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  • The list of Omega-3 medical benefits is growing.

    In two separate recent studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists found that Omega-3s protected against cognitive decline in a group of older men at risk for cardiovascular disease. At the end of the five-year study, those taking supplements had less cognitive decline than people who didn't.

    The other study was conducted at many sites throughout the United States. One study measured plasma fatty acid levels in a group of 2,251 men living in Minnesota between 1990 and 1992 and from 1996 to 1998. During that time, investigators at the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of North Carolina and the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in Maryland, conducted three neuropsychological tests to study attention and memory.

    Again, those taking omega-3 fatty acids had less risk of "global cognitive decline," the authors reported. What's more, a number of cardiovascular factors were pushed in the direction of better health.

    Omega-3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure and increase the flexibility of the vascular wall. High blood pressure can make the wall more rigid. Omega-3 fatty acids can also penetrate red blood cells, making them more flexible and better able to get through narrowed arteries.

    There are more cardiovascular benefits, according to a study published in Lancet. Japanese researchers at Kobe University studied 18,000 people with high cholesterol and some kind of unhealthy heart history. Everyone was prescribed statins, the cholesterol-lowering agents, and half of them also received omega-3 fatty acids while the others swallowed a placebo.

    They were followed for more than four years, at which time the scientists found 20 percent fewer cardiac events, including heart attacks, in those on 12 grams of fish oil a day.

    Omega-3’s most potent effect is as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is now being used in a number of inflammatory disorders, including arthritis, lupus and some cancers. Studies have shown that Omega-3 regulates genes involved in inflammation. Human genes have co-evolved with the foods we have eaten for centuries," Sears said.

  • So why are the Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in flaxseed so vital to good health?

    Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to regulate gene transcription and expression, thus altering enzyme synthesis, and to modify several risk factors for coronary heart disease, including reducing serum triglycerides and blood pressure. They also protect against thrombosis and a variety of cancers, plus they enhance immune response and inhibit inflammatory reactions.

    EFAs are required for maintaining the structure of cell membranes and the permeability of the skin. They are also needed as precursors for eicosanoids such as prostaglandins and thromboxanes, and in cholesterol transport and metabolism. EFAs -- Hearty Protectors. Once again population studies reveal that a diet high in Omega-3 significantly reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

    It is interesting to note that of all the common causes of premature death -- heart attack, stroke, cancer, accidents, diabetes, and infectious diseases -- the odds of dying from a heart attack are greatest. That goes whether you are male or female. Most assume that cardiovascular disease afflicts primarily men, mainly because the symptoms show up ten years earlier in men. But following menopause, women catch up rather quickly. In fact, every year more women die from heart attacks than men. Per annum, five times more women die from a heart attack than from breast cancer. As you can see, heart attacks don't play favorites when it comes to gender. It is an equal opportunity disease.

    Until recently, heart-healthy diets and nutrients good for the heart usually have only one goal; to lower cholesterol levels, which is helpful to the heart. But as research into what makes the heart tick continues, new revelations on how to achieve and maintain heart health are coming to light. True heart health is achieved through a variety of means, not just one. For instance, one might also consider lowering other blood fats besides cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering homocysteine levels, increasing arterial flexibility, and decreasing blood platelet stickiness.

    Flaxseed oil assists in the prevention of cardiovascular heart disease (CHD) by helping to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, raise HDL (good) cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower platelet stickiness. In clinical trials, Omega-3 rich flaxseed exerts a positive effect on blood lipids. Overall clinical findings suggest that significant reductions in total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels can be achieved, without a change in HDL-cholesterol levels, by adding flaxseed or flaxseed oil to the diet.

    Substituting flaxseed oil for saturated fats in the diet enhances its beneficial effect. Epidemiologic studies have been excellent ways in which to study the effects of Omega-3 on heart health.

  • What is flax?

    Flax is one of the most ancient of useful herbs. Its Latin name, Linum usitatissimum, means "most useful." Flaxseed excavated from ancient Greek archeological sites has been dated back to 1900 to 1700 B.C., and the use of flaxseed is inscribed on tablets at Pylos. Both the Greek historian Thucydides and the Roman Pliny mention the use of flax for food. In fact, so impressed with this gift of nature Pliny wrote, "What department is to be found in active life in which flax is not employed?" Of flax Bartholomew had this to say, "None herbe is so needfull to so many dyurrse uses to mankynde as is the flexe." And Dioscorides extolled flaxseed's power for "mollifying all inflammation inwardly and outwardly." Hippocrates encouraged the use of flaxseed for the relief of abdominal pains, while Theophrastus recommended flax mucilage as a cough remedy. Hildegarde of Bingen used flax meal in hot compresses for the treatment of both external and internal ailments.

    The value of flax to these early cultures is reflected in the rich folklore that surrounds the plant. Flax was believed to be a blessed plant; one that could bring good fortune and restore health. French leader Charlemagne, so impressed with the herb's culinary, medicinal, and domestic usefulness, passed laws and regulations requiring its cultivation and consumption. Flax was much loved and widely cultivated throughout Europe after that, and its cultivation and use continued to expand to other lands and cultures. 

