Hallie Hanssen and Tres Movidas are Pink Buckle Champions

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Hallie and Tres Movidas are your 2020 Pink Buckle Champions! They ran back to back 16.7’s on a standard set for a clean sweep winning both rounds and the average. The win was good for just shy of $50,000. Sabra O’Quinn, Lindsey Schultz, and Ryann Pedone running back to back sub 17 second runs is remarkable. Congratulations to all of you. Next stop for this team WCRA Womens World Championship. Thank you Jesus and thank you to our sponsors.

Hallie supplements her horses with Omega Horseshine ( https://www.omegafields.com/product/omega-horseshine/) and Proventum (https://www.omegafields.com/product/proventum/)

Learn More about Hallie and Lee Hanssen – https://www.omegafields.com/2019/01/28/hallie-lee-hanssen/

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