Team Velvet, Inc. Recommends Omega Horseshine

Our 30-Day Horseshine Challenge is over and the result are in. WOW!
I am amazed at the qualitative difference in our three-therapy horse herd in this short time.
All three horses show more shine, thickness and improved texture after we followed the recommended feeding guidelines by weight. Since they range from XL [Our Trakehner Velvet is 18 hands 2 1/2 inches; our Halflinger Precious is 900 pounds and our mini Little Annie weighs in at under 400 pounds.
All of them improved in appearance which is significant as they started out as beautiful horses.
I think your product is well-named because it increased their shine. I have enclosed photos of the three horses in sunglasses with the following message to other horses: SHINE ON!

eam Velvet Sunglasses Velvet_C