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  • Omega Fields Continues Sponsorship of Horsemanship Radio as the New Title Sponsor

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. announces that it will continue its sponsorship of the Horsemanship Radio program as the new Title Sponsor ( featured on Horses In the Morning radio podcast ( Horsemanship Radio is hosted by Debbie Loucks, daughter of pioneer natural horseman, Monty Roberts. Horsemanship Radio is aired on the 15th and 30th of each month and is downloaded over 10,000 times each month.
    “Both Omega Fields and Monty Roberts are well known in the high performance world as well Continue reading

  • Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen, Diamonds and Dirt Derby Champion

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce one of its spokespeople, Hallie Hanssen for a successful Diamonds and Dirt Derby in Texas last month. Hallie won the Derby on Tres Movidas, owned by Tom Jacobs.
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    Written By: Walt Friedrich

    It is a condition – or more precisely, an infection – in the hoof. It is not a disease. Its elimination has been the goal of massive efforts to develop the ultimate product, as witness the vast variety of thrush-busting products on tack shop shelves. All of them do sell, and each of them probably does reduce and control the infection in some hooves – but there are a couple problems: one is that a given product may clear things up for some horses, but seems ineffective for others. And secondly, many of those hooves whose thrush does get controlled end up with a re-infection a couple months later. Right up front, the problem is not a simple one.   Continue reading

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