Horseware Ireland’s Gift Guide for 2021

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Any day now, I’m expecting to hear the Salvation Army bell ringing at the entrance of a store. The air feels more than crisp, it has turned downright cold. Horses are turning fuzzy as they grow in their winter coats. You can start to feel the joyful energy and merriment of the holiday season building.

I can confidently share I’m a procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping. As a kid, my father and I would make a tradition of shopping for my mother’s gifts on Christmas Eve. It was an adrenaline rush with the hustle and bustle and sheer panic in some folks’ faces as there wasn’t stock of the item they were looking for. As a kid, this was fun, as an adult, it’s just anxiety-inducing. I’m still by no means an early holiday shopper, but I’ve taken a few steps to be a bit more proactive. The additional stress of last-minute shopping isn’t as prominent during my holiday season as it once was, leaving a little more room for holiday cheer.

This year is my worst nightmare…the anticipation of stock shortages and delayed shipping and hearing encouragement to “shop early” to ensure you’re able to get that perfect something for your friends and family. With hearing that, this last-minute shopper started her shopping list, and I am sharing some of my favorite holiday gifts for the equestrian.

Rider Apparel

As a Florida girl that’s moved North, winter has never been my season. I require no less than 5 top layers and 2 bottom layers trying to recreate the temperate temperatures of the sunshine state. One of my favorite Horseware pieces is the Cardi Cozy Fleece. Its high-pile fleece makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket while I’m mucking out stalls. Its relaxed fit and stretchy softshell side panels allow for layering underneath. Add a waterproof or windproof piece on top of this, like the Technical Riding Jacket, and the Winter Riding Tights and you’ll be giving a new favorite outfit that provides warmth all winter long.

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Omega Fields Products

I love rewarding myself after an accomplishment, but I love rewarding my horse even more. Whether we’re working on flying lead changes for the first time or they’re standing perfectly cutely adorable in the cross ties, a little something extra is always nice to give. And you’ve got a winning combination when a horse treat can also be beneficial to health. Omega Fields offers a wide variety of Omega 3 based treats. From their Nibblers to the Proventum and everything in between, their Omega 3 product range has horse health at the forefront with their supplemental treats. They also offer two-, three-, four-, and six-month bundle options which include multiple products to fully complement horse health. Did I mention they have dog, chicken, and people products, too?!

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Saddle Pads

There’s no better feeling than using a brand-new saddle pad for the very first time. Horseware Ireland offers several different saddle pad options for jumping and dressage. Here’s a quick breakdown of each to help figure out which saddle pad is the right gift for your equestrian:

Horseware Pro Sport – Suited to modern jumping saddle shapes, this saddle pad features a protective girth section and silicone printed top to assist with saddle stability and grip. The waffle-lined inner helps maximize moisture management. Three classic color options to choose from in black, white, or navy.

Horseware Sport – Made with a durable polycotton outer with a soft wicking inner. This saddle pad makes for a great everyday option. Designed with a close contact cut and shaped to fit modern-day jumping saddles

Horseware Dressage Pad – A lightweight, everyday dressage pad featuring a protective girth area and made from a lightweight, breathable material.  Waffle inner lining allows for maximum moisture management.

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Dog Coats

If the equestrian in your life is anything like me, whether it’s cold or raining, their dog is heading to the barn with them. A dog blanket is a great gift option to help your equestrian’s pup feel a bit more comfortable during the cold and rainy months. The Rambo® Waterproof Dog Coat is my go-to for protecting fido. With an 840D waterproof 0g outer shell and a removable 100g liner, this dog blanket becomes a multi-purpose year-round necessity. This blanket provides warmth in the winter by using the liner with the outer shell and helps keep a canine friend dry during warmer rainier weather by removing the liner and utilizing just the outer shell.

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Ridely App Membership

Every equestrian loves seeing their riding progress…it’s what we strive for. The Ridely App is a new technology for riders that’s an all-encompassing app providing riders a place to log details about training sessions included intensity, length of ride, and how the horse felt. The app reviews the information you’ve uploaded and develops ride & horse-specific data to help track your progress. There’s also an option to upload photos and videos of each rider so you can review and analyze post-ride. The app also provides an extensive online video library with some of the top equestrians diving into topics you want to know more about. From fitting western saddles to dissecting the four points of a circle, the online library access is sure to cover topics your favorite equestrian wants to know more about. Ridely offers several different membership options to best suit your gifting needs.

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Rambo® Micklem® Products

Comfort is crucial for equestrians & their horses. Pain in any place can create undesired behaviors that owners will dissect and research until we can find the root of the issue.  Micklem® bridles were designed to comfortably contour the horse’s head alleviating unnecessary pressures in sensitive areas. The noseband sits in a unique position to avoid pressure on fragile nose bones, a single headpiece creates even pressure on the poll, and contoured cheek pieces mirror the shape of the horse’s head to avoid the exiting motor and sensory nerves. The full Micklem® range includes bridle options, halters, girths, and a breastplate, all designed keeping in mind your horse’s comfort.


Heels Down

I think you have to have a good sense of humor to be a horse person and Heels Down products understands exactly what that means. Whether you gift one of their cleverly named candles, like “Burn Your Vet Bills”, the Soap for Dirty Equestrians Full Collection which includes 6 artisan soaps with titles like “You Deserve This Mint”, or the Horse Show Hangover Kit for those post-show recovery days, your equestrian is sure to appreciate (and chuckle) with these thoughtfully punny gifts.

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For more gifting ideas for your favorite farm friends, check out our shoppable gift guide.

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