Rachel Long – @nantuketblue Instagram Post about Omega Horseshine

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Can you believe it’s December? We made it, guys! The last month of 2020!

I just got resupplied with more Horseshine from Omega Fields and wanted to let you know that they’re having great deals every day this week, if you’ve been wanting to try their products now is a great time!

I talk about their products a lot on my stories, but I wanted to touch on the 2 biggest benefits I see here:

1) Skin & Coat health are the most obvious! They seriously SHINE and scroll to the last to see the miracle these flax-based supplements performed for Tucker!
2) Endurance and recovery…before feeding Horseshine, my horses were receiving a competing product and after the switch there was a huge difference in their energy levels and eagerness to hit the trails. They never get tired anymore.

Also they adore the taste. We’ll never be without this supplement again!

Learn more about Omega Horseshine – https://www.omegafields.com/2019/01/14/omega-horseshine/

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