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  • I Love You, But Let's Not Get Too Cozy

    Written By: Walt Friedrich

    We've touched on this subject in previous articles, but it's important enough for an occasional revisit, just as a reminder. Our horse is not wired in the same way as we are, as he constantly demonstrates, but we've become so used to it that we rarely notice it any more. You put your favorite music on for him, playing quietly in the stable, because you enjoy it and you want to share the pleasure with him. A noble, thoughtful idea, but even when your favorite passages are playing and you might stop what you're doing, lean up against a wall, and just listen, enraptured, he shows no reaction. Well, it's disappointing, maybe, but we're just not all music lovers, are we?

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  • Omega Fields Spokesperson, Beverly Gray to Attend AERC National Convention

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is happy to announce spokesperson and legendary endurance rider, Beverly Gray’s attendance at this year’s AERC National Convention, February 19 & 20 in Reno, NV. Stop by the Arabian Saddle Company booth #107 to receive a FREE Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch (( horse treat sample and talk with Beverly. Omega Fields has donated its new Omega-3 soft baked dog treats, Omega Smart Hearts™ ( and new low sugar & starch omega-3 horse treats for the conventions raffle.

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  • Natchez Trace Cayenne: The Rest of the Story

    Written By Jenny Pavlovic
    The subject line stopped me in my tracks, “My Experience with Tony ("Mountain Man") and His 31 Dogs”. Tony… Mountain Man. It had to be him! The first line of the article mentioned that Tony had been living deep in the woods of Natchez Trace State Park in Tennessee. My heart skipped a beat.
    The email message was from Scotlund Haisley of Animal Rescue Corps, who said that in January they had completed five rescue missions in Tennessee. Scotlund remarked that he had found himself reflecting again and again on one rescue of the five that was not their usual case.

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  • Omega Fields Announces Continued Sponsorship of Horsemanship Radio

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. announces that it will continue to be one of the sponsors of the Horsemanship Radio program ( featured on Horses In the Morning radio podcast ( Horsemanship Radio is hosted by Debbie Loucks, daughter of pioneer natural horseman, Monty Roberts. "Horsemanship Radio is one of those word-of-mouth, hang-on-for-the-ride projects whose growth surprises us all every month as the fastest expanding show on the Horse Radio Network.

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  • Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen Reserve Champion at LG Pro Classic Futurity

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce one of its spokespeople, Hallie Hanssen for a successful LG Pro Classic Futurity in Kinder, LA last weekend. Hallie and Tres Movidas (owned by Tom Jacobs) were reserve champions, earning $12,500. Hallie feeds Omega Horseshine® ( and Omega SureGut™ ( to her futurity and derby barrel horses. She also uses Omega Nibblers® as her go to Omega-3 based horse treat (

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  • Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

    Written By: Annette McCoy, DVM, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

    What is equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM)?

    EPM is a disease of the central nervous system (brain and/or spinal cord) that is caused by the protozoal organism Sarcocystis neurona. The main host for this organism is the opossum and horses that are exposed to opossum feces with infective sporocysts can develop neurologic disease. Other hosts of S. neurona include armadillos, skunks, and domestic cats; however, these animals cannot directly transmit the disease to horses.

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  • Why Should Eggs Be Stored Pointy End Down?

    Written By Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily


    You've probably heard that eggs should be stored with the pointy end facing downwards, but often wondered why? Or maybe you've not ever heard that and you're reading it here for the first time. Either way, it's the truth. Eggs should be stored pointed end down. But why? Well, I'll explain it to you.

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  • The Healthy, Older Horse

    Written By Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.

    Let me tell you about Bugsy. He was an Appendix Quarter Horse I rescued a few years ago. When he came to me, he was significantly underweight, suffered from an old stifle injury, and had a distrustful attitude. A few months later, he’d filled out, was running up and down hills with ease, and showed the curiosity and warmth of a youngster. How old was he? 25. Not old by today’s standards and yet, definitely up there. What made the difference? Nutrition played a big part in his improvement.

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  • "Omega Fields Donates Omega Horseshine to Horses4Heros from Customer Support"

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to announce its new donation campaign for Horses4Heros that has started today and will go thru Christmas Day. When a customer purchases any 50 lb bag of Omega Horseshine (, Omega Grande (, Omega Antioxidant – Senior Care (, or Omega Rice Bran (, Omega Fields will donate one (1) month supply of Omega Horseshine (4.5 lb bag) to Horses4Heros.

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  • "Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen BFA World Championship Success"

    Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce one of its spokespeople, Hallie Hanssen for a successful BFA World Championship in Oklahoma City, OK the week of December 7 – 12, 2015. Hallie placed 7th in the Futurity and 8th in the Super Stakes, earning $23,000. Hallie feeds Omega Fields Omega Horseshine ( and Omega SureGut ( to her futurity and derby barrel horses. “THANK YOU for keeping our horses looking and feeling great!” says Hanssen. Omega Fields president, Sean Moriarty comments, “We are so proud of Hallie’s continued success and are pleased to have her be such an influential spokesperson for our company and products.”
    About Omega Fields
    Omega Fields® mission is to offer the finest quality, most nutritious products at fair prices, and to provide outstanding customer service. Omega Fields wants its customers to have exceptional experiences with their products, staff, websites and retailers.

    Omega Fields is the first manufacturer in the animal health industry to use human-grade, non-GMO stabilized ground flaxseed, rich in fiber and antioxidants, and containing the optimum ratio of the full spectrum of Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids for equine, canine, poultry and human nutrition. The innovative use of flaxseed milled with a unique stabilization technology ensures long shelf life and superior quality for Omega Fields’ products.

    Contact: Allison Kuhl _ Director of Business Development, Omega Fields
    Images available upon request

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