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By: John Samsill

As a farrier specifically a therapeutic farrier I am contacted by both veterinarians and horse owners about many different foot problems. Everything from injuries that require special shoeing to diseases of the foot to just simply the horse has bad feet and they are trying to maintain a good healthy foot on the horse but are having a hard time doing so. What I would like to talk about today is the horses with the bad feet that are hard to maintain for any number of reasons, distortions, thin walls, thin soles to just poor hoof quality of the hoof capsule.

A lot of times these problems are blamed on the farrier and though some of these problems are attributed to subpar farrier work, that is not always where the problem lies. Some horses’ feet are just simply not healthy enough to hold up to the rigors we put them through. A healthy foot, as with the overall health of the horse, starts with nutrition.  Almost all horse owners know this. But it may surprise you when I tell you that most of the problem feet I see are over supplemented and getting to much of what they need.  Over supplementation can be just as bad or worse than under supplementing.  This area is too broad and extensive for me to go into here but let me give you a real-life story about a horse that I shoe.  Some of this may sound familiar to you or you have had similar problems.

Several years ago, I received a call from a horse owner who was concerned with her horse’s feet. She explained that his feet were not looking as good as they used to and ask if I would look at the horse and possibly take the horse on in my practice.  After assessing the horse, I recommended some shoeing changes and suggested she use a hoof supplement and that I would be glad to take the horse on. The horse was about fourteen years of age at that time.  After a few shoeings and the recommended changes, the horse’s feet were back on track and no problems.  Now fast forward five years. I began to notice that this same horses’ feet who had been looking great for the last five years were starting to distort and were looking very shelly.  Basically, we did not have healthy feet any longer.  I looked for a reason farrier related that this could be happening.  I didn’t think it was related to how I was shoeing this horse so I talked to the owner and she had began to notice the same changes but had left it to me to manage her horses feet as I thought best.  We met and I ask her to show me what she was feeding the horse.  She explained as she was showing me the four different supplements what each one was for and she just wanted to take good care of him in his elder years.  I’m sure each one of these supplements did what they were supposed to do but after reading the ingredients on all of them, each for a different purpose ,it was clear to both of us that many of the ingredients were common in each one thus over supplementing the horses feet.  What I suggested was to take the horse off all the supplements for ten days and then the only supplement she needed was Horseshine Complete.  I explained that this one product would do everything that the other four she had been using would do.  That it would help with joint health, hoof health, overall coat improvement and help combat inflammation throughout the entire body.  She ask me if I knew of any horses that it had helped, I told her that all four of mine were on it and I had seen great improvements to all the areas that I had mentioned in every horse I owned from my four year old to my old rodeo horse who is twenty-two years young now. 

I am happy to tell you that this horse’s feet are once again back on track and doing great.  The only change we made was switching his feed to Horseshine Complete.  This is just one of many stories that I will be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks.  Success stories like this and along with my own personal horses is why I can recommend Horseshine Complete to not only all my clients and friends but to any horse owner wanting to do the best they can for their horses.

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