Omega Fields Announces Continued Sponsorship of Horsemanship Radio

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Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. announces that it will continue to be one of the sponsors of the Horsemanship Radio program ( featured on Horses In the Morning radio podcast ( Horsemanship Radio is hosted by Debbie Loucks, daughter of pioneer natural horseman, Monty Roberts. “Horsemanship Radio is one of those word-of-mouth, hang-on-for-the-ride projects whose growth surprises us all every month as the fastest expanding show on the Horse Radio Network.

Omega Fields is more like a part of our team than a sponsor and we enjoy collaborating on the guests and format,” comments host, Debbie Loucks. Horsemanship Radio is aired on the 15th and 30th of each month and is downloaded over 10,000 times each month. Some of Omega Fields spokespeople have been guests on previous shows including legendary endurance rider, Beverly Gray ( and barrel racing futurity trainers, Hallie & Lee Hanssen ( “We are looking forward to a continued long lasting partnership with Monty, Pat & Debbie and Horsemanship Radio” said Sean Moriarty – Omega Fields President. Check out the latest episode with Ben Masters of the movie of Unbranded and Nic Roldan – leading American Polo player

You can learn more about Monty Roberts’s natural horsemanship at; or

Omega Fields® mission is to offer the finest quality, most nutritious products at fair prices, and to provide outstanding customer service. Omega Fields wants its customers to have exceptional experiences with their products, staff, websites and retailers.

Omega Fields is the first manufacturer in the animal health industry to use human-grade, non-GMO stabilized ground flaxseed, rich in fiber and antioxidants, and containing the optimum ratio of the full spectrum of Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids for equine, canine, poultry and human nutrition. The innovative use of flaxseed milled with a unique stabilization technology ensures long shelf life and superior quality for Omega Fields’ products.

Contact: Allison Kuhl _ Director of Business Development, Omega Fields

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  1. Monty and I are proud to have the support and encouragement from Omega Fields. We hope that listeners will try their fine products out that give our horses the great results we can see.

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