  • Spokespeople

    Omega Fields is proud to be associated with several individuals who are well known in their animal and animal health fields. Bringing the benefits of their personal knowledge and unique experiences, our spokespeople represent us at events and write informative articles for your benefit. Additionally, they give problem-solving advice to pet owners and assist us in developing new products.

    Learn more about our Spokespeople:

    Gail Shrine Maren Luedemann Barbara O'Brien
    Gail Shrine Maren Luedemann Barbara O’Brien
    Don Schrider Shelly Temple  Jenny Pavlovic
    Pat and Linda Parelli
     Chad Crosby Beverly Gray 
       Janice Spaulding Hallie & Lee Hanssen 

  • Animal Ambassadors

    Our Animal Ambassadors exemplify the benefits of particular Omega Fields’ products like the shiny coat and increased vigor Omega Horseshine® gives to Ivory Pal, or the trainability and soft coat of Annie, an Aussie/Red Heeler/Border Collie mix who loves our Omega Nuggets treats.

    Learn more about our Animal Ambassadors:

    Ivory Pal for Omega Horseshine EZ Charger Man for Omega Nibblers
    Ivory Pal
    Omega Horseshine®
    EZ Charger Man
    Omega Nibblers®
    Panadero XLVI
    Omega GRANDE®
    Logan for Omega Canine Shine Annie for Omega Nuggets Pretty Peggy for Omega Ultra Egg
    Omega Canine Shine®
    Omega Nuggets
    Pretty Peggy
    Omega Ultra Egg

  • Our Staff


        Sean Moriarty: President
    It has been a great privilege to work alongside such talented and committed people and ones that share my passion for excellence.  I am always thrilled to hear our customers tell their stories about how Omega Field’s products have helped them and the animals they love.   I am very proud of the products we’ve created and even more proud that so many of you have found them to be of value and continue to buy them!!  We will remain committed to providing superior, affordable products that you can trust.
        Alli (Kellogg) Kuhl: Director of Business Development
        I feel blessed everyday because I work for an amazing company – I truly enjoy each person I work with and believe whole heartedly in our company’s values, business methods and, most of all, our products. Our Omega Fields products are truly amazing. They are made with all-natural, superior ingredients and are affordable. Omega Fields is a perfect fit for me because I love animals, nutrition, flaxseed and working with people. The company has provided me with multiple opportunities to voice my opinions, provide suggestions, and present innovative ideas to increase our company’s brand awareness. It is an honor to have a voice in many aspects of this company beyond sales. Omega Fields is not just a job for me – it is a vital part of my life. I continue to learn something new each day and love having the opportunity to work with other flax enthusiasts. Omega Fields has a positive work environment that allows me to grow in my position, and to positively influence animal and human lives.
        Jeremy Lewis: Director of Sales
     Jeremy Lewis
    What an exciting opportunity it is to be part of the Omega Fields Team.  How could you not love working with a company that sets the standards for Quality Products and Excellent Customer Service? I am very privileged to have a position that many would consider just a job, but, to me, is much more — it is being a part of a Team.  Everyone here at Omega Fields fills an important role in determining our success and achieving our goals. Together we manufacture the highest quality products, provide top notch customer service and delight in the knowledge that our team cannot be matched.  Knowing that our customers will have a positively memorable experience working with us, combined with having the best products in the world… That is why I love my job!
        Bonnie Krajnik: Customer Care Specialist
     Bonnie Krajnik   Being directly involved in Omega Fields' growth these past years has been exciting, challenging, and fun! I am proud and honored to work in the fastest growing area of the animal and human market as an active team member. At "Team Omega Fields" we set high goals for quality products and customer service, carry on our work with integrity, and are blessed to be able to accomplish those goals. Since I have a personal interest in a more natural approach to equine, animal and human nutrition, Omega Fields is a great fit for me. The fact that I get to work alongside some of the best people in this business (we have an amazing team!) is just icing on the cake! I also absolutely enjoy the countless opportunities I'm blessed with to talk with so many of our loyal customers (there's none finer!). In other words -- I love my job!
        Rachel Nickels: Account Manager
    Any animal lover can tell you just how important their pets are to them.  I, myself, am deeply attached to my two precious dogs, Noah and Ellie.  This love for animals and for their health is just one of the reasons I enjoy working for Omega Fields!  With each bag of Omega Horseshine or Omega Canine Shine that I see purchased daily, I think of the animals receiving that bag and how they will live a happier and fuller life because of our product.  I also love telling customers about our Omega Nibbler horse treats and our Omega Nugget dog treats!  My dogs love Omega Nuggets and I don’t have to feel guilty feeding a large amount of treats, because they are so healthy for them!
    Daily I receive calls from customers sharing with me their wonderful experiences with our products and how much they have helped their horses and dogs!  It is wonderful to know I am part of a team so dedicated to helping others and their animals!







