EZ Charger Man

, EZ Charger Man

Owned By: Alli Kuhl – Director of Business Development of Omega Fields®

Trainer/DVM Name: Maren Luedemann ; Bob Racich; Stillwater Vet Clinic

Breed/Discipline: QH / Barrels and Roping

Date of Birth: February 12, 1999

Location: Amery, WI

History, Career Highlights, and Future Goals

I got Shaggy from my friend and trainer Maren while I was in college. My mare at the time was hurt and I did not have a horse to run. I was working at the vet clinic and Maren came in, looked at me and said she had a horse for sale that she wanted me to buy. The next day I went to her barn and rode Shaggy and instantly fell in love. He used to be a heading horse and Maren turned him into a barrel horse. Because he is so cow-ee, I would breakaway off of him and let my friends rope off of him as well at the rodeos. I college rodeoed on him for a few years, did amateur rodeos, and barrel bashes. I plan to finish him and season him to become my pro horse. He is honest, willing, and darn athletic.

Why do you use Omega Fields products?

I give Shaggy Omega Horseshine® and Omega Nibblers® daily. Boy does he love both products! His skin and coat are so shiny and beautiful. Shaggy has poor hooves and he loves to throw shoes and break his feet up constantly. He used to always blow at least two abscesses a year, now that he is on Omega Horseshine® and Omega Nibblers®, he has not blown one abscess and his hoof walls are thick. He sheds out so easily and I don’t inject him as much anymore because the Omega-3 content in both products helps with his joint inflammation.