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In a world filled with captivating stories of heroism and inspiration, there’s a tale that stands out for its sheer magic—literally! Meet Magic, the remarkable miniature therapy horse whose journey to stardom is nothing short of enchanting. At Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, Magic isn’t just a beloved member of the team; she’s also a sworn-in police officer, a movie star, and a symbol of hope and healing. Her story is an extraordinary testament to the incredible impact these gentle creatures can have on our lives.

Magic: A Mini Horse with a Heart of Gold

Meet Magic, the extraordinary mini horse who has captured the hearts of many and earned her place in the spotlight. Magic is a member of Gentle Carousel, a multiple award winning 501(c)(3) charity that is celebrating 26 years of service in 2023. Magic’s story took her to the silver screen when she became the subject of the documentary film “Hero Horse: A Magical True Story.” This film was not only an official selection at the Manhattan Film Festival in New York City but also a platform for Magic to walk the red carpet. Omega Fields proudly appeared in the film credits, as we are proud supporters of Magic’s extraordinary story.

Magic’s incredible journey to the Big Apple was supported by the NYPD Mounted Unit, who went above and beyond to ensure “Officer Magic” walked the red carpet safely with her Nibblers in tow. Magic’s resilience and spirit in the face of incredible odds inspired everyone who crossed her path.

Awards, Plaques, and Literacy Programs

Magic’s trailblazing didn’t stop in New York. In June, the Florida Bar presented Magic with the Rikki Mitchell Animal Achievement Award at their annual conference. Magic was the first horse to ever receive this prestigious accolade and was welcomed into the famous Boca Raton hotel—a momentous occasion indeed.

In Ocala, Magic’s hometown and the Horse Capital of the World, a 2×3 ft. bronze plaque will soon adorn the Walk of Champions in her honor. Her legacy in the heart of Ocala will stand as a symbol of the incredible work she has done to touch lives and inspire change.

Officer Magic: A Sworn-In Hero

Magic’s role as “Officer Magic” with the Ocala Police Department extends far beyond her duties on the force. She actively participates in Gentle Carousel’s Reading with Horses literacy program, which brings the magic of storytelling to children in Ocala. Over 350 adults and children gathered at the Ocala Downtown Market to read the book Officer Magic is my Friend, a testimony to the deep bond she shares with the community.

Gentle Carousel’s equine education programs have garnered unanimous approval from the Marion County School Board, making it possible for Magic and her therapy horse friends to extend their outreach. The programs, tailored for all ages, offer a unique approach to learning and have gained official entry into every elementary school in Marion County.

Magic’s heartwarming tale represents the incredible work of all therapy horses at Gentle Carousel, who continue to make a difference in the world. With Omega Fields products providing the nutritional support needed to keep these horses at their best, the mission of healing and hope continues.

From NYC to Tryon: Magic's Star Keeps Shining

Magic’s incredible journey isn’t limited to the Manhattan Film Festival. Her documentary film, Hero Horse: A Magical True Story, was a winner in New York City and is also set to feature in the Tryon International Film Festival, the home of the Tryon International Equestrian Center. After these film festivals, the documentary will make its debut on EQUUS Television, proudly displaying the Omega Fields logo in the credits.

Honors, Awards, and More

The accolades keep rolling in for Magic. In addition to her Rikki Mitchell Animal Achievement Award, Magic was also awarded the Certificate of Senate Recognition, accompanied by the flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in her honor, a heartwarming acknowledgment of her service to the United States.

National Geographic Kids Books recently featured Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses and Magic in their book Can’t Get Enough Horse Stuff. Magic’s presence in literature reflects her influence not just in the equestrian world but also in the realm of young readers.

As the school board of Marion County embraced the idea of bringing Gentle Carousel’s literacy programs and therapy horses into every elementary school, Magic’s role in promoting education and reading continues to grow. Magic’s enchanting presence doesn’t stop with awards and accolades. She attends many events and has the pleasure of sharing Omega Fields treats as part of the experience. The Hobby Horse Equestrian Games and Horse Parade were their next stop, the games set to raise money for Gentle Carousel’s school literacy programs.

Magic’s extraordinary story is a testament to the incredible work therapy horses do. At Omega Fields, we are proud to support and be a part of the magical journey of heroes like Magic and Gentle Carousel’s therapy horses.

Magic’s story is a magical tapestry of triumph, inspiration, and the boundless spirit of therapy horses. As Magic continues to light up the world, Gentle Carousel’s mission to bring healing, education, and hope with therapy horses remains unwavering. We are humbled and honored to be a part of this magical tale, supporting these incredible creatures with the best nutrition they deserve. Magic’s journey is a testament to the extraordinary work therapy horses do, and her heartwarming story will continue to inspire generations to come.