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Douglas Bibus, MS, Ph.D.

Kristina Hiney, Ph.D.


Dr. Doug Bibus Omega Fields Scientific & Technical Advisor

Douglas Bibus, MS, Ph.D.

      — Omega Fields® Scientific and Nutrition Consultant







Dr. Doug Bibus is community faculty member at The Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota and a researcher in the area of fatty acid biochemistry and nutrition.  Dr. Bibus is considered one of the top Omega-3 experts in the world.  He stems from the academic lab of Dr. Ralph Holman who standardized Omega-3 terminology and discovered the metabolism and definitive essential nature of Omega-3.  In addition to his work with the Center, Doug is president of, and directs, Lipid Technologies, LLC, an analytical and consulting group that focuses on fatty acid and lipid analysis, and the integration of lipid nutrition in biotech and food applications.

His research interests include the role of essential fatty acids in human and animal nutrition, the role of Omega-3 fatty acids in the down regulation of the inflammatory response and the application of fatty acids in the treatment of disease.  Other ongoing research is the examination of the role Omega-3 and fatty acid nutrition plays in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, arthritis, critically injured and adult respiratory distress patients, and in patients with autoimmune disorders.   Dr. Bibus has also developed an Omega-3 blood test ( to identify levels of Omega-3 in the blood and ascribe risk for heart disease and depression.

Dr. Bibus is a member of several organizations including the American Oil Chemists’ Society (serving as their Awards Chairman), the American Chemical Society, the Society for Critical Care Medicine, and the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids.  He has been the recipient of the American Oil Chemists’ Honored Student Award and a two-time winner of the American Chemical Society’s Award in Analytical Chemistry.  Doug is a board member of the Health and Nutrition Division of the American Oil Chemists’ Society and also serves on that society’s Foundation board.

In addition to presenting at numerous professional meetings, Dr. Bibus is a sought-after lecturer and author in the area of human and animal health.



 Dr. Kris Hiney Omega Fields


  Kristina Hiney, Ph.D.

      — Omega Fields® Equine Nutrition Advisor





Omega Fields® is pleased to welcome Dr. Kris Hiney, Equine Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, University of Wisconsin – River Falls, as our Equine Nutrition Advisor.

Kristina Hiney, Ph.D. brings the benefits of her distinguished academic training and professional career relating to equine nutrition and physiology. "I am pleased to join the Omega Fields® team where I will be able to bring my expertise in equine nutrition and my experience in the horse industry together in a way to benefit horse owners across the country," expressed Dr. Hiney.

Dr. Hiney’s extensive personal knowledge and experience in equine-related business and associations will help Omega Fields expand our connection with you, our customers. Each month, you can look forward to a new feature article concerning equine health and training in Kris’s Korner, in Omega Fields’ online Health-E-Letter. Click here to sign up for your free Health-E-Letter subscription delivered to your email address!

As Omega Fields’ Equine Nutrition Advisor, Kris will also be providing technical expertise for Omega Fields’ Animal Nutrition Team concerning new product research and formulation — developing Omega Fields’ products that are nutritionally relevant to current health issues regarding horses and pets.

"We are excited to have someone of Dr. Hiney’s caliber partnering with Omega Fields®,” commented Sean Moriarty, Omega Fields’ CEO. "Dr. Hiney’s input will help us meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations as she shares her equine nutrition and physiology expertise through her monthly articles. She will also be working with our Animal Nutrition Team to expand our premium equine product lineup to meet the more diversified nutritional needs of our customers’ treasured breeds and riding disciplines."

Please click here to read Dr. Hiney’s articles from Kris’s Korner.

Kristina Hiney, Ph.D. – Vitae

Dr. Hiney’s undergraduate education was at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana.  She graduated with a 5.0 on a 5.0 scale (University Honors).  She received her Master’s Degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University in the area of equine exercise physiology and her Ph.D. from Michigan State University, also in animal science.  Kris was a Distinguished Graduate fellow at Michigan State University and a Regent’s Fellow at Texas A&M University.  Both of her Master’s Degree and Ph.D. projects focused on bone development of the immature animal.

Dr. Hiney has authored or co-authored seven peer-reviewed publications as well as numerous abstracts.  She has been an invited speaker at the MN 4-H Leader’s conference, the Wisconsin 4-H Leader’s conference, the 2004 Conference on Equine Nutrition Research and for Cargill Animal Nutrition.

Currently Kris is a member of the American Society of Animal Science, where she serves as a peer reviewer for publications and their online photo archives; and a member of the Equine Science Society.  In 2006, she was an evaluator for the graduate student paper competition in Exercise Physiology.  She also won the graduate student competition of ESS (formerly known as the Equine Nutrition and Physiology Symposium) in exercise physiology and management in 1999 and in 2001.  At present, she is the Vice-President of the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association.

Dr. Kris Hiney Omega Fields

In the equine world, Kris is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association, the National Reining Horse Association (where she is a carded judged), and the North Central Reining Horse Association.  She trains and shows her own horses in the reining horse industry. In 2008 Dr. Hiney received a grant from the AQHA to do International Horsemanship camps in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, traveling with three students from UWRF.  She also serves frequently as a clinician or horsemanship instructor for many 4-H organizations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

At the university, Dr. Hiney serves as the Western Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Coach and as the Horse Judging Team Coach and Horseman’s Advisor.  Her horse judging teams have won the AQHA World title twice (1997 and 1998, Texas A&M), Arabian nationals champion (2000) and reserve champion teams (2001, Michigan State), as well as numerous top five finishes at the NRHA Futurity contest and the NRBC judging contest. She also serves as the breeding manager for the horse farm.

Dr. Hiney is a member of the Faculty Senate at UWRF, and serves as the Secretary for the Senate as well.



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