Omega Fields is Proud to Announce Robert Liner and Spirit of The Horse as Our Newest Spokesperson

Omega Fields is proud to Announce Robert Liner and Spirit of The Horse as Our Newest Spokesperson

Newton, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to announce our newest natural horsemanship Spokesperson – Robert Liner and “Spirit of the Horse” (  Omega Fields’ goal has always been to extend our tag line “Nutrition for a Healthy Life” into a person’s entire experience by promoting a connected message of nutrition and healthy living for them and the animals they love.  We feel strongly that Robert’s reputation, methods and character are a great fit with ours and we are thrilled to have him as our Spokesperson. ” says Moriarty, President of Omega Fields.  Robert and his “Spirit of the Horse” natural horsemanship clinics has been a mainstay of the State Fair of Texas for the last 16 years as well as the North Texas State Fair & Rodeo among many other popular equestrian venues throughout Texas. 

Robert Liner stated “We started using the Omega Fields product, Omega Grande, in early 2012 after our horse, RA Sunny Delight (aka Nick), had a series of accidents.  Our vet’s conclusion was that our horse had got his head caught in something and broke part of his facial crest, had a concussion and was luck to be still able to move.  After several months of rehab he was making steady improvement but then took a turn for the worse and began to severely founder due to his inability to grind his food and get the proper nutrients.  It took about a month for him to even be able to eat mash with little results.  We looked everywhere and tried many products also with little results until we found Omega Grande from Omega Fields.  This product was incredible and took Nick from looking like a poor rescue horse to a healthy horse in one month and to a full bodied Quarter horse in two months.  We use Omega Grande to help keep all of our horses looking good and healthy.  This is a proven product and has great results.” 

About Robert Liner and ‘Spirit of the Horse”
Robert Liner is a located in Dallas, Texas and is a Professional Trainer, Clinician and Equine Education Specialist with over 20 years of professional experience. He is a member of Certified Horsemanship Association, AQHA, APHA, JC, and Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers.  He has been featured in newspapers, international magazines, and television, radio and cable programs and has been referred to as the “Dr. Phil” of horse trainers by channel 8 News on more than one occasion.  His “Spirit of the Horse” clinics are a life changing learning experience you can trust so that people can gain the confidence, courage and knowledge to be inspired to ride.  Robert has spent years and personal resources helping horses that were branded as un-trainable.  Robert’s stated goal for ‘Spirit of the Horse” clinics is to “Lower the risk of loss and injury to horse, rider and participants by offering positive and proactive solutions to at risk horses and their owners.”

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