Breed:  ½ Aussie ¼ Red Heeler ¼ Border Collie

Location: WI

Why do you use Omega Fields products?

I love and use Omega Canine Shine and Omega Smart Hearts. Annie is not a big eater, but when I feed her with Omega Canine Shine on her dog food, she gobbles it right up. I treat Annie with the Omega Smart Hearts each night, it is funny because she will go into my room and lay down and wait for her treats even if it is 8:00 at night. She gets really dirty at the farm, but always looks so shiny and clean. Everyone comments on how soft she is, she also sheds less – which can be difficult with Aussie dogs! She has a very intense job, so I love that the treats and Canine Shine Omega 3’s help with her joints.