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  • Selenium- Omega Horseshine / Omega Grande / Daily Requirements


    What is considered optimal for horses?

    •  Horses need between 1 -3 mg per day.  Recommendations are closer to 3 for optimal health.  The guidelines for concentration in the total feed are .1 to .3 ppm.  Essentially if a horse ate 10 kgs (2% of bwt for average horse) they would get the right amount.  Complete feeds are limited to this upper guideline in order to prevent toxicity as well as limit environmental contamination.  Supplements will be much higher in concentration because the horse would consume far less.

    Safe Limits/Upper Limits

    • The suggested toxicity level is 2-5 ppm, or again using our 500kg horse eating at 2% would be 20-50 mg of SE

    Omega Grande

    • If feeding recommended 3 scoops (provided) of Omega Grande per day , 0.95mg of Se per 3 scoop serving, it will meet the daily needs of Se. It is a safe mark / pretty much all of what the horse needs (from our OG supplement) as we don’t know what else the horse is consuming in its daily ration

    Omega Horseshine

    • Guaranteed Analysis lists Se as 1.90 ppm Min.
    • Horseshine would provide 19% of the horse’s minimum requirement of Se

    Also on our website, two links for Se and PPM conversion

  • A Better Understanding of Guaranteed Analysis -Why units: % min/max , PPM and IU are used

    Components in the diet that are present in larger amounts will be listed as % . In a traditional feed, that would include crude fiber, fat, protein and the macrominerals Ca and P. It is optional to include more information on a feed tag. If the items are in large enough quantities, it makes sense to list them in %. Calcium and P are always listed in mins/max – it allows some flexibility as feedstuffs naturally have some variation, but the manufacturer has to provide the customer the assurance they fall within that range.

    Components that are found in smaller quantities, the trace minerals are listed in ppm. Although most people still think in pounds, I always prefer to think about ppm in mg/kg. The reason I do so is that the requirements for these nutrients are always listed in mgs, so it just makes sense to get that answer right away.

    IU are international units which are only used for vitamins. Because vitamins act as catalysts , their unit of measure is relative to the amount of activity they have. Each vitamin will actually have a different weight required for its international unit. Of course, some vitamins are actually listed in concentration by weight, however A, E and D will all be as IU.

    Essentially, macronutrients will always be in %, micronutrients in ppm, and A, D, and E in IU.

  • Déjà vu – Could this Happen to You?

    Written By Jenny Pavlovic

    The video showed houses submerged in brown water, with neighborhoods vacant and almost unrecognizable. A dog struggled to stay afloat in his outdoor run as a man in an LSART shirt reached in to rescue him. With the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just days away on August 29th, these images looked all too familiar. But this flood occurred in August of 2016, many miles inland from the Gulf coast. Continue reading

  • Omega Fields Ambassador, Ivory Pal to Perform at HHH Annual July 4th Celebration

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. announces that its Omega Horseshine® ( Ambassador, Ivory Pal ( will perform at Hillenglade Hope & Healing annual July 4th Celebration on Saturday, July 2nd. All active armed forces, veterans, first responders and their families are invited for a relaxing day in the country to enjoy the therapeutic wonder of horses.
    I am so thrilled and honored that Ivory Pal will be performing for our troops, veterans and their families. They have given and sacrificed so much for our country through their service, it will be humbling to be able to do a patriotic musical freestyle exhibition with Ivory Pal for them", states Rafael Valle. (
    “The HHH Team is thrilled to feature the fabulous IVORY PAL as the opening performance at our 4th of July Hope and Healing at Hillenglade Celebration for our Active Service Members, Veterans, First Responders and their families. Come one-come all in support of those Heroes who sacrifice so much for our freedoms!” Jennifer O’Neill, Founder and President of HHH Equine-Assisted Programs and Events serving over 2500 guests since 2010. Continue reading

  • Training Your Horse

    Written By Walt Friedrich

    Here's some dialog between you and your horse. Does it seem familiar?

    You: “I want to pick up your foot.”

    Horse: “I don't want you to.”

    You: “I'm gonna do it anyway.”

    Horse: “No, you won't, I won't let you.”

    Then it becomes an argument, then a fight as you apply force, and you finally walk away, disgusted with your uncooperative horse. You may even be hurtin' from where his kicky hooves caught your hands as you tried to impose your will. You may even have smacked your horse on the butt for his recalcitrance. “Dammit, I need to see his feet,” you mutter. Continue reading

  • Old Dog, Same Old Tricks

    Written By Jenny Pavlovic

    I am ecstatic to report that Chase and I passed our Pet Partners therapy dog renewal test in June. It was by no means a slam dunk! Moving twice in the past year has not been easy for Chase. Since we moved the second time, at the beginning of May, he has been more on edge and learning the new neighborhood, which has more activity than our old neighborhood. We've had a few encounters with loose dogs at the park, which have made Chase wary of strange dogs. And his veterinary chiropractor reported last week that Chase's back was the tightest she has ever seen. So we went into this test knowing it might be more of a challenge than in previous years. Continue reading

  • Nice Move

    Written By: Jenny Pavlovic

    Last fall I wrote about moving my four-legged family from Minnesota to Wisconsin to be closer to my extended family. This first involved a move to live in my parents’ house while our Minnesota house went on the market and I started a new job. The dogs and I stayed with my parents for about six weeks until they went to Florida for the winter, then took care of their 17-acre place over the winter. We sold our Minnesota house in December and began the search for our new home in Wisconsin. Continue reading

  • Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Melvin Hanssen Places 4th at Old Fort Futurity

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce one of its spokespeople, Hallie Melvin Hanssen for a successful Old Fort Days Futurity in Fort Smith, AR last week. Hallie and Margarita Red Rita (owned by Shari Taggart) placed 4th in the finals, earning just over $12,500 for the week.

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  • Omega Fields at Ohio Equine Affaire 2016

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. announces that it will be at the 2016 Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH on April 7-10, 2016. This year we will be our 2nd year partnering with Cheshire Horse for the retail sales of our products at #323 in the Better Living Center Building. Booth specials available for horse, dog and human products; 6 month Omega Horseshine® ( product sign up and giveaway; along with other product giveaways. Omega Fields team members will be at the booth to answer any product questions.

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  • I Love You, But Let's Not Get Too Cozy

    Written By: Walt Friedrich

    We've touched on this subject in previous articles, but it's important enough for an occasional revisit, just as a reminder. Our horse is not wired in the same way as we are, as he constantly demonstrates, but we've become so used to it that we rarely notice it any more. You put your favorite music on for him, playing quietly in the stable, because you enjoy it and you want to share the pleasure with him. A noble, thoughtful idea, but even when your favorite passages are playing and you might stop what you're doing, lean up against a wall, and just listen, enraptured, he shows no reaction. Well, it's disappointing, maybe, but we're just not all music lovers, are we?

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