Top Quality Flax at a Fair Price

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At Omega Fields, we take pride in providing a quality product at a fair price to thousands of animal owners all across the country. Our products are made from flaxseed – known for thousands of years as a true super-food, which we now attribute to their high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. An important nutrient for humans, horses, dogs, and chickens, omega-3s are widely recognized as beneficial for healthy skin and joints. All flaxseed used in Omega Fields’ products is milled to Global Food Safety Initiative standards for human consumption, employing a rigorous microbial reduction process and utilizing our Pure Glean stabilization technique for long shelf life.

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Benefits of Supplementing Horses with Vitamin E

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Vitamin E serves as a powerful antioxidant to maintain many normal body functions of the horse. The vitamin is important to many areas of the horse’s body, including the eyes, neuromuscular system and reproductive tract. Of course, there are likely many other ways that it serves the body that haven’t yet been determined! Do you know if your horse is consuming enough vitamin E?

Where Horses Get Vitamin E

Horses consume adequate amounts of vitamin E in their diet so long as they have access to fresh green grass a majority of the year. Grass is a great source of vitamin E (and omega-3’s, too!) when grazed on, but levels quickly decrease after cutting. This means that hay, especially when stored for longer periods of time, can be a poor source of vitamin E for the horse.


How Necessary is Vitamin E?

Horses do not necessarily require vitamin E on a daily basis, all year long. Horses store vitamin E in the liver, and can draw upon those stores for the months where they face inadequate resources, such as during winter. Some say an adult horse with previous dietary intake of adequate amounts of vitamin E can go approximately 18 months without consuming any of the vitamin before problems become noticeable. Note that this does not look at when deficiency symptoms may be unnoticeable! 

Of course, there are many horses that are not so lucky as to always have access to green grass even for part of the year. Whether or not a horse shows clinical signs related to a vitamin E deficiency relates to a variety of things. Factors that can lead to signs of deficiency include the age when the deficiency developed, how long the horse was deficient, genetics, and other components of the diet.

How Much the Horse Needs

The National Research Council recommends horses consume 1-2 IU of vitamin E per kilogram of body weight per day, which is around 1,000-2,000 IU per day for a 1,100 pound horse. A proper diagnosis of a vitamin E-related problem is made with a combination of vitamin E access, clinical signs, muscle biopsy results, as well as eliminating other diseases with similar signs. A normal vitamin E level for a horse is considered to be greater than 2 μg/ml.

Older horses have an increased need for antioxidants such as vitamin E. A study with predominantly older horses found that the bacterial killing capacity of monocytes and neutrophils (types of white blood cells) increased in the vitamin E-supplemented horses, but more research is needed in this area!

When to Add Vitamin E to Your Horse’s Diet

Unless your horse has access to fresh green pasture a majority of the year, incorporating a vitamin E supplement in their daily diet is a great way to ensure your horse does not develop a deficiency. According to UC Davis, alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically available and well researched isoform of vitamin E. Be careful where you source your vitamin E however, as there is a big difference between natural and synthetic.

If your horse has already developed a serious deficiency in vitamin E, you will want to consult with your veterinarian about adding a water dispersible form while also testing serum levels periodically. These are the most effective, but also the most expensive. Natural-source, powdered alpha-tocopheryl acetate requires over a month to increase levels to the normal range for the deficient horse. Adding a healthy amount of vitamin E to your horse’s diet proactively is the easiest way to combat deficiencies.

Safely Supplementing

The National Research Council has set the upper safe diet concentration at 20 IU/kg of body weight, which is about 10,000 IU per day for a 1100 lb horse. Above this level, blood clotting and impaired bone mineralization have been reported. As mentioned previously, the low end of their recommendation is 1,000-2,000 IU per day for a 1,100 pound horse. Horses will receive some vitamin E from hay and any grazing they are able to do in addition to supplementation.

