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  Sean Moriarty: President
It has been a great privilege to work alongside such talented and committed people and ones that share my passion for excellence.  I am always thrilled to hear our customers tell their stories about how Omega Field’s products have helped them and the animals they love.   I am very proud of the products we’ve created and even more proud that so many of you have found them to be of value and continue to buy them!!  We will remain committed to providing superior, affordable products that you can trust.
  Alli (Kellogg) Kuhl: Director of Business Development
  I feel blessed everyday because I work for an amazing company – I truly enjoy each person I work with and believe whole heartedly in our company’s values, business methods and, most of all, our products. Our Omega Fields products are truly amazing. They are made with all-natural, superior ingredients and are affordable. Omega Fields is a perfect fit for me because I love animals, nutrition, flaxseed and working with people. The company has provided me with multiple opportunities to voice my opinions, provide suggestions, and present innovative ideas to increase our company’s brand awareness. It is an honor to have a voice in many aspects of this company beyond sales. Omega Fields is not just a job for me – it is a vital part of my life. I continue to learn something new each day and love having the opportunity to work with other flax enthusiasts. Omega Fields has a positive work environment that allows me to grow in my position, and to positively influence animal and human lives.
  Jeremy Lewis: Director of Sales
 Jeremy Lewis
What an exciting opportunity it is to be part of the Omega Fields Team.  How could you not love working with a company that sets the standards for Quality Products and Excellent Customer Service? I am very privileged to have a position that many would consider just a job, but, to me, is much more — it is being a part of a Team.  Everyone here at Omega Fields fills an important role in determining our success and achieving our goals. Together we manufacture the highest quality products, provide top notch customer service and delight in the knowledge that our team cannot be matched.  Knowing that our customers will have a positively memorable experience working with us, combined with having the best products in the world… That is why I love my job!
  Bonnie Krajnik: Customer Care Specialist
 Bonnie Krajnik Being directly involved in Omega Fields’ growth these past years has been exciting, challenging, and fun! I am proud and honored to work in the fastest growing area of the animal and human market as an active team member. At "Team Omega Fields" we set high goals for quality products and customer service, carry on our work with integrity, and are blessed to be able to accomplish those goals. Since I have a personal interest in a more natural approach to equine, animal and human nutrition, Omega Fields is a great fit for me. The fact that I get to work alongside some of the best people in this business (we have an amazing team!) is just icing on the cake! I also absolutely enjoy the countless opportunities I’m blessed with to talk with so many of our loyal customers (there’s none finer!). In other words — I love my job!
  Rachel Nickels: Account Manager
Any animal lover can tell you just how important their pets are to them.  I, myself, am deeply attached to my two precious dogs, Noah and Ellie.  This love for animals and for their health is just one of the reasons I enjoy working for Omega Fields!  With each bag of Omega Horseshine or Omega Canine Shine that I see purchased daily, I think of the animals receiving that bag and how they will live a happier and fuller life because of our product.  I also love telling customers about our Omega Nibbler horse treats and our Omega Nugget dog treats!  My dogs love Omega Nuggets and I don’t have to feel guilty feeding a large amount of treats, because they are so healthy for them!
Daily I receive calls from customers sharing with me their wonderful experiences with our products and how much they have helped their horses and dogs!  It is wonderful to know I am part of a team so dedicated to helping others and their animals!







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