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For 17 years, Boomer has been a treasured companion, and his stunning black coat has always been a point of pride for his owner, Jenn. However, maintaining that deep, rich color for barrel photos proved to be a constant struggle. After trying numerous tricks and products with varying degrees of success, the owner was on the hunt for a solution that would not only darken Boomer’s coat but also provide additional benefits. It wasn’t until they discovered Omega Horseshine that their quest for a vibrant coat finally ended in success.

The Quest for a Dark Coat

Jenn spared no effort in her pursuit of a dark coat for Boomer. She experimented with various methods, including henna dye, and tried different darkening supplements. While some products achieved temporary results, they often came with undesirable side effects. Another darkening supplement, although effective, contained paprika, which aggravated Boomer’s ulcers during barrel runs. The only way to keep him dark was to keep him covered with a fly sheet.

“The past several years he has mostly lived outside 24/7 when the weather is nice, and he doesn’t take advantage of any shade offered to him. He’s always rather stood in the full sun and elements than use a shelter.”

A New Approach with Omega Horseshine

With Boomer spending most of his time outdoors, his owner decided to give Omega Horseshine a chance after hearing positive reviews. This flaxseed-based supplement promised not only a healthier coat but also additional benefits for overall health. Intrigued, she introduced Omega Horseshine into Boomer’s diet, hoping for positive changes.

Remarkable Results

To her delight, Jenn witnessed incredible transformations in Boomer’s coat after incorporating Omega Horseshine. Not only did it help maintain his dark color during the summer months, but it also had a noticeable impact on his winter dandruff issues. Regardless of the length of time between grooming sessions, Boomer’s coat consistently boasts a natural shine that catches the eye under any lighting.

A Holistic Solution

Omega Horseshine offered more than just a cosmetic fix for Boomer’s coat. This flaxseed supplement contains a high concentration of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which provide numerous health benefits for horses. Beyond its role in promoting coat health, Omega-3 fatty acids support joint function, immune response, and overall well-being. After years of searching, Boomer finally has the key to keeping his coat dark and shiny with Omega Horseshine. Boomer’s radiant coat today is a testament to the power of flax!

And a little bonus story from Jenn:

“I feed Horseshine to my black gelding to keep him from fading in summer, but just added it to my mare’s program for a little problem solving. She had back surgery 7 weeks ago, and as of 5 1/2 weeks hadn’t started to grow hair yet. She had been clipped and then shaved with a human razor to the skin. So I started her on Horseshine to see if that would help hair start growing. And the difference in just 8 days of eating the product is huge. These photos were taken day 1 and what it looks like after the 8 days”

Results that speak for themselves

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures are sure amazing! Omega Horseshine has benefits we can both see and feel, thanks to the highest quality flax used at its base. Visually, your horse will experience:

  • A shiny, healthy coat, and smoother skin texture
  • Improved hoof growth and strength
  • Reduced sweet itch and bug bite sores

Internally, flax has been shown to:

  • Alleviate stiff, immobile joints
  • Soothe aching muscles and shorten recovery time
  • Strengthen the immune system

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