John Samsill Feels Omega Horseshine COMPLETE Helps Him In Today’s Ultra-Competitive World of Roping

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John Samsill

Written By – Omega Fields Spokesperson, John Samsill

In the past I have talked about how great Omega Fields Horseshine COMPLETE makes my horses look. Although it is true that my horses do look much better since I started feeding them Omega Horseshine COMPLETE, it’s only half of the story. As a competitor I want my horses to look good, but I must have my horses in top condition and working well in able for me to win in today’s ultra-competitive world of roping. Now I will tell you the other half of the story of how Omega Horseshine COMPLETE helps me achieve this.

Roping is physically demanding on our horses. When we are roping, we stress a horse’s joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. For a horse to perform to the best of his abilities, he must be physically fit and not hurting or feeling what I call uncomfortable. What I mean by uncomfortable is they are not lame but may be sore when working. When a horse is uncomfortable, it is much harder to pick up on than a lameness. It is because there is no limp to see. Usually the only consequence when a horse is sore is that they do not perform as well as when they are not sore. If this happens gradually it’s hard to notice until it gets to a point that they almost quit working. A lot of rope horses that are bad in the box are simply sore and are trying to avoid work. Horses are much the same as humans. Inflammation can cause body soreness along with aches and pains in the joints, along with tendons and ligaments. This is why I feed Horseshine Complete to my horses. It helps combat inflammation throughout the entire body. By using Horseshine Complete I feel my horses recover from the physical stresses that I have put them under much faster and help relieve the muscle soreness that comes from hard work.

Since I was a young boy, my Dad, who bred and trained horses, always told me that when a horse loves his job, he will be the best he can be at it and will try his heart out for you every time. I have always subscribed to those words of wisdom. If a horse is sore or uncomfortable doing his job he can not perform to the best of his ability and will soon dread his job. I never want my horses to dread their job and I feel Horseshine Complete is my first defense in this. If you would like to see just how good your horse can be then I would like to invite you to try Horseshine Complete. Whether you are a top competitor or trail ride for the pleasure of it, Horseshine Complete can help your horse not only feel his best, look his best, but be his best also. If you give it a try, I think you will see a difference just as I have.

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