Heart Horse Stories: Part 1

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A heart horse is a term used in the horse world to describe a special bond between a horse and their owner or rider. It is a connection that goes beyond just a working relationship or a mere pet, but rather a deep emotional connection that is hard to describe.

A heart horse is a horse that you feel a deep and intuitive connection with. It’s a horse that you can trust and rely on, and one that seems to understand you just as much as you understand them. This bond can develop over time through shared experiences, such as trail rides, shows, and training sessions.

While every horse and rider partnership is unique, there are some common characteristics of a heart horse:

  1. Intuitive Connection: A heart horse seems to understand their rider on a deeper level, and the rider can feel this connection. They communicate with each other through body language, energy, and intuition.
  2. Mutual Trust: A heart horse and their rider have a deep trust in each other. The rider trusts their horse to keep them safe and take care of them, while the horse trusts their rider to guide them and provide for their needs.
  3. Emotional Attachment: A heart horse is more than just a pet or a working animal. They become a cherished companion and a beloved member of the family.
  4. Shared Experiences: A heart horse and their rider share special experiences and memories that strengthen their bond. These experiences can include everything from trail rides and shows to training sessions and quiet moments in the barn.
  5. Unconditional Love: A heart horse loves their rider unconditionally, and the rider feels the same way. This love goes beyond just the physical and extends to an emotional and spiritual level.

A heart horse is a special animal that holds a special place in the heart of their rider. It’s a bond that can’t be explained but is felt deeply by both horse and rider. If you’re lucky enough to have a heart horse, cherish them and the bond that you share. They truly are a rare and special gift.

We asked to hear about your heart horses, and will be sharing some of your stories!

My heart horse was 21 and I had her from the time we were both 6. She was special to me because she had 6 owners in 6 years, but once there was trust, there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for me, especially at shows. She did reining, western, English, barrel racing, jumping (up to 4’11) and did well. Although we are separated, for now, due to her death, I’ve been able to provide my daughter with her heart horse and I just hope she gets to experience the love, trust, and respect that I had with mine.

– Shawna Hamilton

My heart horse is 19 years old I bought him at Auction when he was 9 months old, he’s always been easy to handle, easy to train, was born broke to saddle, and he’s funny and quite entertaining his name is Blue Eyed Tradition.

– Debbie Holden Hanson

My heart horse is Ashes. I bought her as a green 5 year old even though I’d never trained a horse! Luckily she’s forgiven all of my flubs and is coming along as a beautiful dressage horse now. What makes her special is her sassy personality. She’s such a sweetheart on the ground, like a Labrador retriever. She has lots of opinions under saddle but isn’t that more fun than riding a horse with no personality? And she tries so hard once she understands what you want.

– Caroline Simson

Before The Storm is a coming 12 year old Morgan gelding. He literally flew out of his dam and landed in my lap. Storm is beautiful, smart, opinionated and sometimes exasperating but he still takes my breath away. Tagging a friend, I have to say a bit about her. Jacklyn Ault lost her right arm in an industrial accident but she is the most inspiring human I know. She still rides and has her horse Pancho.

-Jerri L. Bartlett

I prefer to call my Mighty Mitch my “Soul Pony” rather than my heart horse , but he is definitely my sun and stars and means the entire world to me. We’re celebrating our 15th year together on February 12th. He’s my very special boy and all the more special because we almost share a birthday (his is the day before mine, but he’s younger than I am ). He’ll be 24 in March and still loves to go out and strut his stuff on the trail. He has been my constant in life and although it wasn’t his fault that I fell out of the driving cart and broke my leg, he was the driving (pun intended) force that got me back into school so I could get my bachelor’s degree. I can’t imagine life without my golden boy and look forward to many years with him.

– Leiana Furlong

My heart horse is Printed Sunrise (sunshine), and she is 24. She was given to me as a 2 year old from my family and has been my best friend from day one. She was gentle enough that she let me, 11 years old at the time, start her under saddle with minimal falls. Now she is the sweetest girl to my kids and sassy as ever with me. We have been on many adventures together from the middle of nowhere forests to the coast. She was always a trail breaker when she needed to be. Truely my unicorn.

– Brittany Reinhart

We will share more of these heart-warming stories next time!

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