Omega Fields Sponsors Dr. Gerd Heuschmann USA Clinic Tour

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Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to announce its sponsorship of Dr. Gerd Heuschmann’s (DVM, author and Master Trainer) 2017 USA Clinic Tour. He spoke at the Best Horses Practices Summit Oct 8-10 in Durango, Co. He will also be appearing October 21-23, 2017 in Wellborn, FL, where he will present his Equine BioMechanics lecture, demonstrations, and conduct a teaching clinic. Other clinic locations this year are Washington, Colorado and North Carolina. Contact Andrea for further information on the Florida symposium at
Gerd’s newest book “Collection or Contortion” should be in every horse lover’s library. In this book, Gerd exposes the misconceptions—and explores the truths—of horse positioning and bend. It can be ordered here:
“We were very picky about which companies we would approach to sponsor the Gerd Heuschmann 2017 USA Tour. We wanted to partner with companies who really care about the well-being of Horses, because that is what Gerd Is all about. As long-time users of Omega Horseshine, we felt that this would be a good partnership. Omega Fields not only funded the tour financially, but also sent over $2000 worth of products including Omega Horse Shine and Omega SureGut,” states co- host Andrea Haller.
“One of the riders immediately began to use the SureGut on her horse with chronic diarrhea. He had been on ranitidine (with some improvement) along with many other supplements over the last 2 years. Two vets had been consulted, and none of their remedies were successful. Within 10 days on SureGut, the horse showed marked improvement, and has been off the ranitidine ever since. Omega SureGut works! Thank you Omega Fields for making great products, and caring about the Horses,” said Andrea Haller, and Cathy Willson, co-hosts of the Florida Symposium.
“We are honored to be able to finance and donate product for Dr. Heuschmann’s clinic tour as we to believe that ‘we should keep watch that [the horse’s] health and well-being always stand ahead of other considerations –both in daily work and in competition’ as said by Kurt Albrecht Von Ziegner of Dr. Heuschmann’s work. We are look forward to additional positive response to our Omega Horseshine ( and Omega SureGut ( products from the clinic attendees,” states Omega Fields President, Sean Moriarty.

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Contact: Allison Kuhl _ Director of Business Development, Omega Fields

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