Omega grandE is a natural source supplement that provides 1,500 IU of Vitamin E per serving. Intended as a daily supplement and designed to keep your horse within the safe limits, it has a base of ground flaxseed and plain dried beet pulp which make the D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate highly palatable to horses. Feeding Omega grandE daily can fill the gap in vitamin E intake for horses without grass pasture, or your older equines who need some extra care.

Surprising Benefits of Omega Horseshine Supplement

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Omega Horseshine with Scoop
Omega Horseshine with Scoop

Omega 3 fatty acids have become a buzzword in the health and nutrition industry for many years now, crossing over into the horse industry with the same vigor. Feeding flax as a source of Omega 3’s to horses has been a known solution for improving skin & coat, but the quality and processing of that flax results in a wide range of results. Fortunately, Omega Horseshine® has been providing a reliable source of high quality flax for horses for over 30 years, with consistent results that continue to surprise horse owners every day. 

Omega 3 Basics: Skin & Coat

Problems with sweet itch, dull coat, dry itchy skin, poor hoof growth, cracking/splitting hooves, allergies, etc. may be attributed to an Omega-3 deficiency in the horse’s body. The stabilized ground flax used in Omega Horseshine® is very high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, as flax is the richest source of Omega-3 in the plant world.

Over 25 years ago, our company developed what is now proprietary stabilization technology to provides a stable, fortified flaxseed composition as a rich safe source of Omega-3 in the diet. Our stabilization process is all natural, nothing is added, no chemicals used, the ground flax is kosher certified. Here are a few testimonials from customers over the years!

The most surprising result of feeding Ricci the flaxseed supplement was his coat. Just three weeks after incorporating it into his diet, he was body clipped. Being a black bay, he was normally a mousy brown after body clipping. Instead, this time, he presented a deep brown with black highlights and an amazingly shiny coat after I had removed his thick winter fur.

Both my trainer and I were impressed by the health of Ricci’s skin and coat. The transformation continued into the spring and summer months when he developed dapples for the first time ever. Despite eating a smaller amount of grain, he was still able to maintain his body condition and build a stronger topline with increased work over the summer months. Ricci also stayed dark and shiny, even when he was turned out in the sun; in previous years, he sunbleached quickly regardless of wearing a UV-protective flysheet.”

– Jennifer Roberts-Keating from The Cheshire Horse

Cheshire Horse

“I’ve had my mare Remington on Omega Horseshine since I adopted her a year & a half ago. I have tried other supplements with past horses, and nothing even comes close to what you guys offer. I am constantly blown away with how shiny & healthy her coat is, and how strong her hooves are.”

– Chelsie

“All my horse’s are on your product and are thriving because of it, thank you for developing such a good product. I have convinced many friends and all my clients have put their horses on it… I have been using Omega Horseshine for over 10 years and will never take my horses off of it. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

– Donna Wilke, of WilkeEquestrian

Omega Horseshine for Performance

Omega 3 is necessary for cell membrane integrity. Cell membrane integrity can be compromised by excess acidity at the cell levels and by too high levels of inflammatory fatty acids like Omega-6 from feeds and grains, and trans fats from senior feeds, and animal fat products. Inflammation is a common cause of pain and discomfort in all living things, especially for the joints of our hard working equine partners. Omega-3 is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory — so joint pain can be alleviated by supplementing with Omega Horseshine®. We hear so many stories about horses improving in areas of performance, whether due to a reduction in pain caused by inflammation or other benefit. 

“We have had our Stallion, DTs Dual Turbo Cat on the Horseshine since a yearling. Turbo as we call him is a 5 yr old Sorrel stallion, out of a High Brow Cat Stud By a Smart Little Lena mare. With in his 1st year of running (as a 4 year old). Turbo qualified in just 2 runs for the IBRA (International Barrel Racing Association) Nationals Finals in Murfreesboro TN September 2018. He is currently on track to qualify for NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association) Worlds for 2019!

One of the best things we love about Horseshine is the fact the horses will lick it up right out of your hand! Never have had a picky eater turn their nose up!”

