Review by Jean Winters, WPRA Professional Barrel Racer

I bought Pumba in late July of 2018. He had rubbed his mane out and while he looked good I hoped he’d mature. I started feeding him Horseshine Complete in early August. Being only 5, I knew he had some physical maturing to do, but I never believed it would be like this. By November he had grown about half an inch and his name and tail had really grown. Now in late April his mane is long and stays down and his tail nearly drags the ground, but his physical maturity is what really amazes me. He actually gets less feed now than he was getting with the previous owner but has grown a full inch in 8 months. I really never believed that a simple supplement like this could have this great an effect.

Can’t Wait To Try More Omega Fields Products

When I began building my career as a trainer and professional horsewoman I knew that only the best would do for the equines in my care. Over the years I’ve spent countless hours researching to ensure that I’m recommending and utilizing the equine industry’s most cutting edge products. I look for tack, fly spray, supplements, etc. that are “made with love,” and created with top-notch technology, quality, and whenever possible sustainability.

I raised my first foal in 2013 and adopted my first OTTB in 2014. Providing the best nutrition and finding what worked for them as individuals was quite the journey! After much trial and error and varying feeding routines, I discovered Omega Horseshine. I had tried multiple Biotin products that had good reviews but just didn’t produce the results I was looking for. Within 30 days of being on Horseshine, I watched my geldings transform before my eyes. After 3-4 months they were as shiny as dream horses, their manes and tails grew longer, my thoroughbred became as beefy as I knew he could be and to this day he looks like a warmblood. They are able to maintain a barefoot lifestyle even under work, handle adjustments in terrain and seasons, and show a healthy amount of hoof growth between each farrier visit. I highly recommend Omega Horseshine and can’t wait to try more Omega Fields products.

Helps With More Than Just Shine

I was first introduced to Horseshine about 10 years ago by another rider at my barn (hi Shelley!) who used it for her horses and loved it. Her horses were in such good condition – coat, feet, mane/tail – I decided I had to try it. I started my horse on it and haven’t looked back since. Horseshine is such a great all-around supplement and helps with more than just shine, although it makes the horses SO shiny! It’s so palatable and I find that horses eat it readily and lick their bowls clean. I’ve always kept my horses on it since I was first introduced. They always look so good, and I always have people comment on how shiny they are. We’ll always be happy members of the Horseshine family!

Miracle Plumage

Omega Horseshine & Omega Ultra Egg works miracles for coats, hooves, and plumage!!

Had To See To Believe – And I Did!

Brilliant plumage? This one I had to see to believe- and I DID!  If you follow my Facebook page, you are already familiar with Rachel, my Bantam Cochin Frizzle. Rachel is not new to my flock,  yet within the past six months people have begun taking notice of and raving about her beauty. She has become the center of attention daily with thousands of admirers eagerly awaiting her photo-of-the-day. I can attribute one difference to her care and feed management over the past six months- the addition of Omega Ultra Egg to her feed.  Rachel is not alone in her radiance either- the difference in the plumage of my chickens is striking.

Easy To Use – Chickens Love The Taste

The Omega Ultra Egg is easy to use. You just measure out the right amount (instructions right on the bag) and sprinkle it over the feed. The chickens love the taste of it. I had no problem getting them to eat it. Their feathers are nice and glossy, their combs are bright red. Their egg yolks are a brilliant orange. I also think the egg color themselves have gotten deeper and richer due to the Omega Ultra Egg in their diet. The blues are bluer, the browns a deeper brown and the creams creamier. I also notice that their shells are appreciably thicker. I even dropped an egg in the run the other day and it actually bounced!

Omega Ultra Egg is the best supplement to help your Buckeyes WIN Best in Show!

Buckeyes really benefit from Omega-3 supplementation and Omega Ultra Egg™ is the best product on the market for getting greater amounts of Omega-3 into your eggs,” said the ABC’s Co-Founder, Jeff Lay. “It’s easy to use – Buckeye chickens love it – and the effects are near immediate. Omega Ultra Egg is the best supplement to help your Buckeyes WIN Best in Show! It will also improve laying rates, flock health, and overall egg quality.

More Eggs and Larger Eggs

My chickens have laid the biggest and the smallest eggs I have ever seen I do believe the large is due to your Omega Ultra Egg that I use. I really have seen a difference in the size of the eggs and even the amount. It’s freezing weather conditions here and the chickens usally lay less but not my chickens and I sure its because of the chicken supplement- Omega Ultra Egg.