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  • Omega Fields is Proud to Announce it will be a GOLD Level Benefactor for the ECIR No Laminitis Conference

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to announce our continued support of the No Laminitis! Conference for 2017. Presented by the ECIR Group, Inc., with Keynote Speakers Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD; Robert Bowker, VMD, PhD; and many more. To be held October 27-29, 2017 in Tucson, AZ.

    Omega Fields’ goal is to promote and support optimal equine health through knowledge, instruction and practice. Once considered a death sentence, Laminitis is often the first sign that leads to a diagnosis of Equine Cushing’s disease or Insulin Resistance. This conference will provide new and emerging information to help recognize how laminitis can be prevented and treated with background, new and emerging information on equine insulin resistance and pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (Cushing’s disease) and including drug, nutritional Continue reading

  • Omega Fields Sponsors Dr. Gerd Heuschmann USA Clinic Tour

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to announce its sponsorship of Dr. Gerd Heuschmann’s (DVM, author and Master Trainer) 2017 USA Clinic Tour. He spoke at the Best Horses Practices Summit Oct 8-10 in Durango, Co. He will also be appearing October 21-23, 2017 in Wellborn, FL, where he will present his Equine BioMechanics lecture, demonstrations, and conduct a teaching clinic. Other clinic locations this year are Washington, Colorado and North Carolina. Contact Andrea for further information on the Florida symposium at
    Gerd’s newest book “Collection or Contortion” should be in every horse lover’s library. In this book, Gerd exposes the misconceptions—and explores the truths—of horse positioning and bend. It can be ordered here:
    “We were very picky about which companies we would approach to sponsor the Gerd Heuschmann 2017 USA Tour. We wanted to partner with companies who really care about the well-being of Horses, because that is what Gerd Is all about. As long-time users of Omega Horseshine, we felt that this would be a good partnership. Omega Fields not only funded the tour financially, but also sent over $2000 worth of products including Omega Horse Shine and Omega SureGut,” states co- host Andrea Haller. Continue reading

  • Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen is Parker Wood Memorial Derby Champion

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce one of its spokespeople, Hallie Hanssen for being the Parker Wood Memorial Derby Champion on Tres Movidas owned by Tom Jacobs. The duo also ran the fastest time of the entire weekend, out of over 1,000 runners!
    In addition to Hallie’s success at the Parker Wood, Hallie and Yoda Cat were first round champions and reserve average champions at the Copper Spring Ranch Futurity. This teams victories were worth nearly $6,000. Hallie won over $13,000 in September alone.
    Hallie feeds Omega Horseshine® ( and Omega SureGut™ ( to her futurity and derby barrel horses. She also uses Omega Nibblers® as her go to Omega-3 based horse treat ( Continue reading

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