Omega Canine Shine Customer Testimonial – Overall Health Improvement

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Omega Fields customer, Rachel Long talks about why she LOVES and uses Omega Fields Omega Canine Shine supplement. Learn more about Omega Fields dog Omega-3 supplement and treats – “Hi, my name is Rachel. I’ve been feeding Canine Shine to my dogs for several months now and I’ve seen a great improvement in their overall health and well-being. I’ve especially seen an increase in their energy levels and endurance, they have so much energy now. I love knowing that they’re healthy and happy as well they enjoy the supplement every time that I feed it to them which is morning and evening just on top of their food. It’s super easy to feed because they love the way it tastes, which makes it even easier to provide to them every day. One of my dogs used to have these really ugly, itchy spots on his stomach that they were really discolored a lot of times licking them and just looked bad as well as felt really bad for him and it took it took a couple of months on Canine Shine but eventually there has been a really significant difference in how the stomach looks now and he doesn’t have that crazy discoloration and he’s not nearly as itchy. My black dog he is as shiny as ever and he has just gotten so much more powerful, his muscle mass has increased and he can run so much more than ever before. These are my dogs and we all love Canine Shine.”

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