Omega Fields Presents Keys to Preventing Laminitis Article by Dr. Kris Hiney

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Newton, Wisconsin – Omega Fields’ Equine Nutrition Advisor, Kristina Hiney, Ph.D., has introduced a new article about key strategies in preventing laminitis in the equine. The article has been published in one of our Health E Letter issues, Omega Fields’ monthly, digital newsletter, and is also posted on their website,

In the article, Dr. Hiney draws on her extensive personal knowledge, experience with equine nutrition and physiology, and scientific studies to try to identify which individuals may be at risk, and other strategies that may be employed to reduce your horse’s risk.

Dr. Hiney states, “While the outward appearance of your horse may give you an indication to whether they are susceptible to laminitis, there may be more to it than just which horses are overweight. There certainly appears to be a genetic link to laminitis.”

If owners wish to try and avoid the development of insulin resistance, the diet the horse receives may be critical. There is evidence that diets which avoid high amounts of sugars and starches, and have a low glycemic response, resulting in less insulin release. For horses which still need a significant amount of calories, diets which are fat and fiber based and properly formulated, rather than those which provide a higher glucose or insulinemic response, may prevent the development of insulin resistance. Certainly just monitoring body condition in the horse may be the easiest way to avoid insulin resistance. Although, if you ask any horse owner if that is easy you may get a different response! In addition, horses which receive regular exercise seem to be fairly protected against laminitis. However, it is difficult to know whether the exercise regimen aids in increasing insulin sensitivity, or is simply protective against obesity.

To read the complete laminitis article by Dr. Hiney that discusses the genetic role, obesity and insulin resistance, diet and lifestyle management, please visit our horse articles section on our website. <>

Dr. Hiney has been working with Omega Fields since 2008 to expand our connection with our customers, giving them the nutrition and health information from scientific perspective they would like to know. Each month, Kris presents a feature article concerning horse health in Dr. Kris’s Korner, her column in the Health-E-Letter. Click here to sign up for your free Health-E-Letter subscription delivered to your email address!

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