Looks Forward To Getting Her Horseshine Every Day

These are a little less than 100 days apart. She looks amazing! Her mane, tail, coat, and overall condition was horrible. But now she looks great for a yearling. She absolutely LOVES her Horseshine. She eats it plain! She looks forward to getting her Horseshine every day.

Mustang Aprroved, Sweet Itch Approved, Picky Eater Approved

The collage is of the day before I got her in January 2015 (top) and just now July 2019 (bottom). She has been out of work for 6 weeks of forced summer break aka torture for her, she loves working but we were overdue for some let-down time. Now that I have her coming back to work, it feels like she hasn’t lost a bit of fitness.

I have had Melody on Omega Horseshine nearly as long as I have had her, which is 4.5 years. When I adopted her from the Mustang Magic makeover in January 2015 she was about 4 months from wild so she came without a lot of condition on her. Over our years together we have worked hard at learning to be great partners and keeping our fitness up. All along our journey we have had Omega Horseshine supporting Melody to be her best self. It helps her battle her year round allergies and insane sweet itch here in FL, where there are always bugs and pollen. It has helped her regrow her mane and tail and keeps them strong and shiny, we have had a slow time regrowing her mane as we still battle the sweet itch. Because of her allergies she wears fly sheets a lot of the time but she doesn’t get rubbed or scruffed up hair, her skin and coat stay healthy and shiny all year round. All the omegas and amino acids help her stay as healthy as a horse plus the added biotin in the updated formula has made her already great Mustang feet even better. Because we are in FL and a lot of our grazing areas are sandy, the natural digestive benefits of the flax gives me peace of mind that she stays moving and sand won’t slow us down unless we are galloping through it on the trail. Because she is supported so well through our supplement program, we have been able to school 1 meter jumping and first level dressage movements, have tried out endurance riding, regularly do hunter paces and I’m planning to do a season with our area foxhunting club this winter.

Horseshine is a permanent part of our SmartPak strip, which makes it super easy to know Melody is getting the freshest possible product and the correct serving size every morning for breakfast. I have felt the sway of advertising by other companies but when it comes down to the comparisons, Omega Horseshine has always given me the result I am looking for in supporting my girl and helping her be her best, healthiest self. Mustang approved, sweet itch approved, picky eater approved, no crumb left behind with Horseshine. Why would I feed anything else?

Picky About What She Eats

I bought a package of apple flavored Omega Fields low starch low sugar horse treats for Layla. She is very picky about what she eats. She surprised us that she loves these crunchy treats. She gets one in her feed every day. Plus we keep a supply in a tack trunk. Happy to find a truly healthy horse treat she really loves!!

“Feeling Super” 2014 OTTB mare by “Super Saver” (the winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby)

“Feeling Super” is 2014 OTTB mare by “Super Saver” (the winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby). She has many famous ancestors that include Triple Crown winners Secretariat (1973) and Seattle Slew (1977). Her racing career was short – she had 9 starts with one first. After her winning race in July 2017, she raced 2 more times in close succession, which apparently undermined her racing abilities. Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation found her on the Facebook page of a killing pen in July 2018 and had to act quickly in order to raise funds for her bail. We brought her back to Greystoke Farm in August 2018.
Omega Fields donated a 3 months’ supply of Horseshine supplement to help her to restore her athleticism and vigor in order for us to start her retraining for her new career.
For less than 3 months Horseshine greatly improved her skin and coat even during cold and wet winter months. Her hooves grew quickly and became smooth, shiny, and tough. In fact they became so strong and healthy that she is currently barefoot and feels comfortable.
Here, you can see her “before” and “after” pictures.

Can’t Believe The Change

I have a 5 yr old colt I raised. For the past 2 years he has been struggling with an extreme allergy to fly bites. So bad he’s chew places on his body raw. I had tried everything to relieve this colt of his extreme allergy. My vet this spring recommended Horseshine. I began using your product about 6 weeks to 2 months ago. Total change in this colt. Eighty percent of the itching has stopped. I’m figuring with continued use it will be 100%. He is a palomino. His color has become beautiful golden. I can’t believe the change. I am truly thankful for this product

Best Treats For Training!

These are the best treats for training! They break very easily into smaller pieces, which I love when working with my horses on tricks. They are also crunchy, but not hard or sticky so my horses don’t struggle at all to munch on them. I love that they also provide extra nutrients, without extra sugar! My dog always steals a few whenever I get the bag out – they all love them so much.

Review by Jean Winters, WPRA Professional Barrel Racer

I bought Pumba in late July of 2018. He had rubbed his mane out and while he looked good I hoped he’d mature. I started feeding him Horseshine Complete in early August. Being only 5, I knew he had some physical maturing to do, but I never believed it would be like this. By November he had grown about half an inch and his name and tail had really grown. Now in late April his mane is long and stays down and his tail nearly drags the ground, but his physical maturity is what really amazes me. He actually gets less feed now than he was getting with the previous owner but has grown a full inch in 8 months. I really never believed that a simple supplement like this could have this great an effect.

Can’t Wait To Try More Omega Fields Products

When I began building my career as a trainer and professional horsewoman I knew that only the best would do for the equines in my care. Over the years I’ve spent countless hours researching to ensure that I’m recommending and utilizing the equine industry’s most cutting edge products. I look for tack, fly spray, supplements, etc. that are “made with love,” and created with top-notch technology, quality, and whenever possible sustainability.

I raised my first foal in 2013 and adopted my first OTTB in 2014. Providing the best nutrition and finding what worked for them as individuals was quite the journey! After much trial and error and varying feeding routines, I discovered Omega Horseshine. I had tried multiple Biotin products that had good reviews but just didn’t produce the results I was looking for. Within 30 days of being on Horseshine, I watched my geldings transform before my eyes. After 3-4 months they were as shiny as dream horses, their manes and tails grew longer, my thoroughbred became as beefy as I knew he could be and to this day he looks like a warmblood. They are able to maintain a barefoot lifestyle even under work, handle adjustments in terrain and seasons, and show a healthy amount of hoof growth between each farrier visit. I highly recommend Omega Horseshine and can’t wait to try more Omega Fields products.

Helps With More Than Just Shine

I was first introduced to Horseshine about 10 years ago by another rider at my barn (hi Shelley!) who used it for her horses and loved it. Her horses were in such good condition – coat, feet, mane/tail – I decided I had to try it. I started my horse on it and haven’t looked back since. Horseshine is such a great all-around supplement and helps with more than just shine, although it makes the horses SO shiny! It’s so palatable and I find that horses eat it readily and lick their bowls clean. I’ve always kept my horses on it since I was first introduced. They always look so good, and I always have people comment on how shiny they are. We’ll always be happy members of the Horseshine family!

Miracle Plumage

Omega Horseshine & Omega Ultra Egg works miracles for coats, hooves, and plumage!!