Pat & Linda Parelli

, Pat & Linda Parelli

Discipline: Natural Horsemanship

Specialties: Equine Behavior

Horses:Hot Jazz (Oldenburg), Highland (Holsteiner), Allure (Trakhener), Apollo (Oldenburg), Na’vi (Trakhener), Remmer (Dutch Warmblood), Zen (Oldenburg)

Location: Pagosa Springs, CO

History, Career Highlights, and Future Goals

Parelli Natural Horsemanship’s goal is to help raise the level of horsemanship worldwide for the benefit of horses and the people who love them.  By practicing the Parelli program to gain an understanding of equine psychology and effective communication skills, horsemen of all disciplines and skill levels are able to build solid, reliable foundations with their horses.  From recreationsal trail riders to Olympic-level dressage riders, hundreds of thousands of horse owners around the world use the Parelli method and the results speak for themselves.  Founded by Pat and Linda Parelli, Parelli Natural Horsemanship is now the world’s most popular horsemanship education program, with campuses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and students in dozens of additional countries.  For more information about Parelli Natural Horsemanship, including educational videos, articles, training tools, horsemanship diaries and more, visit the Parelli membership site and sign up for a FREE 30-day trial.

Omega Fields is excited to announce our NEW RFDtv commercial with our partners Linda and Pat Parelli. Linda Parelli said that this was the first supplement she really felt excited about.

First supplement I really felt excited about. Key nutrients in it that keep my horses looking amazing ~Linda Parelli. Changing the horse world thru nutrition

Why do you use Omega Fields products?

Omega Horseshine
“I’m excited to be using Omega Horseshine with my horses.  I’ve always believed in the benefits of flaxseed oil, but now it’s easier than ever to feed them this nutritious supplement and offer the extra benefit of the whole seed, not just the oil.  The addition of yeast is also a great boost; again, I don’t have to feed this separately now.  My horses love Omega Horseshine and continue to shine on, from the inside out.”  – Linda Parelli 

Omega Nibblers
“My horses are very fussy about cookies, but they love the Omega Nibblers.  The best part is that the ‘dose’ is 15 cookies, – which is about how many I love to treat them with!  They are a nice size, fit easily in my pocket so I’ve got them with me for whenever I want to reward my horse.”  – Linda Parelli