50 lb. Bags Now In 45 lb. Bags

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You will notice that all of our products that had a 50lb packaging option are now changed to 45lbs. We were notified by UPS that all packages shipped after 12/26/2020 would have a significant weight based surcharge of $24. We felt that rather than have to charge significantly more just to cover the freight cost and not provide any additional product value, that we would reduce the shipping weights of our packages to avoid the surcharges. We are working diligently to implement the changes into our subscription program but since this had to done in “real” time there may be some bugs to work out and we would appreciate your patience as we learn the best way to minimize the effects of these changes. Sincerely,
The Omega Fields Team

New 2021 Pricing From Omega Fields

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As a courtesy to our valued customers, Omega Fields® is providing you notice of updated pricing effective January 1st, 2021.

It has been three years since our last price increase, and we realize that everyone is very sensitive to economic challenges.  

The need to make these changes is due to experiencing raw material (flaxseed and vitamins/minerals), shipping (UPS and raw materials inbound), packaging materials, and general production cost increases including wages, benefits, and facilities.   

Omega Fields remains committed to keeping “quality” as our number one focus, with the emphasis on human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, shelf stability, nutritional value, and excellent customer service.  It is because of our uncompromising insistence for quality that we choose to source our flaxseed from North America — not from less proven sources such as Eastern Europe or China.  Our premium products will continue to offer fair pricing and exceptional value especially when compared to other options. With Omega Fields® — you will always receive the quality you are familiar with! We welcome your comments at info@omegafields.com. Thank you.

Please note that current 50 lb. subscriptions customers will automatically update to the new 45 lb. size.

Are You Being The Best Partner You Can Be To Your Equine Partner?

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Written By: Omega Fields Spokesperson, John Samsill

Having been a team roper for over 50 years I get asked a lot of questions.  I don’t mean how to rope, I’m talking just general questions like how has team roping changed since I started and who is the best ropers you’ve seen.  One question that  I have probably been ask the most and I’ve never had a good answer for is who is the best partner you’ve roped with.  The reason I have never had a good answer is that I have roped with some really good guys, so I have never wanted to single one guy out.  I was asked this question a few days ago and it really got me to thinking about all the guys I have roped with and who I thought was the best.  Even if I kept the answer to myself.  So, during my process of coming up with an answer it hit me that first I had to define what made someone a good partner.  What I came up with actually surprised me. 

My first thought of why someone was a good partner is that they roped really good.  That really wasn’t the case as I’ve roped with guys who roped outstanding, but we didn’t win that much.  Ive roped with some guys who probably wasn’t the best roper, but we won fairly consistently.  Again, I didn’t feel like that was enough to put them over the top.  Then it hit me what they were asking me is who was the best partner I’ve had.  Roping good didn’t encompass the total package.  So once again I set out to define who was the best, partner, I’ve ever had.  The following is what I came up with.

The best partners I’ve had were very supportive, even if I missed or broke a barrier.  The best partners I’ve ever had complimented my style of roping and believed in our teams’ abilities as much or sometimes more than I did.  We could always rely on each other both in and out of the arena.  What that all boils down to for me is who helped make me a better roper by them being my partner.  Who was the best a that?  My answer was crystal clear, but I’ll keep the name to myself out of respect to the others I’ve been fortunate enough to rope with.  I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about though.  At one point in our partnership I had missed three good steers in a row.  I was really hanging my head low when we were riding out of the arena after I had missed the third one.  When we were outside of the arena, he grabbed me by the arm and told me it was ok, he told me to stay aggressive.  He told me that he wasn’t discouraged at all because when things turned around, and it would turn around, we would go right back to winning so keep doing what I was doing.  I can’t tell you what that did to my confidence, especially the confidence I had in our team.  This guy made me a better roper and partner.  So, without a doubt he was the best partner I have ever roped with.

This journey I went on to really think of my best partner also made me realize that some of my equine partners also made me a better roper.  They did the same things as my human partners.  They made me better, gave me confidence and was always there for me.  It also made me think of some of my horses that I took for granted and I probably wasn’t the best partner to.  As I have matured and realized my part in making my horses better and even supporting them if they made a mistake, I think I have become a better partner to my horses.  Part of what I do for them is use the best saddle pads, in my case I only will use SaddleRight saddle pads on my horses.  One of the other things I do is ride the best saddles I can, that’s why I only ride Usher Brand Saddles.  Probably the most important thing we can do is to provide them with the best nutrition.  That’s why the only supplements I give my horses comes from Omega Fields Feeds.  My horses get Horseshine Complete every day along with Proventum.  I am trying to be the best partner to my horses that I can and that’s why these things are just part of my program.  So ask yourself, are you being the best partner you can be to your equine partner?      

Telegraphing our Next Cue

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Father and Son Ranchers

It doesn’t matter what we are doing with our horses, there is always the fine line of them anticipating what we are going to ask of them. I think most of us have experienced that moment when we we’re just starting to think what we wanted to do next and our horse started doing it. I’ve had many people come for a roping lesson and they tell me, I swear this horse can read my mind. I tell them jokingly that if their mind is in their butt, then yes, he’s reading your mind. What do I mean by that? We teach horses to react to the cues that we give them, we just aren’t always aware of the cues they are picking up on. We are as much of a creature of habit as our horses are so sometimes, we are not aware that we may shift our bodies a certain way just before we give certain cues. If we do this consistently then the shifting becomes as much of the cue as the cue itself. We shift out of habit, so we are unaware of what we just did and have no idea how the horse knew what we were going to ask of them, but to the horse it was an obvious cue. In boxing, if you do something just before you throw a certain punch it is called telegraphing your punch, that’s basically what we are doing to our horses. We are telegraphing our next cue. Its not always a bad thing, but if we are having trouble with horses anticipating the wrong thing, then first, we must look at our riding to make sure it’s not our fault. Remember horse are magnificent animals and are very smart but they are not mind readers.