– Trisha Dommer, DT Performance Horses

“My show mare, Smart Lena Playboy (barn name Jackie Lovey), injured herself when she was 18 months old which resulted in minor arthritis in her shoulders. When I started to supplement her grain with Horseshine, within a week, I began to notice her movement was more fluid and her performance showed marked improvement.”

– Pamela Barker

“I had a horse w/ chronic inflammation in her back leg and front knee. Anything I tried didn’t work… Magnetic boots, DMSO, linaments, supps and then I took her off all the supps and added 4oz of Horseshine to her morning grain product and w/in 3 months the inflammation was gone!!! I could not be happier w/this product…”

– LiLaBeth

“All horses are athletes in their own discipline. The soreness happens so often that it is always the first thing I look for when a horse is not performing as well as they should, whether its my own horse or a client’s. Keeping your horse in working shape along with the proper nutrition can help eliminate these nagging problems. I have noticed a big improvement in not only how my horses look but their overall athletic performance since I’ve been feeding Omega Fields Horseshine Complete.”

– John Samsill, read more >

Ground Flax to Prevent Sand Colic

The premium, stabilized, ground, fortified flax seed used in Omega Horseshine®, Omega Antioxidant and Omega Horseshine® COMPLETE contains a high mucilage (soluble fiber) content that swells and takes on a gel-like consistency, helping prevent sand colic and impaction. Flax mucilage traps and suspends sand, carrying it out. The flax also acts to buffer excess acid and aids in the stabilization and modulation of blood glucose. You can actually discontinue feeding psyllium if you supplement with Omega Horseshine® everyday!

“One of our horses, Shotgun, is a Welsh pony cross. He is in his mid to upper 20s. He was struggling a couple years ago with issues regarding sand in his gut. He had several mild colic episodes and the vet said that if we didn’t get it under control, we could lose him. So, I put him on Omega HorseShine and he never had any issues with sand again.”

– Becky VanDamme

“Being a military family, we move frequently and so does my horse. Transitioning from lush pastures in North Carolina to the sandy desert in Nevada I was able to rest easy knowing that he was on a consistent diet containing Omega Fields Omega Horseshine. I didn’t worry as much about the change in nutrients from pasture to hay nor the increase in chance of sand colic. He never skipped a beat and for the past three years while other horses at our boarding facility have colicked or needed additional sand clearing supplements he’s never had an issue. Horseshine has given me peace of mind knowing I’ve got a balanced Omega-3 supplement…”

– Danielle L. & Blue

“My horses will even eat Omega Horseshine alone without any feed mixed in, so it is definitely palatable. Believe it or not, sweet itch is no longer a problem, his feet look great, he keeps his weight on less feed, I don’t have to use any de-sanding products, and the uncontrollable proud flesh caused by an injury that happened in may 2007 on his left back heel is starting to shrink and I am able to debris it daily with out a topical. I started my 2 horses in September on 1 cup each, and it is the middle of October and I still have at least half a 20# bag left. Omega Horseshine lasts a long time. Thank you so much for making such a great product, with results beginning at 1 week. This is a product that every horse owner should at least try, but I can’t imagine anyone not being satisfied with the results.”

– Melissa J. Martin

Omega Horseshine®

Ready to get your horse on Omega Horseshine? Available in 4.5lb, 20lb, or 45lb bags. The powerful nutrients in Omega Horseshine® are locked in and guaranteed stable for 18 months with no signs of rancidity or loss of nutritional value. Still, it is always best if stored in a cool, dry place!

Omega Horseshine 3 sizes bags

Hallie Hanssen Wins First Chance 2023 American Qualifier to Secure Spot in Semi Finals

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hallie hanssen 2023 American Qualifier_2

Omega Fields spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen and MS French WallaWalla posted a 15.562 on The Patriot Leaderboard to win the First Chance American Qualifier in Fort Worth, Texas. Hallie secured her spot in the 2023 The American Semi Finals and won $2210.00 for the win.

Hallie supplements Walla with Omega Horseshine, Proventum and Omega Nibblers.

