The Treat That Is Actually Good For Your Dog – Learn What Joe Camp, Creator of the Benji Franchise, Has To Say About Omega Smart Hearts

Joe Camp is the creator of the canine superstar Benji and the writer/director of five Benji theatrical films and 17 Benji television specials and programs. He is the author of the National Bestseller The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons form the Herd plus 13 other books about horses and dogs.
Omega Smart Hearts help maintain a healthy skin, coat and reduce shedding.
“All the Good Stuff, None of the Bad Stuff
We use a lot of treats educating our dogs so we want no bad stuff like corn or soy. No GMO. And lots of Omega 3s in balance with Omega 6s and 9s. The foundation of Omega Fields’ Soft-Baked Smart Hearts is a premium, Human-Grade, non-GMO, 99.9% pure gleaned stabilized fortified flax. Nobody else does this.
They boost your dogs immune system.
Reduce hot spots.
Relieve arthritis pain and promote joint mobility.
Strengthen bones and teeth.
Support digestive and urinary tract health.
Sustain proper growth and development of the nervous system.
And increase energy levels.
Every dog on the planet needs Omega 3 supplementation because no one, dog, horse or human, can manufacture their own Omega 3s. The Omega Fields people actually care about your dog’s health and happiness and this is the singular best treat on the market as far as I’m concerned.”