Registered Name: Sunlor’s Full of Mayhem

Owned By: Dave and Sue Ostendorf

Trainer/DVM Name: Dave and Sue Ostendorf, Pierce Fleming

Breed: Golden Retriever

Date of Birth: May 1, 2005

Location: Brooklyn Park, MN

History, Career Highlights, and Future Goals

Logan is a dog that does whatever his owners ask of him. He has earned his CGC, TDI, TDIA and CHIP clearances. When Logan has down time, he loves to play ball and go for a good run with his owner.

Otherwise, he is very active and busy. Logan goes to nursing homes weekly. Logan competes in the conformation ring, he loves the show environment. Logan also helps foster and train puppies. When breeders need to separate the puppies from their mommies, Logan will think nothing of taking on a puppy and teaching it manners along with basic obedience. Logan also loves to gently play with the puppy.

One thing that Logan loves to do every morning is to say good morning to you. He will dig a bone out of the bone box as soon as he hears you stirring and wait for you. Having his proud bone to say good morning to you, prancing around like he has a treasure in you every morning to say “Good Morning world let the day begin”.

Why do you use Omega Fields products?

We started using Omega Canine Shine on Logan and saw results within days and I mean days. His coat is so remarkably soft and the shine to it is amazing. Logan is a huge ball lover. In the beginning of Spring we will start to throw the ball for about 10 – 12 times and then he starts to tire. We will normally increase this in early summer (middle of June to early July). Since Logan has been on Omega Canine Shine we have already started increasing the amount of throws to 15 – 20 times (it isn’t even the end of May). Recently while running with Logan I have seen his cool down recovery time is so much faster. He is back to chewing on a bone or playing with our other dogs within minutes.

Logan absolutely loves the taste of Omega Canine Shine. As soon as the package is opening, he prances around knowing that he is getting yummy stuff on his food. Our other dogs love to clean his bowl. Speaking of our other dogs, we give all 3 of our dogs the Omega Nuggets. They love the nuggets and can’t wait to have to do some tricks to get a treat. I have noticed a big difference on our older golden, she is moving around like a teenager. The pricing on these products is remarkable. We have tried some other products on our dogs. We found we would have to use so much more of the product to get any type of results (I’m talking scoops versus Omega Canine Shine teaspoons). The results did not compare to the products put out by Omega Fields. The Omega Canine Shine and Omega Nuggets are priced within the consumer’s pocketbook.

I am truly amazed at the wonderful products that Omega Fields has for our canine companions.