Joe & Kathleen Camp Partner with Omega Fields

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For Healthier Happier Horses

Joe Camp, film writer, producer, director, author, passionate speaker, and the man behind the canine superstar Benji and his wife Kathleen have partnered with Omega Fields for healthier happier horses.

Joe authored the national best selling book The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd. “We have eight horses, all living as horses are genetically designed to live, out 24/7, going wherever their hearts call them,” says Camp. “They have free access to the barn, whenever they choose, but there are no stalls, thus no stall vices. They’re all barefoot and we train at liberty. No halters or lead ropes.”

We want them all to be as healthy and happy as possible, which is why we’ve bonded with Omega Fields. These are the only people we’ve found who truly care about our horse’s well being.

Kathleen Camp has been an attorney for 23 years practicing in California. She also has a passion for photography. All of Joe’s book covers and all the photos within the books and most of the photos on their blog are hers. She is also prominently featured in all of Joe’s horse books and one critic called The Soul of a Horse the ultimate love story because Kathleen kept her fear of horses a secret even as she orchestrated the acquisition of their first three because she knew that at this particular time in his life Joe needed horses.

Since the couple’s move from the dry rocky high desert of southern California to middle Tennessee, while awaiting the issuance of her Tennessee Bar License, Kathleen realized another lifelong passion: to teach kids. In the fall of 2011 she accepted an interim position teaching 11th-grade literature at the renowned Webb School in Bell Buckle, a college prep school that boasts more Rhode Scholars than any other secondary school in the country. Even though she now has her Tennessee license to practice law, she has remained at The Webb School teaching young minds the value of reading, writing, and communicating persuasively. “I love making a positive difference in these kids’ lives.”

From Joe:

“Every domestic horse on the planet needs Omega 3 supplementation because no one, not horse or human, can manufacture their own Omega 3s. A horse in the wild will get his Omega 3 needs from the many varied kinds of fresh native grasses that have never been exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and never been GMO’d. Domestic pastures virtually always come up short because they have been heavily exposed to some or all of the above. Grass hay loses its Omega 3s when it’s cut and dried. So every domestic horse needs supplementation. Even more so if your horse is experiencing dry scaly itchy skin, dull coat, joint pain/inflammation, poor hoof growth, allergies, or pregnancy, a condition associated with Omega-3 deficiency because the foal’s fast-growing brain, eye, and organ cells use up all available Omega-3s from the mare.

Omega 3s are absolutely essential to your horse in so many ways. They fight inflammation, they support and build the immune system, improve bone and joint health, restore cracked and brittle hooves and support strong solid hoof growth. They can eliminate sweet itch and bug-bite sores, are recommended for horses with insulin resistance and Cushings, and can reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, all while promoting shiny, healthy coats and smoother skin texture. Compare labels. You will find only one brand, Omega Fields, using 99.9% pure Non-GMO stabilized fortified flax. Many don’t even use core flax, opting for less expensive and less effective flax by-products like flax meal.

Virtually every other Omega 3 supplement will contain some combination of molasses (sugar), corn or corn by-products, or wheat or wheat by-products that are high in non-structural-carbs that turn into sugar the minute they are metabolized into the body, or soy, or hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated vegetable fats or oils, or artificial (chemical) preservatives. None of the above are in Omega Fields’ supplements. None. Zero. Whether for horses, dogs, chickens, or people.

Every Omega 3 supplement in the Omega Fields line begins with fortified flax which is .9% higher than required for human food grade. Nobody else does this. Omega Horseshine contains more Omega 3s per serving than any other flax supplement on the market. And Omega Nibblers-Low Sugar-Low Starch is the one treat on the market that is actually good for your horse. All good stuff and no other stuff. In short, Omega Fields begins with the best stabilized fortified flax money can buy and therefore your horse receives the best Omega 3s money can buy. Needless to say, we are very excited about these folks.”

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