Omega Fields Spokesperson Cadyn Luedemann & Kold Feet Won the Jackpot By Over 8 Tenths

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Omega Fields spokesperson Cadyn Luedemann and Kold Feet won the jackpot by over 8 tenths last week and was less than a tenth off the arena record…”it surely has been a journey but runs like this make it all worth it. We are blessed to have him.”

Omega Fields has been an absolute game changer for our horses. Our horses do not go without the Omega Horseshine or the Omega Nibblers, but where we really see the difference is when training colts come in and we start them on the Omega Horseshine. Even in the middle of winter, it is amazing what that product does for their hair and coat! We constantly have people stopping us to find out our “trick”. We also have yet to have one not like the Omega Nibblers treats. Our horses overall feel and look professional on the Omega Fields products.” -Cadyn Luedemann

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