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Russelle and their family share a long-standing connection with Cisco, a beloved member of their household. Cisco, a 22-year-old Quarter Horse registered as One Skippin Bandit, holds a significant place in their hearts. The journey with Cisco began in November 2005 when Russelle purchased him for their oldest daughter, Ashlee, who was 9 years old at the time. From there, a beautiful bond grew between Ashlee and Cisco, marked by milestones and memorable moments. As Ashlee became an excellent rider under Cisco’s guidance, they dabbled in western riding before switching to hunt seat and ending their showing career with jumping. Cisco’s journey continued with Russelle’s second daughter, Ciara, taking over the reins and caring for him while Ashlee pursued her college education.

A Promise of Healthy Hooves

When Cisco first joined their family, he faced several challenges related to his hooves. With a need for shoes on all four hooves, his hoof issues demanded special attention. Russelle turned to hoof supplements to address the problem with minimal success. However, during a visit to the Equine Affaire they discovered Omega Fields and their transformative product, Omega Horseshine. The representative from Omega Fields shared invaluable insights, leading Russelle to switch Cisco’s supplement. The results were astonishing. Cisco’s coat gained a brilliant shine, and his hooves showed remarkable improvement. Within three months of starting Omega Horseshine, the back shoes were no longer necessary. Eventually, Cisco thrived without any shoes at all and enjoyed years of adventures with his family.

A Journey Interrupted

After retiring Cisco in 2015, Russelle stopped providing him with Omega Fields’ supplements. However, in April 2023, everything changed. A new concern emerged when their farrier noticed Cisco’s long, curly coat and raised the possibility of Cushings. Unfamiliar with the condition, Russelle delved into research, discovering that the long coat was indeed a symptom. But weight loss was another symptom, and Cisco was struggling with excess weight gain.

“What made me question if he had Cushings was most stories stated the horses suffered from weight loss, which Cisco was having issues with gaining weight and losing his topline.  At the end of summer last year I sent another child, Ciara off to college and was thinking he was gaining weight because he was not being exercised.  One morning in March as I was feeding Cisco breakfast, he had no interest in his grain or hay, instead he laid down in his stall. It made me question the possibility of Cushings again. I immediately at that point contacted his vet and discussed his symptoms with the vet. She recommended we complete a metabolic panel as she had a strong suspicion Cisco had Cushings.”

As they explored options to support Cisco’s health, they found solace and hope in Omega Fields’ website. The description of Omega Horseshine caught their attention, as it was specifically recommended for horses with Cushings. Eager to provide Cisco with the necessary support, Russelle reacquired Omega Horseshine and introduced it back into Cisco’s diet on April 2, 2023.

“I immediately ran to the closest feed store that carried Omega Horseshine and purchased a bag of Horseshine.  I began using Horseshine on Cisco 04/02/2023 and am a firm believer your product has helped him in more ways than one as  I knew he was going to be lacking the nutrients his body needed.”

Back to Omega Horseshine

Omega Horseshine is recommended as an effective Omega-3 supplement for Cushings and IR horses, the omegas in flax substituting for what a horse on a dry lot is missing in not being on pasture. Omega Horseshine has a very low 5.9% NSC value (as sampled basis) coming from 2.3% Starch and 3.6% Sugar and is recommended as a safe source of essential Omega-3 for IR/Cushings horses.

Cisco’s diagnosis of Cushings was confirmed on April 8, 2023 through comprehensive blood work. Subsequently, Cisco began his medication, Pergolide, on April 17, 2023. The onset of Cushings was suspected to have occurred during the past winter, with his long curly coat serving as the initial sign that raised suspicions among both Russelle and their farrier.

The Miraculous Transformation

The impact of Omega Horseshine on Cisco’s overall well-being and appearance has been nothing short of miraculous. Russelle shared Cisco’s transformation pictures with various horse communities on Facebook, sparking awe and admiration. Members marveled at the remarkable speed of the transformation and eagerly sought information about the supplement responsible for Cisco’s newfound radiance at 22 years old. Undoubtedly, Omega Horseshine played a significant role, nourishing Cisco’s body with essential nutrients to support his health. The progress achieved in such a short time exceeded what could have been accomplished solely through medication and changes in hay.

I belong to a few Facebook groups for horses that have EMS/PPI/Cushings and I posted his transition pictures and most members cannot believe the transformation he had.  I received comments from people wishing their horse looked as well as Cisco in that short of time.  Some members even asked me what supplement Cisco was on, because they wanted their horse to look as good as Cisco.”

Continuing the Journey

As Russelle eagerly awaits Cisco’s next round of blood work, they remain confident in the remarkable progress achieved with Omega Horseshine. The impact of this supplement on Cisco’s well-being and appearance has been undeniable. The journey with Cisco continues, guided by a commitment to provide him with the best care possible. Russelle cherishes every moment spent with Cisco, as he is a member of their family & provided years of happiness to his young riders. 

“It’s my job now to make sure he has a happy, healthy forever life.”

Cisco’s journey, intertwined with the support of Omega Fields’ products, serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedicated care and optimal nutrition. Russelle’s unwavering commitment to Cisco’s well-being, coupled with the nourishing properties of the flaxseed in Omega Horseshine, has brought about remarkable changes in Cisco’s overall health and happiness. The story of Cisco and his journey toward recovery is an inspiration to all horse owners, reminding us of the extraordinary impact proper care and quality supplements can have on our cherished equine companions.

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