Omega Fields Testimonial from Wylene and Randall Davis

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“We have been feeding Omega Fields Horse Shine at Davis Performance Horses to a select group of our horses in training as a test to see what results we would get. We fed Horse Shine to the older horses, younger horses, and horses in between and had amazing results. In only 30 days the horses in the trial completely transformed their hair coat as well as their body condition. It is so nice to be able to feed a pretty basic supplementation program and achieve such great results. I am 100% sold on this this company and the products it produces.”

“We have loved seeing the results of Omega Fields Products. We have fed it to our personal and training horses with results every time. We are happy with the difference all together. We Highly Recommend any and all products through Omega Fields. Our horses are healthy, happy and shiny. Our clients have noticed and so have we. Thank you to an incredible product, and a wonderful company.” – Wylene Davis / Davis Performance Horses

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