Omega Fields Mission

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 Our mission is simple.

We believe we produce the best stabilized ground flax supplements for your horses, dogs, chickens, goats and yourself!  We believe our customers and the animals they love can improve their health by using the products created by our proprietary flax stabilization and food safety technology.  We believe that you should have an exceptional experience with our products, our staff, and our retailers.


Our commitment in order to achieve our mission is simple: offer the finest quality, most nutritious flax based supplements for you, your horses, dogs, chickens, and goats at a fair price and provide outstanding customer service.  I hope you try our products, and tell you friends about them.  Then we’d love to hear from you!


Sean & Brenda Moriarty


Omega Fields remains committed to keeping “quality” as our number one focus, with the emphasis on natural, human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, no “filler” ingredients, shelf stability, nutritional value, and excellent Customer Service. It is because of our uncompromising insistence for quality that we choose to source our flaxseed from North America — not from less proven sources such as Eastern Europe or China.
 Although Omega Fields does not have an organic product line, we take great pride in being able to assure our customers that all Omega Fields’ products are natural, without added chemicals or preservatives, to provide good health and well-being for people and their animals. You can have confidence in the Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure, Triple-Cleaned, Human-Grade, Stabilized, Ground, Fortified, Full-Fat, Whole-Food Flaxseed we use in all our formulas — as it is protected from rancidity or loss of nutritional value. It is the whole seed ground, so it contains 100% of the Omega 3 oils naturally present in the flaxseed.
Another naturally occurring phenomenon that especially protects flax seeds in the field from outside toxins is that they are formed and stored by the flax plant in a tight boll (see attached photo). This means flax seeds are much more protected than corn, oats, wheat, etc. — in which plants the seeds are 100% exposed to toxins.

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