Horse Myth Debunked…Horses Can’t See Color

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horses see color

By: Dr. Kris Hiney, Oklahoma State Equine Extension Horses can’t see color. …False. While older text books that still exist will say that horses (or all animals for that matter) don’t see color, we now know that isn’t true. Several studies have documented that horses do indeed see color, just a bit differently than we […]

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Omega Canine Shine Customer Testimonial – Overall Health Improvement

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Omega Fields customer, Rachel Long talks about why she LOVES and uses Omega Fields Omega Canine Shine supplement. Learn more about Omega Fields dog Omega-3 supplement and treats – “Hi, my name is Rachel. I’ve been feeding Canine Shine to my dogs for several months now and I’ve seen a great improvement in their […]

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Carbs and Horse Diseases

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senior horses

By: Dr. Kris Hiney, Oklahoma State Equine Extension Specialist Disorders related to carbohydrate consumption in the horse have received much attention by owners and researchers alike, resulting in widespread concerns about feeding horses carbohydrates (CHO). These include metabolic syndrome, history of laminitis, Cushing’s syndrome as well as many muscle disorders. But in reality, the majority […]

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Omega Fields Natural Omega-3 Supplements for the Whole Family

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Great athletes deserve great products. Natural omega-3 supplements for the whole family. Help improve the health and quality of life for your horse. Made from stabilized ground whole flaxseed…a true superfood.Learn more about Omega Fields supplements and treats – Strengthening the Bond –There are no shortcuts to delivering the care your horse needs. You’re […]

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John Samsill Feels Omega Horseshine COMPLETE Helps Him In Today’s Ultra-Competitive World of Roping

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John Samsill

Written By – Omega Fields Spokesperson, John Samsill In the past I have talked about how great Omega Fields Horseshine COMPLETE makes my horses look. Although it is true that my horses do look much better since I started feeding them Omega Horseshine COMPLETE, it’s only half of the story. As a competitor I want […]

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Omega Fields Spokesperson, Kelsey Lutjen-Treharne and VF Cream Rises win the Old Fort Days Futurity by 3/10ths earning $39,178

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Old Fort Days

Kelsey and VF Eddies Alive are Royal Crown Futurity Champions earning $67,541.“Long haul to Rock Spring,WY for the Royal Crown Futurity and open. VF Eddies Alive was 2nd in first go of futurity winning $11,880 and nearly $2900 in the open. VF Cream Rises was one out of the money first go.VF Eddies Alive aka […]

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A Pinned Ear

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By Dr. Kris Hiney , Oklahoma State Equine Extension Specialist A pinned ear.  A white eye.  A horse anxiously pacing back and forth. Many horse owners can read very obvious signs of horse emotion, but how good are we at reading the entire horse?  Humans are auditory species and spend much of our day chatting […]

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