Jenny Pavlovic

Show Type/Competition: Author events and dog competitions

Specialties: Author of dog books, speaker, dog rescuer and rehabilitator, competitor in obedience, herding, versatility and other dog performance events, biomedical engineer

Dogs (name, breed): Bandit, an Australian Cattle Dog; Chase, an Australian Cattle Dog/Collie X; and Cayenne, an Australian Cattle Dog/Carolina Dog X

Associations: 8 State Kate Fund, 8 State Kate Press, Australian Cattle Dog Club of America

Date of Birth: August 11th

Location: Afton, MN


History, Career Highlights, and Future Goals

My experience with animal rescue in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina changed my life dramatically.  I ended up bringing home an old lost cattle dog to foster.  Our remarkable journey connected me with caring people from all over the world and turned me into an author and independent publisher.  8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog is our story.  50% of book profits go to the 8 State Kate Fund, named in Kate’s honor, to help animals in need.  My second book, the Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book is the book that I wanted for my own dogs after all that I learned since Katrina.  I’m working on a third book, for readers ages 5 to 95.  It includes cartoon cattle dogs and rubber chickens, and encourages us to tune in better to the animals in our lives.  That’s all I’m saying so far!

Last summer my mom found a book that I wrote and tried to sell to her when I was a little kid, called “The Puppy That Couldn’t Say Roof.”  I find it interesting that over forty years later, I wrote a book to give a voice to a lost dog who was rescued from a rooftop!  That story was inside me all along and it took a rescued Katrina dog to bring it out.  Sometimes we go astray from our destiny for a while and need to look deep inside ourselves to find it.  I now teach a community education class called “How to Find Your True Passions in Life: What I learned from My Journey with 8 State Hurricane Kate.”

I live in Minnesota with Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) Bandit, rescued ACD-Collie mix Chase, and rescued ACD-Carolina Dog mix Cayenne.  One of my greatest rewards has been seeing rescued dogs recover from pasts of abuse, neglect, or trauma and begin to enjoy life.  I’ve learned a lot from watching my herding dogs do what they were bred to do.  Through working and living with them, I’ve become a better person and a more confident leader.

After years of working with my dogs in obedience, rally, agility, herding, carting, tracking, acting tricks, and therapy dog work, with experiences in TTouch, animal communication and more, I’m beginning to feel pretty well trained!  My day isn’t complete until I get out for a walk and a ball game with the dogs.

Why do you use Omega Fields products?

Barbara O’Brien introduced me to Canine Shine® and I’ve been very impressed with how much it has helped my dogs.  People even comment on how soft their coats are!  Bandit is a hard-driving herding dog who plays hard every day and also competes in agility.  Chase and Cayenne run and play hard and like to attend book events.  Cay had terrible itchy skin when she first came here and her skin and coat have improved so much.  Although all three dogs were on high-quality grain-free food already, they benefit from the extra nutrition provided by Canine Shine®.