Rachel Long – @nantuketblue Instagram Post about Omega Horseshine

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Can you believe it’s December? We made it, guys! The last month of 2020!

I just got resupplied with more Horseshine from Omega Fields and wanted to let you know that they’re having great deals every day this week, if you’ve been wanting to try their products now is a great time!

I talk about their products a lot on my stories, but I wanted to touch on the 2 biggest benefits I see here:

1) Skin & Coat health are the most obvious! They seriously SHINE and scroll to the last to see the miracle these flax-based supplements performed for Tucker!
2) Endurance and recovery…before feeding Horseshine, my horses were receiving a competing product and after the switch there was a huge difference in their energy levels and eagerness to hit the trails. They never get tired anymore.

Also they adore the taste. We’ll never be without this supplement again!

Learn more about Omega Horseshine – https://www.omegafields.com/2019/01/14/omega-horseshine/

Horse Myths Debunked – Hot & Cold Blooded Horses Have A Difference In Body Temperature

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Horse Myths Debunked Hot and Cold Blooded Horses

By: Dr. Kris Hiney

Hot and cold-blooded horse have a difference in body temperature. …
While it might be fun to imagine wide swings in body temperature between types of horses, that just isn’t true. Hot and cold blooded horses run the same temperature – good old average 100.5 Fahrenheit. Hot and cold blooded instead refers to the type or breeding of the horses, but these terms do have some correlations to environmental temperatures. Cold blooded horses have a heavier more compact body morphology which is more efficient at retaining heat in colder climates. Think draft horses – Shires, Clydesdales, Belgians. By comparison, the hot blooded horses have a more slender physique that is geared towards greater heat dissipation through finer skin, larger nostrils etc. Arabians and Thoroughbreds easily fall into this group. Hot blooded horses are typically thought of as more reactive or “hotter” horses, while cold blooded horses are usually much calmer and laid back. Hot blooded horses run metabolically a bit “hotter,” often being much harder keepers than their efficient cold blooded cousins. While not different in body temperature, researchers have attempted to standardize “normal” hematological values for different breeds or types of horses including Barbs, primitive breeds, hot or light horse breeds and cold blooded or draft type horses. The hot horses have higher red blood cell counts, hemoglobin, packed cell volume and total blood volume compared to the gentle giants. Hot blooded horses even have higher white blood cells than cold blooded horses, but temperature remains the same. In both types of horses, elevated temperatures are due to exercise, illness or heat stress and it is important to always learn normal for your horse.

30 Day Omega Horseshine Challenge By Team Velvet, Inc.

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“Our 30-Day Horseshine Challenge is over and the result are in. WOW!
I am amazed at the qualitative difference in our three-therapy horse herd in this short time.
All three horses show more shine, thickness and improved texture after we followed the recommended feeding guidelines by weight. Since they range from XL [Our Trakehner Velvet is 18 hands 2 1/2 inches; our Halflinger Precious is 900 pounds and our mini Little Annie weighs in at under 400 pounds.
All of them improved in appearance which is significant as they started out as beautiful horses.
I think your product is well-named because it increased their shine. I have enclosed photos of the three horses in sunglasses with the following message to other horses: SHINE ON!”

by Lillian Shupe (Media Director) & Susan Edwards, Ph.D. (Psychologist/Director) Team Velvet, Inc. Nonmounted Horse Therapy for Child Trauma www.teamvelvet.com

Eliminate Thoughts of Doubt

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John Samsill

By: John Samsill

What I would like to talk about today can be applied to any discipline, from show jumping to trail riding but I’ll be discussing team roping. Before you ride into the roping box for the first tie at a roping, what are you thinking about? The last thing you want creeping into your mind is doubt. I talk to a lot of people who may be confident in their own ability but have doubts of whether their horse will perform at the level that they need to be competitive. I have said many times that if there are one hundred teams entered in a roping you have ninety-nine other teams to beat, the last thing you want is to try and compete against your horse when they are not working. I have ropers ask me to evaluate how their horse is working and what they can do to fix any problems they are having either with their horse or with their roping. You may or may not be surprised as to what I find is the problem most often.

What I find most often is that their horse is sore or what I like to call, uncomfortable doing the job they are being asked to perform. The reason I like to say sore or uncomfortable is that they are not lame, they show no signs of lameness in normal conditions, only when they are working. An example of this may be that a horse will not rate a steer when your roping. Some ropers may think that the horse is to fresh or not paying attention to the rider. On closer inspection the horse may have a sore back, but it only shows up when he takes a jerk from the saddle horn or is pulling a steer. these are circumstances that we cannot repeat except while roping. The horse doesn’t want to rate because he knows this is one way to avoid that jerk or pull the steer.

All horses are athletes in their own discipline. The soreness happens so often that that is always the first thing I look for when a horse is not performing as well as they should, whether its my own horse or a client’s. Keeping your horse in working shape along with the proper nutrition can help eliminate these nagging problems. I have noticed a big improvement in not only how my horses look but their overall athletic performance since I’ve been feeding Omega Fields Horseshine Complete along with Proventum. After talking to the helpful people at Omega Fields I’ve concluded that one of the biggest factors in a horse’s health and especially a performance horse is the same as human athletes, inflammation. By feeding Horseshine Complete I help eliminate inflammation throughout my horses’ entire body. Thus, eliminating most of the uncomfortableness that athletes experience, whether human or equine.

So, help eliminate some of those thoughts of doubt by giving them what they need to help eliminate that chronic inflammation. Doing such a small thing as feeding Horseshine Complete can reap huge dividends in the long run. I know it did for me!