  • Just the Flax

    Flax seed has been known for thousands of years in cultures all over the world as a true super food.  Omega 3 fatty acids have become a buzzword in the health and nutrition industry for many years now.   As the understanding, acceptance and demand for Omega-3 rich ingredients expanded, are especially from whole grain flaxseed, in 2004 we decided that the time was right to jump in and purchase our pioneering predecessor ENRECO, Inc. who had over 17 years of milling blending experience.  Like many small business owners, our experience has been a mixture of exhilaration, optimism and fear. ENRECO had an award-winning, uniquely formulated flax based horse supplement called “Omega Horseshine”. We read the reviews from satisfied customers and trade publications such as The Horse Journal and John Lyons' Perfect Horse and could see that Omega Horseshine was a remarkable product. But this sleeper product and omega-3 fatty acids from milled flax seed in general, was not reaching as wide an audience as we knew it could.

    We began to increase Omega Horseshine's visibility and the public’s awareness of flax seed’s amazing health and nutrition benefits by developing an online based distribution process called Omega Fields and then developed retail and wholesale dealer programs as well as national advertising programs. We are very proud to say that many of our great flax based horse and other animal supplements are now available in thousands of retail locations and leading catalogue outlets country wide.

    The great story of the health benefits of flax seed continues to get better and better and our commitment to continued research and quality production does as well. We know there are many options in the market for our customers to choose from when it comes to providing for the health and nutrition of the horses and other animals they love. We are thankful for your business.

    All the best,

    Sean & Brenda Moriarty

  • Contest Winners

    Winners of our August Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Susan King in FL

    Tamara Andre in KS

    Winners of our July Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Sandy Scofield in KY

    Penny Jernigan in MS

    Winners of our June Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Dawn Deems in OH

    Lisa Wettstein in WI

    Winners of our May Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Crystal Abel in OR

    Cherie Vogt in FL

    Winners of our April Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Judith Cozart in TN

    Shawn Davenport in NC

    Winners of our January Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Laurie Wesner in CA

    Cheryl Zimmerman in PA

    Winners of our November Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Ronald Yount in OH

    Sarah Newton in OR

    Winners of our October Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Rene Bartlett in GA

    Rebecca Hollenbeck in OR

    Winners of our September Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Janice Farley in FL

    Sandy Shields in MA

    Winners of our August Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Paula Mussey in MO

    Chris Leister in PA

    Winners of our July Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Johanna Wood in TX

    Michele McLaughlin in AZ

    Our 2nd Parelli Member Contest

    Jodi Dill in NC

    Helenmarie in NM

    Winners of our June Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Pam Young in VA

    Sabrina Price in MI

    Parelli Member Contest

    Kim Herzog in GA

    Kathryn Evans in AZ

    Winners of our May Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Erin Saari in MI

    Kiki McMillan in CO

    Winners of Quarterly Contests to Receive Year's Supply of Omega Fields Products

    We’re happy to announce the winners of our seventh Year’s Supply of Omega Fields Products set of contests and Second Chance Facebook contests for the months of October through December, 2012:

    Equine Quarterly Contest—
    Beth Ulrici in IL— year’s supply of Omega Horseshine®

    Canine Quarterly Contest —
    Gregoria Bacus in TX—year’s supply of Omega Canine Shine®

    Poultry Quarterly Contest —
    Verna Jett in IN—year’s supply of Omega Ultra Egg™


    Equine Second Chance Contest—
    Maggie Stobbs in FL—one 4.5 lb. bag of Omega Horseshine®

    Canine Second Chance Contest—
    Kimberly Reich in MIone 1 lb. pouch of Omega Canine Shine® and one 12 oz. pouch of Omega Nuggets

    Poultry Second Chance Contest—
    Jayne Smith in VA—one 4.5 lb. pouch of Omega Ultra Egg™


     Watch for more fun contests to begin soon!

    Chickens Magazine Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the winner of our April Health-E-Letter contest sponsored by Chickens magazine. Margaret Palmer will receive a 4.5 lb. bag of Omega Ultra Egg™, our Omega-3-rich, ground flaxseed supplement, plus a year's worth (six issues!) of Chickens magazine.

    Chickens magazine, from the editors of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home magazines, provides expert advice about the nutrition, health and comfort of keeping a single backyard bird or a small flock, as well as the care, collection and consumption of their eggs. Each issue also includes profiles of chicken keepers, coop maintenance and design tips, and breed descriptions.


    Backyard Poultry Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of our March Health-E-Letter contest

    sponsored by Backyard Poultry magazine.  Each will receive a 4.5 lb. bag of Omega Ultra Egg™ Omega-3-rich, ground flaxseed supplement, plus:

    First Place:  Raymond DuBois, CT
    , won the "For the Love of Poultry, a Backyard Poultry Anthology"

    Second Place:  Sandra Little, CA
    , won the "Have You Hugged Your CHICKEN Today?" t-shirt.




    Winners of our September Monthly Product Giveaway are:

    Janice Farley in FL

    Sandy Shields in MA


    Rene Bartlett in GA

    Rebecca Hollenbeck in OR


    Ronald Yount in OH

    Sarah Newton in OR


    Winners of our December Monthly Product Giveaway are:


    Lucy Morey in NY

    Tracey Bertram in GA

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