Heart Horse Stories: Part 2

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Of all the horses we’ve had the privilege to ride, there are always a select few who capture our hearts in a way that’s hard to explain. These “heart horses” are more than just animals we ride – they’re our partners, our friends, and our confidants. They’re the ones who teach us the most about ourselves, who push us to be better riders and better people.

In this blog post, we’re excited to share the stories of several of our customers and their heart horses. From the bond between a young rider and green horse, to the partnership between a seasoned equestrian and her homebred mare, each of these stories highlights the unique and special connection we share with our horses. We hope these stories inspire you to reflect on your own heart horses and the ways they’ve impacted your life. If you missed Part 1, you can take a look at that here!

This is my love, 27 year old paso fino Don Diego. He’s been with me for 24 years. He is retired now but was a hot horse that needed an advanced rider which I was not. Even though many people told me to sell him, I couldn’t because I loved him and so I learned how to really ride. This boy taught me so much and I am proud to say that he is living a great retirement at home with me. I’m grateful every morning when I hear his nickers.

– Amy Nelson

This is Johnny Cash. He is an amazing Quarter horse who loves his Horse Shine Complete and any cookies he can get! I’ve had him for seven years and he is my heart horse. He loves attention and I love to give him attention.

-Sharon Burt

My heart horse is an amazing baby. She will be a young 6 in July. She is one one of my homebreds that I bred for my 63 year old self. I have had my hands on her since the day she was born. She has a little spice, but she is so special in every way. She is our sentry on the property. She loves to work with me even showing me she wants to do liberty dancing with me. She protects me from other animals (which can be a bit of a problem at home … LOL LOL). She trusts me and works hard for me even as a green baby (less than 2 years of riding her, and we event). She is a MAJOR horse of a lifetime. I love this horse like no other. She is an eye catcher when I go places with her, and she does love people. Her curiosity and intelligence just glows. Other horses with more miles under their belt fall right in behind her. She has taught horses with more experience to go through water and more. And BTW … she LOVES her stabilized ground flaxseed she gets from Omega Fields!!!!

– Fran-os RD

Mickey came to me 23 years ago. She was lame in both hocks and 200 pounds under weight. She had no name and no papers but she is no doubt 100% Foundation Quarter Horse. It was very obvious she had been abused and didn’t trust people. Soon after becoming a part of my life she was diagnosed with EPM. Round number two of saving her life. All the while she was helping me through a divorce and bankruptcy. We were meant to be life partners. She knows me better than I know myself sometimes. As I also know every thought she has. We’ve logged many miles together. Rode in many parades. Ran many barrel patterns. Her blaze looks exactly like The Cat in the Hat! She’s my life. She’s my heart. She will be 31 this year. And still the boss of the herd. I named her Mickey and had no idea when I did that Mickey was my deceased mom’s nickname in high school. Yep, she is my heart.

-Focus Art on FB

This was taken the summer before I had to put her down, she was 33 in this picture and I got her when she was 5 and I was 16. We had a lot of fun adventures; trail riding, speed events, cattle….you name it and she was willing to try it! She wasn’t registered or fancy broke but that didn’t stop us from having all the fun! Unfortunately the affects of EPM finally got to her and I couldn’t watch her slowly deteriorate. There will never be another one like her!

– Tiffany Dowdy Bell

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