Omega Fields Spokespeople Successful at Kinder Cup

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Omega Fields spokesperson, Kelsey Treharne and RDC SeisShotsOfFame winning 8th in the average, placing in the slot race and making the Breeders Challenge Finals. Kelsey and & CID Highwind winning 5th in the average this past weekend at the Kinder Cup.

“I recommend Omega Fields because i believe their products are made for the horse. My horses look better, feel better and perform better on Omega Fields. I have fed a bunch of different products through the years and omega fields is hands down the best and the results are obvious. My horses look amazing!

I Love my Omega Fields Omega Horseshine and Proventum probiotic treats. My horses get these daily.” – Kelsey Treharne

Learn more about Kelsey Treharne

Omega Fields spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen and Liar Liar Sox On Fire placing 9th in the first go of the Kinder Cup futurity and qualifying for the $1,000,000 The Breeders Challenge Futurity Finals.

“We can’t imagine our program without Omega Fields products (Proventum and Omega Horseshine).“We have been feeding Omega Fields – Omega Horseshine for almost a decade! It’s a staple for all of our performance horses. It keeps them looking and feeling their best.” ~ Hallie Hanssen

Learn more about Hallie Hanssen

Learn more about Omega Horseshine

Learn more about Proventum –

Omega Fields Hallie Hanssen and Trik Or Treat win 6th in the 2nd go of The Richest Dinosaur and American Qualifier 2022 Futurity!

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Omega Fields Hallie Hanssen and Trik Or Treat by The Kandyman out of Frenchies Cash Cutie clocking a 14.902 winning 6th last weekend in the second go of  The Richest Dinosaur and American Qualifier 2022 Futurity! She finished 11th overall in the open out of 620 head.

“We have been feeding Omega Fields – Omega Horseshine for almost a decade! It’s a staple for all of our performance horses. It keeps them looking and feeling their best.” ~ Hallie Hanssen

Omega Fields Instagram New Year Giveaway

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*THE NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY* We’re saying goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 with 3 great prizes! There will be 3 winners – the Grand Prize will include 2 bags of Omega Nibblers PLUS 1 pick of our new Omega Fields Merch. Two more winners will receive 3 bags of Omega Nibblers. All Omega Nibblers will be our original Blackstrap Molasses flavor! 🍪

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This giveaway is open until  January 3rd, 2022. To win, you must be located in the United States 🇺🇸. This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram.

A Note To Our Customers

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As a courtesy to our valued customers, Omega Fields® is providing you notice of updated pricing effective January 1st, 2022.

It has been a very challenging year, and we realize that everyone is very sensitive to the unprecedented economic challenges.
The need to make these changes is due to experiencing very significant raw material (flaxseed and vitamins/minerals), shipping (UPS and raw materials inbound), packaging materials, and general production cost increases including wages, benefits, and facilities. Our flax growers experienced a very unusual year with extended drought conditions, very low crop carryover from the previous year and significant export pricing pressure leading to a price increase percentage not seen in over 20 years. Finally, we have been so fortunate in finding and retaining high quality people, but market conditions have contributed to added pricing pressure in costs to maintain our exceptional workforce.

Omega Fields remains committed to keeping “quality” as our number one focus, with the emphasis on human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, shelf stability, nutritional value, and excellent customer service. It is because of our uncompromising insistence for quality that we choose to source our flaxseed from North America — not from less proven sources such as Eastern Europe or China. Our premium products will continue to offer fair pricing and exceptional value especially when compared to other options. With Omega Fields® — you will always receive the quality you are familiar with! We welcome your comments at Thank you.

Omega Fields Spokesperson Hallie Melvin Hanssen and MS French Walla Walla win the first round of the OKC Futurity!

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Omega Fields Spokesperson Hallie Melvin Hanssen and MS French Walla Walla win the first round of the OKC Futurity!

Learn more about Hallie –

Learn more about Omega Horseshine –

Learn more about Omega Nibblers –