer foul, yet he weighed exactly the same as his last appointment.
Today, Jack is shiny, well-toned, full of energy, and an incredible blessing to us! He loves to ride in the truck and just completed a trip to Minnesota with us! In September he’ll join us in a long trip to British Columbia.
I attribute his continued good health and appearance to Omega Fields Canine products!

- Janice Spaulding, founder of Goat School®
"Dogs Love Their Omega Nuggets!!!"

My two 3 1/2 year old rescued dogs love their Omega Nuggets!!!  Only the best for them!!! Pic is at 12 weeks old.

- Gary Chuck
"I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!"

Omega Fields' products and Customer Service have been beyond amazing since day one, and I will ALWAYS continue to use your products for as long as I have animals!  Your company truly impacted my animals lives, as well as mine, for the best.  Thank you again so much, from my heart, as well as my horses!  Omega Horseshine forever!  :)

- Christine C.

I currently use Mega Omega, feed Canine Shine to my dogs, and Horseshine to my horses -- we all love your products!!  The dogs and horses have lovely shiny coats and my fingernails are stronger than ever before, so I can feel confident that we are all healthier inside as well.

- Sheltom2003
"Grehound Pups using Omega Canine Shine"

After a friend highly recommended Canine Shine we ordered two lbs. We are almost through 1 lb using it on our pups, I can’t wait to see results in my pups.

- Sharon H., Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited
"Your Product Is Fantastic!"

I had a friend at the barn who was a veterinarian who worked in research for Purina.  She recommended the Horseshine after doing extensive research on supplements.  My 3 year old Holsteiner was completely bleached out.  Within 6 weeks, his coat was dark, shiny and dappled!!  I now breed and show Doberman Pinschers.  Your product is fantastic!  I don't have to use spray on shine products, because they are so SHINY naturally from the Canine Shine!  Love this product!

- Shannon G., TX