Notice of Omega Fields Price Increase Effective February 1, 2013

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A Note to our Customers…

As a courtesy to our valued customers, Omega Fields® is providing advance notice that updated pricing will be effective February 1st 1, 2013.
The need for updated pricing includes: significant 2013 flaxseed price increases (11.5%) as well as significant increases in logistics including transportation, storage and handling, packaging materials (+5%) and FedEx shipping (6%). As always, we will keep our necessary price increases to a minimum and will do our best to give as much advanced notice as possible. 
Omega Fields remains committed to keeping “quality” as our number one focus, with the emphasis on human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, shelf stability, nutritional value, and excellent customer service.  It is because of our uncompromising insistence for quality that we choose to source our flaxseed from North America — not from less proven sources such as Eastern Europe or China. Our premium products will continue to offer fair pricing and exceptional value especially when compared to other options. With Omega Fields® — you will always receive the quality you’re familiar with! We welcome your comments at Thank you.
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