LEADERSHIP – what can we learn from horses?

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–What can we learn about Leadership from horses? –


Check out this book from Monty Roberts, Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks, titled

JOINING UP: What Horses Can Teach Us about Leadership

oining up what horses can teach us about leadership


In writing this book, authors discovered that the way we “show up” and influence animals is sometimes similar to the way we lead humans. Monty provides insights on how to develop personal leadership style that is capable of changing the world for horses and humans.


Think of the last time you trained a horse or dog in your life? How did you communicate the training goal with the animal? During the training were you patient, impatient, anxious or calm?


“Monty Roberts starts horses with a dedicated calm, clear communication and a great deal of patience. Think of this the next time you lead a group of humans or one human – patiently work through the process of elevating the performance of others by communicating clear expectations and assuming good intent.


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