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Welcome to another heartwarming collection of ‘heart horse’ stories, where our beloved followers and customers share the special bonds they’ve formed with their equine companions. These stories are a celebration of the deep connections, unforgettable moments, and cherished memories that horses bring into our lives. Join us as we dive into the world of love, friendship, and inspiration that only a heart horse can provide. 

Heart Horse Stories

“My ❤️ horse is my girl blossom sky🌸, she was born on my wedding anniversary may 12th and is my therapy horse and my best friend. At the time she arrived I was diagnosed with a few medical conditions and was told I could no longer drive, I was so sad as I loved to drive and travel to get away from everyday stresses, until a friend told me blossom 🌸 was now my wheels and we were a forever team. She is still too young to ride as she is a shire and only 2 1/2. She has helped me heal from past trauma and been by my side through every 😃 ,laugh 😂and even tears😭 . I thought my life was complete before her but I realized I was way wrong, my heart is now complete because she is part of it. I’m not doing this to win a prize as I already purchase your amazing products including the yummy cute treats,but I want people to know how amazing she is and how she actually saved me! Horses have amazing healing properties and I love reading all of the stories.”

– Jody S

“Kestrel moved into my heart the day she foaled into my arms. That first little nicker just melted me. 23 years later both of us are moving a little slower and she is on medication for PPID. Your low sugar treat would be very welcomed.”

– Stephanie F @fitkinsh

“My heart horse is Maximillian, known by my friends as Max the Wonder Horse. He’s been my partner in crime for 14 years out of his 26 years on this earth. He has absolutely been a dream come true. He’s allowed me to spread my wings further than I ever thought possible and live out all my childhood desires that I could never have done borrowing other people’s horses. Max is the first horse I’ve ever owned. I found him by accident while searching ads online. Went to try him out and instantly fell in love.

I wanted a horse that would do well with dogs as my dog at the time went everywhere with me. The final test of the trial day, I brought my dog to meet him and he reached over the dutch door and started licking and grooming my pup like they were the best of friends. He never harmed a hair on his back and was always so gentle with him throughout their life together. A former driving horse, I learned to drive and have taught others to drive with his confident but honest nature. He will call out any mistake you make. I met my now husband through participating in new events with him.

Max has even made me feel like a true princess/lady/hero, however you may call it as we began competing in medieval games and jousting competitions, something I’d always enjoyed watching but had never imagined actually doing! We’ve competed in front of thousands of people and placed in the finals in a versatile horse event, another first for me. I taught him to jump and we began to succeed in hunter paces, a new passion I never knew about before meeting this incredible horse. Max walked me down the aisle on my wedding day and also led us to eventually buy a farm. We told us it was for ourselves, but really it was because of him. I’ve just recently taken him to the beach for the first time and galloped in the ocean, another childhood bucket list item. I’d always imagined I would train my first horse to be a trick pony and it was like Max just nodded and said “trick pony it is”. He has learned to lay down, bow, sit, play dead, wave, and play catch wih a giant ball. You’d think he was a dog! He is the most intelligent, kind, gentle soul you could ever meet with so much try. He has inspired so many people and taught so many people new skills and insight into horse training and the capabilities of these animals and the reason horses are so easy to fall in love with. It has been an amazing journey with Max and I hope to have many more years with him in the future. The picture is less than a month after I bought him and is one of my most cherished memories that embodies how gentle he truly is. What a horse!”

– Kirsten S

“I’ve had Wally for almost 7 years. I got him after he was supposed to be a lesson pony and then he kept trying to kill kids. I was supposed to help train and resell him, but we got along so well I never posted him for sale and my trainer gave him to me! I kept him a secret from my mom for three years because I wasn’t supposed to have a horse. However, she loved him so much she wasn’t mad when I told her!”

– Jackie @wallythepony

“Nitro is my heart horse he came into my life by accident right after I had to put my mare down I have had him 3 yrs now and him and I are absolutely the best of friends I love him with all my heart and he knows it.”

– Tonya B

“My heart horses name is Katie ❤️. She is 14 and I got her when she was 11. Katie saved my life right after a family members and my filly passed she came into my life. She gave me back my motivation to ride again. She’s always the first to greet me at the gate. The first to come to me when I’m in the pasture. She has been my show partner for 2 years now and I couldn’t ask for a better girl ❤️”

– Karli C @karlidayne17

“My heart 💜 horse is Jesse. He has been with me all his life (17 yrs). He saved me after the loss of my husband. He and my other horse Macy were my therapist….💘”

– Natalie M

“My ❤️ horse was my beautiful blue roan colt. His name was Scout. He was wrongly diagnosed & euthanized at 18 months old. I had him for 7 beautiful months & he was supposed to be my forever horse but forever was cut short. he was my first ever colt that I planned on training completely myself. he was my dream horse. A year after his absence I stumbled across & gorgeous blue roan colt that reminded me of Scout. I decided to buy him sight unseen from Texas. I just felt like there was something special about him. I named him “Loki” & he looks & acts just like Scout did. The date that Lokis AQHA papers were published was the same day I had to put down Scout (what a coincidence). I will forever love the both of them. Thank you Scout for showing me what real love is & thank you Loki for saving my broken heart ❤️🥹”

– @banditand_hisbuddies

“People always talk about their “heart” horse and to be honest, mine all hold a piece of my heart. This is my beautiful, home bred morgan gelding Before The Storm. He landed in my lap when he was born and he will be with me until one of us takes our last breath.”

– Jerri B

“My heart horse is Rhea 🤍 I started riding when I was 10 and had always begged for a horse. After 12 years I finally started looking and Rhea came into my life after a disappointing result of a pre-purchase on another horse. I have only had her for 8 months but in that time she has resparked my love for this sport and has been my partner in the ring as well continue to grow together. She is everything little 10 year old me dreamed of.”

– Reagan S @reagansmolleneq

“My heart horse. Liberty, She’s Beautiful! Named after my sister’s song! Dynamic red. Fiery & independent. Rescued on Memorial Day & out of 40 days QT on 4th of July. From the great patriotic state of PA but now home in WI! As a mother of 4 grown daughters I love raising strong, healthy & spirited girls. Now my focus is on training & enjoying Liberty’s development.
I’m a treat mom. I love Omega Fields! Long time customer based on my friend introducing me to Nibblers! My favorite treats are the low-sugar nibblers. I treat for nutrition & reward. Thank you for asking about our heart-horses. Each of my horses earn that title!💯❤️😊”


Thank you for sharing your stories

As we come to the end of our heartwarming journey through these touching ‘heart horse’ stories, we’re reminded of the profound impact our equine friends have on our lives. From moments of joy and laughter to times of challenge and growth, these stories reflect the deep bond between humans and horses. Just like our heart-shaped Omega Nibblers horse treats, these tales are a symbol of the love and connection that define the equestrian experience. We hope these stories have touched your heart as much as they’ve touched ours, and we look forward to sharing more heartfelt moments with you in the future.

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