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We wanted to share Katie Polley’s experience with Omega Horseshine COMPLETE! Here is her story, sent in November:

Although Omega Fields Horseshine Complete is somewhat new to me I am a customer for life. The results I have seen in such a short time are like nothing I have expletives with other products in the past. My husband and I do ALOT of research on products that give your horses what they need to keep them healthy, sound and looking their best.

Hank's Struggle

We have one horse “Hank” who is a 12 year old quarter horse that has laminitis, so sugar is a huge concern for us. That same horse “Hank” also has monthly allergy shots for life for allergies including a lot of ingredients that are in a lot of supplements. He also in the past has had a torn meniscus, thoroughpin, collapsing hoof walls, mild arthritis and the list goes on. I started using Omega Fields Complete in September and the results speak for themselves. I have my horse back! My farrier was so impressed with his growth and strength of his feet. His performance is phenomenal, I have had him 8 1/2 years and he is running harder than ever. He hasn’t taken a sore step and we even took home Reserve Champion at the State Finals in Gymkhana.

2 Year Old Filly "Swift"

We also have a 2 year old quarter horse filly “Swift” who unfortunately has terribly low heels and has shoes on for a year already. She was so flat footed, grew only toe and only stayed around with shoes. We started her on Omega Fields Complete in September and my farrier again was so impressed with her growth and strength we are now able to keep “Swift” barefoot and she is as sound as can be. I have even started working with her in hopes of being able to start her under saddle soon.

Helping Sandy

Lastly, we have “Sandy” a 10 year old quarter horse who is new to us as of October 20th and was pretty skinny, low energy, not wanting to drink or eat much. Her manure was stemy and loose not to mention the day we got her she had her feet done by the previous owners farrier and the poor girl could hardly keep weight on her feet. Immediately I knew Omega Fields Complete would be added to her diet. It has only been 4 weeks and “Sandy” is happy, healthy and moving wonderful. She is filling out nicely, shiny, eating, drinking and has normal manure. Her whole demeanor has changed, she is talking, alert, walking without hesitation and is ready to get to work.

I HIGHLY recommend Omega Fields Complete to ANYONE. Whether it be to gain weight, promote healthy hoof growth, increase performance or just to give your horse what they need in the perfect ratios! Finding this product has been a huge game changer for us in the performance department, from bringing my boy back to helping crummy feet and overall body condition. This is one product I will never go without for any horse.

Thank you Omega Fields for coming up with the PERFECT all around supplement or any age, level or discipline to give my horses JUST what they need!

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