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"The Simply Omega and Mega Omega are so delicious!"

"Thank you Omega Fields! The Simply Omega and Mega Omega are so delicious!
I sprinkle on everything: scrambled eggs, salads, topping for fish or meat loaf.
Really I sprinkle on everything!!!!" 

Happy Trails,

- Beverly Gray
"One Heaping Tablespoon Helps Keep Me Healthy!"
I use one heaping tablespoon with my morning cereal every day and plan to continue for the rest of my life. At 59 years old, it sure has helped keep me healthy and running better than ever.
- Peter
"More Focus, Drive, Endurance -- And Dry Skin Improved!"
As an endurance athlete, I need my muscles to heal quickly. I honestly feel I have more focus, drive and endurance since supplementing my diet with Mega Omega®. I have very little muscle fatigue after a training run which allows me to continue on with my day without feeling tired and sluggish. One of the other benefits I noticed was that my dry skin from the winter weather improved as well. Thanks again.
Christine Crawford, WI
- Christine Crawford, WI
"Energy to Wake Up and Remain Energized Throughout the Day!"
Mega Omega® has brought me great joy in my life. I use it every single morning mixed in with my coffee and milk. I am outside all day on a farm and require lots of energy throughout the day to feed my horses. Mega Omega® gives me the energy to wake up and remain energized throughout the day.
- Juan Carlos Lamelas, FL
"Playing Racquetball Like A Young Guy -- And No More Sunburn!"
I live on a lake and used to get sun burned each year. Since I take Mega Omega® daily, with orange juice, my skin doesn’t burn!  And, at 57 years of age, I still get around like a young guy on the racquetball court!
Ron, WI
- Ron, WI
"Imporved PSA Leels -- No Abnormal Prostate Cell Activity!"
I am a 75 year old male in excellent health and very active. My urologist in Shreveport, LA recommended I try using the product when we discovered my PSA was climbing above 6.0. He had been associated with Dr. Wendy DeMark, Nutritionist Researcher at Duke University, and was interested in the clinical study she was doing on Mega Omega® and prostate cancer. Although I was not able to officially take part in her study, I started using the recommended daily amount of Mega Omega® about 8 years ago. My PSA began to improve, and at my last exam it was found I no longer had an elevated PSA or the attendant worrisome condition of abnormal cell activity in my prostate. I continue to follow the Mega Omega® regimen. My son-in-law has also begun to follow it at the age of 53. He obviously was impressed by my success and aware of the other health benefits of the product! We are great believers in using anything natural to avoid using drugs!
Stephen J. Pajeski, LA 
- Stephen P.,LA
"Feels Better, More Energetic!"
I've been using the Mega Omega® for a few months now and I think the increase in the omega fatty acids has helped me feel better, more energetic. I don't feel so exhausted any more.
Doris Yoga (email name)
- Doris Yoga
"Fiber and Omega-3's Are Important for Digestive/Cardiovascular Health!"

Mega Omega® provides both fiber and Omega-3's which are important for digestive and cardiovascular health. I enjoy Mega Omega® for breakfast blended with fresh berries and low fat Kefir or yogurt. Thank you for providing this valuable product.

- Run2b
"Great Results!"

I started taking Mega Omega earlier this year, with great results! Thank You!

- Laurie B.,_AZ

I'm using Mega Omega® every day in my fruit smoothie and my Mom is using it in her cottage cheese and scrambled eggs.  We both love that we're getting so much good nutrition from this product and it tastes great too. I'm a big fan of the essential oils and now I've found another fantastic way to get more of them. 

- Cheri M., WA